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As far as I’m concerned, this is the best show out there if you are looking to add meaning and insight into what it means to be human right now. This show has introduced me to thinkers/writers such as David Whyte, and poets such as Naomi Shihab Nye -and so many others- whose work has literally transformed the way I experience my own being in the world. Thank you Krista and staff, I don’t know what I’d do without you.
Thank you for doing what you do!
Through the probing conversations that are it’s hallmark, this show allows me to live a life imbued with wisdom, inquiry and investigation.
Krista, host of the On Being with Krista Tippett podcast, highlights all aspects of life, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I’ve been a loyal listener for a while and will absolutely continue to be one! This podcast gets you through the tough days, each guest is a gift. AND the host often talks over or interjects with her amazing guests, and I always find myself wishing she’d slow down and give them more space to just… be! I wish she’d give herself more time to just be! I get the vibe she plans what she wants to say ahead of time, rather than being present with her brilliant guests and letting them share. I felt this super acutely with Mary Oliver and Sharon Salzburg… give these brilliant women some more airtime to slowly share, I want to hear what they have to say! That being said, I recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to slow down and reflect. I am very grateful for it.
Most of the interviews are interesting, but have a hard time enduring Krista’s proclivity for sounding affected and condescending or patronizing, and the odd points she laughs and tries to sound self-deprecating or falsely humble. Had to resort to this program after New Dimensions host Tom passed.
I love this show! I’ve delved deeper, discovered new writers, rediscovered my love for poetry, and built wonder for the world and our journey in it despite the chaos of what’s happening around us right now. Thank you for all you do, share, and ask.


This piece every week is so educational and inspiring we need more talk like this!! Love it ❤️
Love. Everyone should listen and get out of their own small world!
This podcast has been my favorite for over a decade- since before it was called On Being. The depth of wisdom I find here, and Krista Tippet’s ability to create a field where deep discussion is possible, is unparalleled. Thank you for this space.
Krista Tippett has a knack at allowing her Interviewees “fall” into an easy conversation, open-hearted exchange of Ideas, and in the process, she gifts us with Interviews which Inspire, Uplift, and give Solace for The Soul. I use it to quiet my mind, while playing a set of Solittaire games, the combination of which do a remarkable job quieting the mind, making it easier to end the day, with “food for thought” in our dreams. I’ve been listening to her for years.
I have been listening to On Being with Krista for at least 7-10 years. I look forward to it. Krista has a knack for finding the most enlightening beings to interview. I listen to every podcast more than once to soak up the beautiful stories and glean every ounce of goodness shared. Thank you, Krista for your wisdom.
❤️ Love listening to this podcast! Krista is exceptional and has introduced me to so many wonderful thinkers and speakers.
On Being has for years been my companion in exploring life, beauty, shadow, wisdom, and curiosity. She is able to help her guests surface things they often hadn’t even articulated for themselves before—it is so profoundly wonderful.
Great good hub I love your pod you guys have been going since 2001!
This podcast is perfection. I often refer to the host, Krista Tippet as my imaginary best friend. She is such a grounding, inspiring, gentle and wise presence in my life, and every conversation she has with her amazing guests offers something profound. Thank you!!
Ms Tippett has to go. She is vapid and boring. There has to be someone out there with a more interesting perspective. Maybe someone with a diverse outlook. She screams white bread and offers nothing new or interesting to offset the perception.
Thank you, Krista, for your thoughtful, cogent, and deep interviewing skills.
Krista thank you for this interview. Just to have the language for the emotional processing will aid and assist us through this grief and trauma. I suffer from PTSD and have worked from that space for over 3 decades. I don’t wish this on anyone! I’m so concerned about all of our young people. I just want school to be cancelled for the next year and to immerse every child in somatic practices and start to heal their nervous systems. We need a call to action to save this generation. We have the tools!!
I excitedly awaits the dropping of a new podcast every Thursday. I listen to both the edited and unedited podcasts. The conversations had, the poems read, the review of a movie, etc, give the listener hope. Especially during the first month of the pandemic when death was sooo close, the conversations breathe life in the listeners. I love listening to the conversations on the varied topics.I’ve learn so much. I m grateful. Thanks Krista. Thanks Onbeing.
By all means interview people like Robin DiAngelo. But ask her tough questions. Get her to explain and defend her weird beliefs. Ask her for reasons.
Krista Tippett’s interviews are always so incredibly insightful and enlightening. The exchange with poet Ocean Vaung was over-the-top - just so beautiful. Thanks to Krista for her work.
The very best!!! Been listening for 16 years. It has enriched my life so much. Krista is amazing ,, she seems to ‘create a space’ for her guests to open and share. Thank you! to Krista, her staff and NPR Can’t imaging my life w/o NPR Linda W
My life has immensely improved since I discovered this podcast. Krista has a magical way of having poignant, timely conversations with interesting and introspective people who, paired with Krista, encourage personal growth. Highly highly recommend.
Really great topics and guests. I find that Krista, who is a good interviewer overall, interrupts the guest quiet frequently which is a tad annoying. Please let them complete their train of thought and argument - it can be hard to just listen without confirming or reacting to what they’re saying while they’re still talking. I find that to be a key characteristic of a great listener and interviewer. Hope that’s helpful.
I look forward to every episode of On Being. Krista’s guests and interviews, in her soothing voice, teach me, open me, calm me, inspire me.
This podcast is truly something else. It reaches me deeply; it informs, soothes, and inspires. And what an incredible diversity of guests. Thank you.
OnBeing is the gold standard for podcasts. Krista Tippett embodies deep inquiry and listening. The guests from various faith communities, world leaders, poets and scientists inspire me and stoke my own spiritual fire. As evidenced by the number of people who attended the solstice gathering, I am one of many who turn to this podcaat for inspiration and hope. I am grateful to be part of this community.
what a wonderful interview! thanks so much!
Not good at all make changes plz
I often find myself pressing play with On Being when I feel unsure, maybe unmotivated or some days even down. Krista proposing a variety of different conversations and topics that ultimately leave me with a question, how can we do better. I love it. I recently listened to a story about the legacy of radio host Delilah and realized afterwards, Krista is my Delilah. She’s there to help navigate this ever changing world. I thank her for her role, as my podcast friend.
Felt like church. Gives me hope.


By gwr71
For the gift you’ve provided in Advent amidst pandemic with this most recent podcast. I attended the Zoom, must read Micah in depth, and am humbled by the reflections of two titans of religious faith- who may often differ with one another- coming together in the spirit of unity, love, civil discourse, and the sake of humanity. Thank you, for the blessing of your podcast, and for nudging me to push the boundaries of my established patterns of thoughts and way of being. With gratitude.
Krista Tippet and the On Being team gift us with waves of depth and spaciousness - a continual gift that we are more than ourselves, that we enrich ourselves in generosity; a gift of calmness and reflection. I’m constantly reeling in new found wisdom and a comfort in myself after listening to these shows. Krista’s genuine love of the conversation and the way she is transported by the guests is artfully subtle, but all the more affecting because of it. On Being is the pinnacle of podcasts that expand us.
OnBeing plays a powerful role in my life. Thankfully, I discovered it years ago. Krista Tippet and her talented staff provide us with captivating interviews of amazing people. I am always inspired by the deep life lessons shared, the moving stories told, the connections made, the spirit that moves us. We can learn so much from each other when we reach out, as Krista does so beautifully. During Covid Time we can find here some of the glue that holds our lives together and learn how to use it carefully as we work through the tough situations at hand. Thankyou Krista, I am so grateful for what you folks do! (I love that I can listen to the unedited versions first and then, on to the edited!) you all warm my heart!
This is one of my favorite podcasts, the one I always come back to when life feels too hard (or any other time). It provides comfort, insight, and reminders of who and what we really are and that we’re connected. Wonderful guests and a great interviewer.
Such a wonderful podcast. Krista is an amazing interviewer and a great listener. Each guest presents a novel way of harnessing our consciousness to appreciate the vastness and complexity of the universe. Each interview is but a piece of fractured consciousness that informs the consciousness of the podcast as a whole, which, though, of course, never capturing the full truth of the universe (as we as humans are not capable of accessing that truth), creates the greatest approximate to that truth.
Krista Tippet,host of the On Being podcast, highlights all aspects surrounding the big questions in life and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful, inspiring advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I can’t say enough about how much I love this program and share widely. Krista Tippett does a fabulous job interviewing a wide variety of people and can’t imagine the volume of work it takes to prepare for an interview. Her thoughtful questions and ability to connect with each of her interviewers is admirable. On Being has been a salve to my soul through the last unsettling year and has provided the calm, hope, humor and stimulation of my mind and heart to explore the possibilities unfolding in our world. Brilliant work. I’m so grateful for your excellent program.
EDIT: I unsubscribed from this show almost two years ago and I don't miss it a bit. When a podcast censors anyting but glowing reviews, that's bordering on narcissism. Go listen to Inspired. Much better format and the topics are more varied than feel-good drivel. I have listened to this show for years and it went from a good infomative show to just meh. The format change was at first welcomed and I thought they would bring in more perspectives from other faiths/beliefs instead of 'The Big Four' (Christanity, Islam, Judiasm, and Buddhism) that the show always circulates around. It would be nice to hear from others from more obscure faiths or even (gasp!) non-believers. Ms. Tippett seems to think that being non-controversial is the best method of keeping her listeners happy instead of introducing someone who may challenge our minds and open them up to new ideas. It would also be nice if the show would inform their listenens if the show is a repeat. They used to do this when they were called 'Speaking of Faith' and after they became 'On Being' they stopped. I have contacted them several times about this (they only make about 20-30 shows a year) and when they respond, they seem to give an excuse from 'oh we added new material from the raw interview' or a 'we are looking into this, and big changes are on the way so keep listening!' Both skirt the question and I have to look it up online.
I find the guests and premise of the show thoughtful, but the interviewing disappointing. Krista has an incredibly alluring voice that, for a while, distracted me from the quality of her questions. I wish Krista engaged with her guests. Instead, it feels like she's trying HARD to control the conversation. I'm disappointed that her thoughts come across in a much shallower way than the show's concepts would imply. If Krista spent more time feeding her guests with nutritious food for thought, I think the interviews could be that much more stimulating--for guests and listeners. I appreciated how in the interview with Robin Wall Kimmerer Krista prefaced a late question with philosophical musing about those who love the land and why. This to me illustrated her capacity to express & stimulate deep thinking. And it finally seemed to do justice to the intelligence & wisdom of her guest, which came across in Kimmerer's enlivened response. But this is so rare to find! Krista seems to try too hard to control, redirect, and explain rather than listen and trust her guests to engage her directly.
I always learn something new and feel something new when I listen to this podcast. Or the poems on their poetry project. Even more a balm now.
Jane was a great guest with so much to offer us. Unfortunately Krista’s mind was distracted and focused on something else. Terribly rude to Jane to not be fully engaged with the conversation. If it weren’t for Jane this would’ve been a one star review.
Krista Tippett’s philosophical and humanistic investigation of contemporary issues is essential to living and healing in harmony with nature, each other, and the calling to be of purpose to something greater than oneself. The On Being podcast is essential to my creative life as a contemporary poet.
John Lewis is a man that has led us all to a much better place, a place of equality among the people, the truth overrules in our justice and only the truth. This man was in my entire life but do to my ignorance I did not realize all that he has done for me and the rest of us.

By 21CSC
Only recently found this podcast and really enjoy. Worth it.
What a gift this episode is! Thank you Krista, Resmaa & Robin for your heartfelt sharing. Inspiring me to act anew.