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Great podcast. Takes a straight forward “how to write” style in the art of writing for all levels. Great insights on writing dialogue, internal/external conflict, setting, characters and so much more. Leans more to writing fiction. Only wish there was more! Come on Tom, it’s been a decade, get back on the horse!
Seriously. I’m fairly new to this podcast thing and didn’t know quite what to expect from a podcast specific to writing. I have only listened to a few episodes, but have already gathered so much useful knowledge and inspiration. Each episode is packed with lessons, but rather than feeling like I’m in a classroom, it’s more like chatting with a neighbor. I’m really loving Tom’s style! On another note in case Tom is reading... I’d buy the book about the cabin Tom, I really would! Thanks for sharing your craft.
This podcast long ago ceased production, which is an awful shame. But before he quit, Tom Occhipinti recorded some superb lessons on writing good fiction. He stopped before self-publishing became a real option for writers, which is a shame. Anyway, don’t let the fact that the episodes are old put you off—every word of this is still useful, helpful, and needed by serious writers of any genre.
Tom knows and articulates the craft very clearly and in a way that moves you to sit your bum down and get writing. I like how he eases you through concepts, exemplifies through his own writing-in-progress, and hones the point home with his direct (ok, New York) speaking style. I could do without the music, or would like it better shortened and just cut to the chase. I’ve read many books on writing over many years of my life and my opinion is that Tom’s teachings are well worth hearing by both the novice and the experienced.
Tom please come back! I just listened to all of the podcast within a month and can't get enough. This is truly a great podcast for aspiring writers who want to learn.
Tom, this is great - finally found some a podcast that helped. Please make more!
Occhipinti, despite his good intentions, only grooms us in the tradition of hack writing that we don't need any more of. Take a listen and agree with me, or take my advice and look somewhere else.
Best writing podcast I've heard.
Aspiring writer seeks favorite mentor. If Tom is still among the living, please update your website and continue your podcast. Fearing the worst; hoping for the best!
this is a very helpful podcast, but beyond the fact that it doesn't seem to be updated anymore, there are a handful of episodes missing from itunes. what happened?
As far as I can tell, he left for good and I can't help but wondering what happened. Is he dead or something. COME BACK TOM!
This was a top notch podcast--was! I really dug it, but quickly devoured it and wanted more. When it was announced in Feb. that the cast was returning I sat up in my seat and grinned. But it never happened. Problem now is, if he wants to return, listeners have to have consistency, and we haven't gotten it for some time now. Since we haven't yet, I only give four stars. The content itself though, all my pining aside, is a five star cast; very useful info.
And i feel that this podcast is partially responsible. Tom Occhipinti really helps you overcome writers block. also, he makes some great points about writing i would have never thought of alone. Every writer should subscribe to this. EDIT: He's back!!! It's been forever, and I've missed it badly! Thanks Tom!
I love your podcast. Welcome back (do you hear the theme song to welcome back Kotter in the background?) and thanks for all that you do for us
Ever since I was a young girl I've been writing everything that pops into my head. I've read books, taken classes, and talked to authors to make my writing better. This is almost like sitting in a classroom and having a teacher talking with you in a way that you can understand about what you might be confused about or maybe something that has been made you angry about your own writing. Tom adds lots of examples and lets you hear what something might sound like giving you better understanding what he means. It's almost like taking a highschool/college creative writing course without actually having to pay for it ^_^! I just wish there was even more of it because I believe that this podcast is really helpful to people's writing...
i just started listening and its great you should start back up agian!
Listened to the podcast "Characters of tragedy..." Turned out to be a long, detailed recounting of stories most of us read in high school (Macbeth, Les Miserables, A Christmas Carol) which are supposed to lead us to understanding SOMETHING about writing. It doesn't. It's more like audio Cliff Notes for people too lazy to read even Cliff Notes. Nothing in this podcast touches seriously on literary techniques, trends, or even pitfalls. Very frustrating.
Tom Occhipinti draws from literature and movies to illustrate topics of interest to all writers , from beginning the story through historical fiction. I look forward to listening to his podcast, whether it's a full indepth exposition or a Quick Tip. As I am beginning to write again after a long siege with writer's block, I find each podcast helpful and informative. I don't always agree with him, and frequently talk back to my iPod, but I am often stimulated toward more conscious choices in why writing. It is definitely worth any listener's time!
Well thought out; well planned; well executed. Every installment is like a gift to my iTunes collection.
This is excellent show for writers of all skills and genre. I have listened to them all at least twice and I plan on listening to them all again. Tom really points out the important aspects of writing, even those you would not think too important or obvious, but as it turns out are very important. Look if you like to write then you should listen to this. Tom, I hope you do more soon, very soon.
Very practical information for fiction writers in short and long snippets, which is a great mix. I just wish the intro music wasn't so incredibly long. I have to fastward through it on every listen.
Wonderfully presented with good solid ideas. I love it!
This man knows how to teach. On his longer episodes, he offers great illustrations and spends the time necessary to cover each one without rushing, since not everything should be a one-minute wonder or a thirty-second sound bite. Your time is well spent with this podcast.
this podcast is fantastic. it is really amazing to get this free writing course. thank you very much tom.
Tom actually knows what he's talking about (unlike most l.a teachers). He gives the information in a clear and consise fashion, yet is never boring. And even if he can't make an episode at that current time, he sends out a quick tip to cover for it. Just suscribe to it.
I love this podcast. Tom puts forth credible writing tips backed with examples and a website to follow along with the podcast. This one’s a keeper.
Thoughtful and competent. Interesting to wannabe authors and to readers. Content and quality has improved over the past several months.
I always learn something from Tom Occhipinti and look forward to every new podcast. He covers a wide range of writing topics and has a great grasp of both writing structure and examples from literature. Keep 'em coming, Tom.
Writing has been a hobby of mine since grade school. I'm always writing -something- and only recently decided that I'd like to try writing professionally. I consider myself to be literate and educated with a firm grasp of grammar, sentence structure and writing rules. I learned things right out of the gate with Tom Occhipinti's podcast I never knew or realized. This has made it an invaluable tool to me and I immediately became an avid listener. Tom is an excellent teacher with a wry wit (and a rather nasally Brooklyn accent you hate to love). He attacks topics fully and with great understanding. I highly reccommend him -- be sure to check the podcast out!
Tom Occhipinti knows his stuff, and this is evident from the first few moments of the very first episode. If you are a nut about the guts of writing and how it all works together, complete with examples, Tom does a masterful job. Having been a writer for over ten years, I have not seen anything on the craft of writing as engaging and helpful as this.
The podcasts presented by Tom Occhipinti have become iTunes events I wait for. They arrive irregularly so when I'm least expecting it, along comes another of his excursions into matters that concern the writer... and the informed reader as well. Simply put, Tom's podcasts are valuable and inspiring.
This podcast is amazing. It has very in depth and intelligent discussion about the art of writing that make you see it in a whole new light