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David is one of the very first preterists that I found about ten years ago when I began examining the view. I have since learned that he is also one of the very best teachers also. I'm never disappointed when I listen. He is knowledgeable and challenging. Thanks Bearean Bible Church and David for all you do for the body of Christ!
So disappointing when I read the scripture as he gave his interpratation. He pulled verses out of context to fit his belief. If he would have just read the next 3 verses, he would have seen the obvious false claim he was making. I pray the Holy Spirit will make him aware! The word says teachers will be judged more severely. Father, open his eyes before it's too late! In Jesus' name. Amen and Amen!
David Curtis' preaching is in depth, thourough and captivating. His knowledge of Scripture is very refreshing and insightful. I have learned more from his preaching in the last few years then ever before in my Christian life. Granted I study allot more now than in years past. Part of which I credit to David Curtis. I can't tell you how many times I've used his sermons for reference material when discussing various topics with other people. He is truly blessed by God. I pray one day to have a 1/10 of the knowledge of God's Word David does, so that I may be able to teach others also.
When my own pastor began teaching "audience relevance" 12 years ago, it certainly made a lot of sense to me, and I started viewing the Bible thru new eyes. I have learned to understand more about the Bible in these last 12 yrs than I had in the previous 30+ yrs of being a Christian. If you've been reading the Bible like a newspaper fresh off the newstands, then it's time to search the Scriptures with a new attitude. Dave Curtis' teachings are well researched and filled with great Biblical truths. Keep them coming, Dave!!
David Curtis' preaching has taught me more about God than perhaps any other preaching I have ever listened to. He is a modern talmidei.


David Curtis is one of the best Bible teachers I have ever heard. He makes the Bible come alive. The only problem I have with David is when he starts belittling other people like Joel Osteen. He waste a lot of time belittling others when he could be teaching the truth. If God is in control like he says then he will deal with Joel when he’s ready to deal with Joel. If when David fills this deceiving spirit coming on him he would start examining his own flesh he would not have time to belittle someone else. In his love riverjim
David does an amazing job at interpreting scripture using scripture. These sermons have helped me break free from comfortability and my preconceived notions. My only concern is that sometimes he sounds a little arrogant (this is very rare however) in knowing what most don't. This is my number ONE preterist resource!
What a refreshing podcast! No frills, just the truth! Mr. Curtis teaches the Word of God with passion. It is obvious that he does his homework. His love for the Lord, and His Word, shines through every message!