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Hoping for reunion ep
I've just listened to my third 3F3F podcast and officially have crushes on all of them. At first they're just strangely mesmerizing to listen to in the background, fine postmodern nattering to wash dishes and shuffle dust by. But, alas dear reader, soon you find yourself dusting nearer the desk while they finish a group thought which never really finishes; sitting at the desk while they laugh and still don't finish; staring transfixed at those two boots on the damn iTunes review screen. While they chatter delightfully on. Chatter forth dear furious 3s, who are so much more than merely 3. Chatter forth, for we are listening. :)
This show is great! I count myself as one of the many addicted viewers. The music, the stories - excellent! Way to go! Keep up the good work!
These girls are funny (I have almost laughed coffee out my nose several times as I worked on my Excel spreadsheet) and quick-witted...would love to have a girls' wine night with them and throw couches into pools!
These girls are hilarious. I love listening in on the small slice of city girl life. Living room, bedroom, cafe, wherever situation. Most definitely "structurally unsound"!
They keep me laughing while I am editing manuscripts. (No, I'm not working on Excel charts.) The podcast continues to improve in sound quality. I love the Wisconsin contingent, and I am voting for the gay trucker over the niece, whose presence requires verbal censorship. As it is, the ladies are not overly racy & not overly prudish--they are just mainly funny & safe listening for high school or above.