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Am I the only one who thought it was kinda weird that everyone fell asleep with this music.... :S
The music in this podcast is great, but FAIR WARNING! A voice will come in fairly often to sell you the membership on the website.
Love it
I play these when I'm drawing late at night - when I imagine I'm in a ship traveling through the cosmos. Great cerebral stuff.
The old podcast was just fine for me and I had no problem with a DJ coming in for 30 seconds in the hour. But I am sure this podcast will be just as good. Keep m' comin they are great mellow tunes and help me sleep at night!
I have fallen in love with this podcast! They are not evil (once you download you will understand). Thank you for such great music. I like the music that is on here and enjoy it a lot. Thanks for not being just another 5 min. commercial. Drew