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I found myself increasingly angered throughout this podcast as it was discussed by sources how disclosing, stirring, publicizing aspects of this information could be damaging to American sentiment, spur negative propaganda and pose international controversy (essentially making Russia manipulation of our politics ok because America also uses propaganda through social media of forms… that lives could potentially be put at risk and/or disclosing information may hurt future efforts by making transparent methods or strategies in use. And the podcaster giggles and is excited by this. There is also no consideration that generations of people took hope in this song and it was uniting. Now he wants to ensure that image is shattered and it is now a story of manipulation. I am sure that will bring joy and better the lives of millions; just planting that seed for those who came into the conversation inspired left asking, ‘the KBG was right?’…. (And Patrick just keeps laughing). Congrats!
I liked the IRA book he wrote but his story pitch for this must have been like, “Isn’t it fascinating that international politics and pop culture could be linked like this?” “No, not really.” I was waiting for the big reveal that the US president at the time was, wait for it, a B-movie actor. Another reviewer mentioned the word “bubble” and I concur.
I recommend the "Winds of Change" podcast for those interested in music, history, and politics. The show investigates the rumor that the CIA wrote the hit song "Wind of Change" by the Scorpions. Host Patrick Radden Keefe skillfully weaves together interviews with former CIA operatives, music industry insiders, and members of the Scorpions to create a captivating story. The podcast is engaging and thought-provoking, with each episode building on the last to offer new insights into the human experience, Cold War politics, and the music industry. "Winds of Change" is a must-listen for mystery lovers and fans of great storytelling.
This is quite possibly the dumbest podcast I have ever listened too. The author continues to chase a conspiracy theory that makes no sense. One of their interview subjects even told them that conspiracy theories only exist to trick uneducated people; to bad the author isn’t smart enough to understand this.
Great story and a fun ride, but my gosh... We’re talking about rock and roll and heavy metal and the host sounds like he could fall asleep at any minute. Wake up dude, get some energy!!! This dude sounds as if he was fired from NPR for being too boring.
Because he’s a smug ignoramus. Only someone so stupid and superficial would brag about knowing so little. The Scorpians and their fans are cheesy but this know-it-all pseudo-sophisticate with no common sense is a genius. Artists who’ve toured the world and succeeded in the most difficult industry are dismissed by a podcaster the lowest form of creator.
It’s’ hands all over this thing, amusing as it is. They (CIA) have decided to get some fun PR from their own deep past. Seriously.
Podcast good in general, but one statement that is repeated numerous times is completely incorrect! Did this guy turn on a radio in 1991? Wind of change may not have been 1991’s Blinding Lights (song by The Weeknd), but it was hugely popular in the US then. It hit number four on billboard’s pop charts, and it hit number two on billboard’s rock charts! It also made the US Billboard top 100 for the year at number 21! Not sure what this guy’s threshold is for a “popular song” but the fact that he keeps using this incorrect assessment is bothersome. Seems he believes if he had never heard of something it must not be popular with the rest of the population!
This podcast is a masterpiece. Beautifully written. Masterful storytelling. And a smooth delivery. Absolutely terrific.
Absolutely riveting narrative nonfiction with great insight on the history of the CIA, the Cold War & the USSR!!! 👏👏
That podcaster was entirely unconvinced by the end of the scorpions podcast, which I found to be interesting and fair. But he was not successful in drawing comparisons between people who want to believe the Scorps theory and people who believe all the other crazy conspiracy theories in the world now. A noble ambition, to be sure, but I don’t feel like he made the point nearly as clearly as he could have. Either way, very enjoyable podcast. Thanks!
Michael and Patrick, who drive this podcast, opt to take an unscrupulous “all or nothing” approach to the claim motivating the investigation. They dodge around the simplest answers, discounting degrees of separation and “telephone game” in a way that suggests the podcast’s producers are breathing down their backs. After all, if they don’t, how will the producers fill the runtime and connect to all the cool research into espionage? This is a riveting podcast saved by the sweetness of Eastern-Bloc metal-heads and the wit of CIA spooks and their collaborators. Episode two’s opening alone is a tearjerker. It is dragged down by by the men trying to bridge the two. Editing may be at fault for making Patrick seem so bad; all of his threads turn into dead ends, hearsay, or half-remembered notions. In showcasing them, the podcast highlights the moment he taints his witnesses. He’s not some amateur, so his time is valuable; they needed some return-of-investment for this series of nothing-burgers. Michael, on the other hand, comes across as a blusterer, a big talker so used to being at the right place at the right time that he’s unqualified to judge coincidence. He drags his easily-influenced reporter-friend into a rabbit-hole cultivated by his baseless self-assurance. I just hope people don’t take this as a journalistic bellweather. This isn’t what good investigation looks like. Good investigation involves doubt and skepticism, but this podcast uses it at every wrong juncture. It lives on casting aspersions on the notion that West-German rockers, no matter how flamboyant, would actually write about something that deeply affects them. Performers are people too!
I thought this pod was amazing! Super interesting and I've been searching for one like it, but cant find any as good. Thanks so much!
Enjoyed parts of the podcast but wish it would have ended after Klaus closed the conference room door, with the reported chastened. The song has become something bigger than the people associated with it. This podcast will not have the same fate.
Convoluted, entertaining story. Half conspiracy theory, half investigative journalism. I don’t know what I believe.


By Leonb4
Really. That’s the review. Woah.
As a US Soldier I trained in Berlin near the wall (doughboy city). I also listened to the Scorpions along with a lot of “cheesy” metal bands. Something about the tone and attitude of this podcast throws me off a bit. Maybe a little too sanctimonious and ironic. Stuff like that happened. Shoot pool with a local In a bar and they ask about the size of your unit…
Can’t remember how I came across this podcast, but I’m glad I did! I grew up listening to Scorpions, Kino, Aquarium. Amazing project and powerful story! Thank you!
This is an amazing pod. Builds and Builds till last episode. Thanks!
Thoughtful, investigative, surprising, and thought-provoking. It could have had tighter editing ( occasionally it veered into distracting detours, like that lengthy description of the rancher town in California) but overall this podcast is close to perfect.
Complete waste of time. Man this was so dragged out. Whole series would have been better as a one hour episode. Some interesting tidbits come up along the way but overall you’ll wish you never listened.
How could the host fail to ask Klaus about the his manager’s situation that ties the whole thing together? That was the most compelling and inexplicable bit of the story, if it was really about the business and promotion side like with every other act the CIA promoted. Hopefully Klaus listened to the show and was entertained and compelled as much as the rest of us.
The host is sort of a cocky dude who presses a rumor that probably shouldn’t be pressed. He’s got to get to the bottom of this story because he’s “obsessed” — identities and diplomacy be damned. He seems out of touch — he states the rich white person who has committed a crime always walks free because they are rich and white. This is obviously untrue but perhaps he can stay stuff like this since he is a rich white person living in a rich white bubble. I liked the people he interviewed and the backstory.
Well done on this story, an excellent and captivating series. Enjoyed every minute of it.
Cold War intrigue, cheesy metal bands and a story you won’t believe… this podcast is everything I love about the medium; thank you!
So good…made my one hour commutes seem like one minute! Well produced in the wind of change!
Interesting set up, some compelling What-Ifs, good history lesson, but no wrap up or conclusion. Great jingle intro song, that was my favorite part.
“This CIA spook told me, a journalist, an above-top-secret story and said ‘but don’t tell anyone’.” It’s basically a short anecdote, told fawningly and exhaustingly over the course of several hours. How clever of the agency to produce a hit song to win hearts and minds in Eastern Europe. “The American public can never know this happened!” *wink* If you want to learn about the CIA, learn about Gladio, MKULTRA, Jack and Bobby, The Watergate Limited Hangout, Air America, Iran Contra, and Jeffrey Epstein. Read The Devil’s Chessboard, Family of Secrets, JFK and the Unspeakable, A Lie Too Big To Fail, CHAOS, The Jakarta Method.


Really liked listening. Will continue to follow.
I listened to this podcast and kept thinking it would go somewhere, but it never did. Keefe is an excellent journalist but this podcast doesn’t do his work justice. Seemed like a vanity project that had a guaranteed audience but no substance. He can do way better than this. Smart guy, not a good podcast.
Over the course of eight episodes, including an interview with the songwriter himself, the only evidence that is presented is that the author of this series is perpetuating a revisionist history of conspiratorial thinking. This man would be better served to use his talents to cover stories that are true. This is not journalism, just more pulp to perpetuate the 24 hour a day news cycle. It’s sensationalist pap. If we want to fix what’s wrong with the world, we should question the media we consume and ask if it’s revealing anything worthwhile. I did find it entertaining so I gave up one star as well as my time.
Fantastic insight ..... I want more !!!
PRK is a very serious author. His book "Say Nothing" about the IRA is the most serious nonfiction book I've read in years. It is essential, bone-chilling reading for many reasons. Seeing his name attached to this fluff podcast is confusing. His reputation went way down in my eyes. I am one year older than PRK. Our pop culture modes of references are very much alignes. I really enjoyed the nostalgic look back athair metal history and the GI Joe convention episode was hilarious. The premise of the show isn't a premise though. It's a pretext to hit these nostalgic cues in the listener's ears. The audience is guaranteed. Not for anything PRK did, but because it's about one of the top five most famous songs in the world. He heard a rumor and did so much to try to fit the evidence to fit his preconceived conclusion. This is not journalism or good nonfiction by any standard. I still recommend that IRA book, though. For real. It's fire.
I enjoy the storytelling and found it easy to listen to (even though things start to drift around episode 6), but I just can’t get passed how selfish these people are. Oliver should never have told Michael the story, but once he found out Oliver might be in serious trouble if this got out then they should have stopped right there. What are they thinking?? Are they really willing to potentially out a CIA officer or agent for a podcast? Also, like, what’s the mystery here? Of COURSE the CIA was using “soft power” to influence the Russian public. It makes sense that they would organize concerts to reach a mass audience. I just don’t see the intrigue or mystery here.
The reporter appears to think he found a satisfying conclusion though it’s just rumors that brought him there. Reporter barely thinks about the international implications of this podcast and his illy formed conclusions, which is just deeply negligent. Who has the incentive for this podcast to be made and break the hearts of people who love this song? His friend Michael and Russia.
This origin story of a tumultuous time in history is interesting. If you don't know anything about the fall of Communism, this podcast is an entertaining introduction. If you believe that historical events are driven by the machinations of individuals, this tale is completely plausible. Well told and worth the investment.
You are a lunatic. The gov is not that crazy. It’s regular people. Chill out.
I couldn’t stop listening to this podcast. It was SO interesting.
One star because I’m sick of “journalism” relying on CIA sources as if they’re in any way credible or objective. The CIA loves when people focus on their goofy hijinks instead of the pure evil they’ve done to the entire world. Go learn the actual truth of what the agency does and you won’t be laughing about wigs and mediocre rock songs. But really, this is five stars if you want to listen to respected journalist openly admit his entire career is a CIA psyop/limited hangout in the first episode. 90-100% of his stories come from his friend Michael? Do a little research on this friend Michael and his resumé. The folks at Langley thank you for your service, Crooked Media!


You guys need to hook up with the Pushkin podcast producers called “Deep Cover” major crossover between drug cartel stories.
One of my favorite podcasts! Highly recommend!
I’ve recently found myself in a podcast 🐰 🕳 after applying for an internship position with Pineapple Street Media. I’m still waiting to hear back from 🍍 Street Media with an offer 😂, but not sure a retired 51-year old intern fits their mold (however, I do have some good Fed Gov stories they might like 😉). In the meantime, I checked out some of their podcast productions. WOW!!! They lured me in and now I go from one series to the next. I will start with “Wind of Change” … not only will you not be able to get the whistling & the lyrics out of your head by the 🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂, but you will want to binge listen to the 8 episodes to find out who was behind the orchestration of this majestic ballad which helped end “The Cold War”. This podcast is very well done as host Patrick Keefe takes you on a mysterious journey from clandestine meetings to trips behind the former Iron Curtain. You will be locked in until the end! #SeeYouInGorkyPark 👍🏼


This is an extremely well done dive into Cold War era geopolitical happenings tied into pop culture. Such an interesting story. This is a must listen


By Jf673?
Podcast ever, boring host
I thought this was a fun podcast. It did seem a little milked out though. It could probably have been trimmed. A lot of information is reiterated and the first episode was just a lengthened teaser.
I listened to this podcast over a year ago and it remains my all time favorite. It haunts me as much as the creepy-rock ballad always has & Joanna Stingray is my idol.
I came to this podcast for more Patrick Radden Keefe content (I love his books and just finished Empire of Pain), and stayed for this story of cultural propaganda. If you are even remotely interested in the Cold War (or 80s rock), give this series a listen. It’s excellently hosted and produced.
Fascinating investigative trail of (possible) Cold War espionage and propaganda. Plausible conspiracy theories (for sane people who can handle it as food for thought and not Gospel) from seemingly reliable sources. Narrator is easy to listen to, interviews are rather riveting, and the writing is engaging; it’s an overall high-quality production.
The first episode starts off really sloppily and self-indulgent but eventually gets interesting. That said, the pod is waaaay too long and the ending is a real disappointment,