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After finding On Being it has become part of my regular spiritual practice. I look forward to each new podcast. I save them for long beach walks with my dog, solo car rides, and blessed leisurely mornings when I can let it soak in. Krista’s interviews are ever thoughtful and soul stirring. I share them widely and often and refer to them so frequently that On Being is part of my spiritual lexicon.
Fascinating, enlightening conversation. Krista is the perfect interviewer with her depth of knowledge and insight into the human condition. This podcast is good for your soul. Just wish I could be her when I grow up.
Always feel better after listening to it. Even the episodes where I’m challenged.
Inspiring, love this podcast it’s amazing.
This was my first time ever listening to a full podcast and I loved every second!!!
Keep talking Gail! Thank y’all!
krista’s voice makes me wanna kill myself. she says NOTHING substantial and is overly flattering in a slimy way. guests are good but she is just so silly.
I looked forward to all the interviews Krista has and always listened to the un edited ones. Feel like we are getting repeats and not as interesting new individuals. Krista May be moving on or something...?
When I need my spirit first I always listen to this podcast. Thank you for all the wonderful interviews and gifts they bring.
This is a phenomenal series of podcasts! I’m so glad I discovered it and dove right into the Ross Gay interview... then Glennon Doyle & Abbie Womback... then Jericho Brown the next day... and now Liz Gilbert! Such an audio rabbit hole full of treasures!
I love your podcasts but this one with Gordon Hempton was clearly awkward. I couldn’t get through it.
Constantly captivating, insightful, feel provoking
Krista is compassionate, eloquent, so well prepared, insightful and an amazing communicator. What a true gift to listen.
Wonderful thought provoking and spiritually uplifting.
Food for the mind and a balm for the heart. Thoughtful, gentle, insightful, challenging, compassionate, wise ... all the things we strive to be but sorely miss in our current cultural conversations. If you are frustrated and discouraged with information gleaned from your current media diet, this is necessary nourishment.
Thought provoking interviews with poets, scientists, preachers and activists about what it means to be humans. Krista Tippett is a masterful interviewer.
Krista Tippet has created a format for interviewing the most important and inspiring people. I truly love learning from them. However increasingly she sounds like she’s always laughing at a joke that wasn’t said, anticipating every comment with a knowing chuckle. Her questions are strong I just wish she’d turn down what sounds like anxious obsequious chortles.
I was so excited to listen to the Esther Perel episode, but it took several sessions to be able to listen to it all as the host was just so abominable when it came to expressing herself succinctly. She would use “um” “so” and “uh” repeatedly before every single question, and often sounded like she was agreeing with Esther too eagerly when she perhaps was not able to keep up with certain references. It was painful to listen to her parts of the interview, despite her probing questions.
I feel completely at home here - bowled over by brilliant advice and nourishing conversations. Krista is absolutely world class at extracting those bits of gold that will make a meaningful impact in her listeners - can't recommend On Being enough if you're interested in exploring your own personal and professional evolution & development. 🙌
My somewhat grandiose review title aside, this is easily one of the best podcasts around today; and not surprising considering the amazing work of Ms. Tippett over the years. The conversation move at the pace of intelligent discourse - agreeing, pressing, probing, and even disagree with the guests - but always bringing out their best and most interesting ideas. There is human drama, discovery, even fascinating contrition. These are people that I would not otherwise likely meet in my normal daily life, but thanks to Ms. Tippet, I get the chance to do so; and my life is a bit better better for it.
What a gorgeous, thoughtful and illuminating podcast. I love the variety of guests, the nourishment provided to the human spirit and how much I learn from this well-crafted show. I know I am the better for listening, so OnBeing is a regular part of my life and I always look forward to new episodes.
I was doing a journey with a practitioner who ask me to imagine a mentor. “I’ve never had one”, I replied. She said it was ok, to just make one up. I thought and thought and then whalah! Krista Tippet is was! I had to explain why I chose her. “Smart, authentic, deep, fiercely present, honoring, engaging, open, bringing depth & meaning to our world, lovely voice, soulful”. Thank you Krista for going on many journeys with me. Most commonly on nature walks with headphones on seeking deeper healing and connection. You and so many of your beautiful guests have brought me back many times. Alhumdulillah! PS. Please interview some Islamic and Sufi guests! There’s great beauty there and you’d be a perfect bridge ❤️🙏🏿❤️
This is my favorite podcast for any occasion. On my commute, Before bed, while cleaning... I’m so grateful to be able to hear from the minds I admire most in a down to earth way.
Ok, maybe a bit hyperbolic, but does anyone prepare more or ask better questions than Krista?! She always draws out the best in her interviews, and I love the philosophical and spiritual undercurrent.
This podcast has enriched my life so much. To me it is one of the most masterful conversations ever created. I’m so grateful for all that I learn here. On Being makes my life better.
It took me a while to be courageous enough to begin listening to this podcast, but now it is my favorite. It challenges me and stretches me, and fills a gap I didn’t know was there.
Host Krista Tppett is genius for selecting the best, most gifted, enlightened people among us as guests. All of them have so much beauty, so much to teach us. This is a unique and wonderful program that is well worth listening to. I especially love the unedited versions.
In all honesty, these conversations have helped me find myself, my values, through questioning what these incredible humans have to share. I have brought with me into my life wisdom I have discovered on this simple podcast. Thank you Krista.
Interviews of the millionaire and billionaire leaders of the feelings industry. Deepak-Chopraesque nonsense for the emotional hypochondriac.
Lovely series of guests with interesting stories and subjects. Unfortunately the host seems very cold, and disconnected from her host and the topic of conversation. The Maya Angelou episode could really have been something beautiful.
I love this podcast. So worth my time and attention.
Podcast is wonderful. Tippet takes the time to get to know the person’s work, gently guides the discussion without being overbearing. Lovely, meditative, full of surprises.
Listening is like hitting a personal reset button.


My entire heart and soul. Thank you.
Krista’s voice is beautiful and calming. I can feel the respect and empathy she feels for her guests in her voice. Her questions are thoughtful and she gives her guests space to explore their own thoughts and formulate their answers.
Thoughtful and deep discussions, on a regular basis, that are so good for our minds, our hearts, and our souls.


By Tylazer
Earthshaking show that I love to listen to over and over. Thank you for asking the beautiful questions Krista!
Many thanks to the entire On Being team! I’ve been listening for years. I’ve never heard an episode that wasn’t worth 5 stars. I love the unedited versions.
Excellent guests and excellent questions. Thanks so much Krista!
The ratio of white to black in the podcast's thumbnail image is a direct representation of its guests racial diversity.
I have been listening to this podcast for years - my first being John O'Donahue - and have found it always to be insightful, inspirational, and novel. Highly recommend.
While I don't always agree with her guests, I always find Tippett's interviews provocative. For days afterward I find myself returning to an idea or a concept in a way that deepens my engagement with the world. I highly recommend this podcast.
Really love this
I am thrilled and illuminated with each episode. On Being is a resource for consciousness seekers of every variety as Kristin engages her guests and her audience in a dance of subtlety and substance.
Love the themes, topics and high quality of guests who are interviewed. Love Krista voice and appreciate she does not need background annoying music. BUT , I find myself so frustrated and annoyed by the constant interruptions and Krista’s need to speak and show off her understanding. Please I’m begging you stop talking and allow your guests to speak and pause few sec as they are still half way of conveying their thoughts. You constantly interrupt and talk about your own experience. Please allow them to speak for the time being. Listen to how Jason Gots handles interviews. Please I’m begging you to restrain yourself. Thank you!
I’ve been listening to On Being for years & this podcast is always my go to recommendation. Filled with contrasting ideas & beautiful intentions. Krista Tippett is an extraordinary person interviewing extraordinary individuals.
Krista Tippett is a great interviewer- she listens closely and carefully and the conversations are nuanced and respectful. Sometimes they don’t quite land but there is an amazing back catalogue and when they go well, it’s very challenging and inspiring. Part of my secular spirituality
I began listening to your podcast this year a a way to have a moment for myself where I can cultivate calmness, connection and self compassion. The episode with John O’Donahue has had me in tears and filled with inspiration. Thank you. Deeply thank you for sharing this with the world. Mariana.
I will always be grateful for the Seth Godin podcast that this show introduced me to. He has been a game changer in my life. Her podcast is good... enough? She has a tendency to talk over and interrupt her guests. She also seems to overly hush over her guests at times. Both of these make listening a bit difficult at times.