No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman

Reviews For No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman

Yeah, Eddie may go off on a tangent now and then.. and he's stubborn as a mule... but come on.. Eddie Goldman is the godfather of MMA radio... consider yourself fortunate to actually get informed on subjects most mma shows wouldn't touch... Listen and learn fool...
This podcast is not one of the best for mma. He only talks about the IFL (who, interestingly, is also his sponsor). He'll spend 20 minutes talking about how great "big" ben rothwell is (not even top 15 hw) but hasn't uttered the words "fedor" "crocop" "nog" or "barnett" in over a month! What a joke. the beatdown, savage dog show, and full contact fighter are infinitely better than this show.
Not every show is a hit, but it's well produced and insiteful. This guys knows the business.
Hello.. This is Eddie Goldman of Eyada fame. This dude knows his stuff. so if you are into MMA pay attention to this cast!