Pandemic Economics

Reviews For Pandemic Economics


By Gleestr
You have to learn to filter the bias. Sometimes they do better than others. Episode 20 was a love fest with former Obama economist. The first part was informational and interesting. Then the decline into tribalism at the end. I think working together we can solve problems. If we try only what is tribal truth, we will fail. There are multiple stakeholders and everyone should have a voice. Neither party had foolproof answers for everything, just like economics.
Episode 14 is a total miss. A bit less partisan policy and a bit more economics would fit with the premise-
4 stars for podcast overall so far just because this podcast was overall good and freakonomics gave it a good plug. Still wish there was slightly less of an interviewy commentary vibe and more of a learn economics vibe like with Freakonomics. I still like how it’s different though so I will happily keep listening and see where it goes from here 😊 But about the cost of a life episode: I’ve heard similar points of view to this episode, and am always left wondering... what is the total blow to the economy because of social distancing? If you added up the amount lost from GDP (from the start of social distancing to October 1) would that be a good estimate of the fallout? Or is there more loss than that? And does all that loss add up to less than $8 trillion, which is what this podcast estimates the cost of social distancing to be from start until October 1?
How much is a life worth and what are the true costs of a pandemic? When I saw the explicit podcast rating, I was hoping for a Lenny Bruce teaches economics type show but aside from a sound bite in the in the first 30 seconds of the first intro/episode, I only heard professional commentators and guests. I’ll keep listening anyway.
I was looking forward to listening to this podcast. How disappointing to see the explicit rating. There are some that still care about this. I guess I’ll just stay with Freakonomics until I find another group who will hold themselves to the same professional standards.
Vigeland and Porter bring a much-needed tool to processing this pandemic’s battle between money and lives in this first episode of their new podcast. Their combined expertise gives a clear-eyed look at the realities we are facing in both the near and long term, refreshing without sugarcoating. Very much looking forward to their continued insight in the weeks and months ahead.
This is a guiding light in these uncertain times!!!