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Does Charlotte Howard have anything to say about rising oil prices, oil production, increasing reliance on oil and natural gas as coal and nuclear plants are retired? How does lower capacity meet with ending gasoline vehicle production in the next decade? Does your energy corespondent have information on who benefits from solar panels, who pays more for solar power -customer- government tax incentives-utility companies? Has your program looked at the copper and electrical generation requirements of a switch to electric vehicles? Can we turn off coal and nuclear and add 100 Million EVs as daily drivers? Sounds like something for the energy corespondent. If these question are not addressed, what does the energy corespondent do?
I find the discussions, both for the “Checks and Balances” episode and all the other episodes, but the lack of conservative voices in the discussions is very noticeable. For instance, in this episode there was no consideration of the economic impact of any of the proposed increases of government spending or increased taxation. Very glaring omissions.
Just finished the podcast on “how the tax code should be changed” to pay for the two spending bills being debated. Wow. I thought I would write a lengthy response but decided against that idea. The views of the panelists were so extreme that I finally realized you can’t respond to crazy.
I look forward to each one, particularly Friday for Checks and Balance! Such a wonderful podcast and a must listen.
The most insightful, objective, and layered news coverage of current global issues, with interesting, less covered stories included, as well. Jason Palmer has the best voice in news, the best voice in podcasting.
You can listen to it everyday and get updates about our world. Unlike twitter for quick info, those updates front the economist podcast give you thorough info you should know.
Warning: you need to fact check everything you hear on this podcast. There is such a heavy bias, most reports are full of lies and innuendo. Presents a hard left-leaning bias peddled to Americans with British accents combined with the occasional American socialist voice. Gets most issues WRONG, especially economic predictions. Economist China reporters have lost their independence and they spread CCP lies and propaganda, such as calling the USA racist, ironic coming from the two most racist nations in history, China and England. Economist USA reporters are clones of failing leftist DNC media, no separation from the other declining USA news organizations. Why don’t you just fire your USA hating reporters and just run CCP and DNC press releases, then you could make more profits. Economist is at its best when reporting worldwide stories from diverse sources. Please spare us your sniveling biased opinions, your whining and your rants. The Economist is so predictable as it constantly defaults to pro-death-abortion advocacy, blaming everything on global warming and gender disparity, as well as nearly every podcast has race baiting segment. Does The Economist intentionally try to insult hundreds of millions of Trump supporters regularly or is it just your thickheaded arrogance showing? Citizens of the United States declared their independence and freedom from England 250 years ago. We don’t need British media and accents to lecture us about our political systems and other matters. GO HOME TO THE UK AND YOU WILL NOTICE THEY AREN’T LISTENING TO YOUR HARD LEFT LABOR SOCIALIST BLATHER EITHER AS UK VOTERS WISELY VOTED FOR BREXIT AND CONSERVATIVE LEADERS AND REJECTED LABOUR’S SOCIALISM. MAYBE YOU WILL FIND AN AUDIENCE IN VENEZUELA, CUBA AND CHINA. STOP TRYING TO RUIN THE USA. The world is turning RIGHT as The Economist and other failing media are turning left. Wake-up and get balanced by moving away from your hard left train-wreck.
It was a Good podcast when they discussed the ECONOMY. The past President really screwed up this country’s media and reporting. Over the years I’ve witnessed this publication move away more from what I enjoy and promoted about it, in to just placating to my political side. I canceled my print and digital sub, now the podcast is next. I mean today they were arguing that some random maybe powerful Viking might of been non-binary………. This is coming from the economist. I mean if your going to report this stuff can you at-least try to relate it to…… I don’t know….. the economy? I feel like this is another example of a media source lane jumping for either clicks, subs or the whim of the staff.
Not only do we have a huge population boom in urbanization of open spaces. We also have the migration boom of illegals crossing our western boarders. So, too, the homeless population is growing exponentially here in the west as renters and homeowners around the country lose their housing. It’s a multi faceted problem…
I get depressed at the current state of the world. Listening to the news wasn't helping. A friend suggested I try the Economist podcast. It didn't help me feel any less fearful, but it at least scratches that news itch
Intelligent, interesting stories. Great topics. Informed interviews. What I'd hoped NPR and The Daily Podcast could be.
Love the podcast
I look forwardto listeningeveryday.
I listen to Economist Radio every day. My favorite show is The Intelligence which always has interesting exposes.
“I’m in my favorite state of Maine, where people don’t smile at strangers.” How nice .
I learn so much ona daily/weekly basis. Subscribe now!
Ken and Jason bring insight, deep knowledge and wit to timely and interesting topics. Huge fan.
Overall the series is wonderful. I am delighted that it survived the 2020 election. Zany Minton Beddows contribution this week made for an engaging sober discussion.
I was totally fascinated.☝️
Insightful, fast-moving and yet deep in its coverage. The Economist Podcast covers the topics that matter. Also pretty balanced, though it does tilt a bit left of center (I’d love to see it rebalanced a bit closer to center).
Quality podcast always good listening, good reporting , a well produced podcast


I highly recommend all of The Economist podcasts but The Jab is particularly notable. With all the information out there on the pandemic this weekly show will give you the most in depth analysis in the typical unbiased Economist way. The hosts are excellent and they manage to get interesting guests. I’ve listened to every episode and recommend the currents releases but also the previous episodes. All the podcasts are free but I hope people support this journalism with a subscription.
Lately analysis are shallow and not well researched, especially from topics from a broad


Keep up the good work.
The Economist is a refreshing newspaper in a world of polarized news outlets. The Intelligence covers major stories worldwide while also adding in interesting pieces on more obscure topics. I feel like I have a grip on politics, science, and culture. They do an excellent job of distilling key information and making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection!
Well-produced, very informative.
Partisan, ideological and demagogic to appeal a certain audience
I am a long time listener to all the Economist’s podcasts and I have always appreciated their non-partisan approach to news that is impossible to get in the US. Checks and Balances was particularly impressive due the ....uhmmmm....subject matter. But recently Checks and Balances has deviated from that. The most recent podcast titled CEOoutrage was far too anti-law enforcement for me. Police have perhaps the most difficult and dangerous job in the US. Malefactors should be held to account, yet all three of the hosts did not even mention that of the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of police encounters, a tiny minority of those encounters end poorly. Police go to the toughest neighborhoods and deal with the most dangerous situations and usually perform admirably. The podcast’s hosts are either ignorant of that, which I doubt, or they are pushing an anti-law enforcement agenda. Shame on all of you.
Thanks for today’s episode. I think one important issue was left out of the discussion: there is NO other country in the world that has produced such a great number of corporate Titans. Starting from the industrialization age to our days. These Titans have become entrepreneurship role moles but also social-economic actors and influencers -think Ford and how his treated his workers, Carnegie and his philanthropic initiatives, etc-. It is true they follow the bottom line but also they were able to have strong opinions about the societies of their time. Ergo, I am no surprised our CEOs are taking a stand not only because of the bottom line but also because they have strong opinions how they see societies evolving. Shareholders are not longer WASP, now black, yellow and brown are shareholders too. 😉
It’s already highlighted by previous comments but, the instillation of “Ultra Wokeism content” in the Economist’s podcasts totally ruined the quality/seriousness of what was a Top/Premium content. Please keep in mind that listeners are not only your beloved White Anglo-Saxons/Fabian Society FanBoys (
Checks and Balance on Fridays is consistently good. Babbage on Wednesdays is also solid. The British accents have a soothing cadence for some reason, and add to the quality delivery. No ads is also a big plus!
Overall, I really enjoy listening to the Economist Radio. However, it seems that increasingly, there's more and more of a focus on race and ethnicity but only in an unhelpful way. Claiming that "pulse oximeters are racist” is absolutely absurd and effectively what was being said. The devices weren’t built to discriminate against Black populations, they were built for the populations that used them most often at the time. Are there issues? Maybe, but can we just have a break from the racism discussion? It’s all anyone ever talks about and at the very least, put it somewhere separate from everything else. It’s a shame how this podcast has recently begun to spend more time on promoting ideology over actual news. You should listen to the people on the site who have said as much. I don’t expect you to be kind to bigotry; just don’t become another form of soft bigotry.
But the Best is the daily Intelligence. Skip Economist Asks.
Show references caucasian males as “pale males” ... they are racist and its disgusting. Its kind of sad how far this show has fallen. They are old men talking about bitcoin and not understanding really anything. I am sad people turn to The Economist thinking they will get competent finical news. -Fire the disconnected boomers and learn what you are talking about.
I have rarely been this disappointed in the quality of a podcast. I am generally a fan of the Economist. However, far from being balanced, the whole “debate” seems to be a unidirectional echo chamber of near facts and opinions packaged as objective and impartial examination. Here, it seems “truthiness” reigns supreme.
My daily podcast.
The actual coverage and content of Stripe’s evaluation and all that stuff that sets it apart from other Silicon Valley companies, was fine, however given Mattheiu Favas’s accent, it was incredibly difficult to comprehend what he was trying to say because of his accent. I don’t mind that he's a French reporter, but he should make a professional effort to be as intelligible as possible if he’s going to continue to be given a platform on the podcast and report effectively.
Conversations about timely issues with thorough analysis from a qualified panel. Does not include divisive pandering to consumer-level politics. Diverse range of topics for a range of interests.
Economist Radio plays a wide range of Economist programs. I am a Leftist and these shows have a “bias” for free market neoliberalism. So what? It provides conversational reporting and analysis I don’t hear anywhere else. And I listen to dozens of podcasts. Plus no jabbering and talking over each other like trendy podcasts.
Offers a good perspective on current events without podcast gimmicks/sensationalism.
I cannot say enough good things about the intelligence podcast. I appreciated the way checks and balances covered the 2020 election.
It is difficult to find a news outlet that attempts to approach the world in an even-handed and accurate manner. The podcasts are an excellent addition to the newspapers.
Truly enjoy the show.
I listen to all the podcasts produced by the Economist, and I appreciate the fact that all of them are featured on this one show. Always intelligent, insightful, sometimes funny, often serendipitous obituaries and other ‘small’ stories. Bringing you, just like the magazine, unbiased news from around the world. Also, perfect length! 15-20 min for quotidians, and 20-30 min for special hebdomadals, and 30-50 for Checks and Balance (the best US political commentary available in a podcast, certainly better than the NYT vapid partisan moaning). Perhaps add a Whitehall podcast like C&B for the UK, and would love to see a weekly on EU politics in Brussels!
The Economist endorsed Ronald Reagan in 1980? That’s really a shameful endorsement. He ravaged social spending causing rampant homelessness in American cities while running up a trillion dollar deficit to fund a nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union. Reagan’s opponent Jimmy Cater though hardly a skilled politician went on to become a respected statesman. Please revisit this appalling choice a podcast.