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To whom it may concern, I would “beg” you to do a series about neoliberalism: which countries; levels of success; reformed systems, et cetera. The situation in Chile—country that has been implementing one of the most progressive forms of neoliberalism. Semper Fidelis, Gui Philadelphia
Need it more than my daily morning coffee fix.
I am an avid consumer of podcast content. 50hrs+ a week (on double speed) with a focus on topics in Macro-Economics/International Perspectives, technology, US/EU politics, and the environment (in that order). Couldn’t stand this podcast for years (it seems), but never stopped listening. It has grown to be one of my favorite. Overall, I’d still give this one a 4.5 rating, but I have to compensate for the year+ I’ve given it a “three”.
They cover the stories other sources ignore.
True journalism as it should be. Clear and balanced from where I sit. I find I learn what I need to know to better understand the world around me.
I understand that this podcast format is fundamentally a dialogue between the host and the guest. But really, the host needs to stop trying to talk over the guest so much. There are so many instances where the host just drones on and on over the guest while the latter is trying to get a word in edgewise. STOP. It is rude and aggravating to listen to.
Great reporting. The world stands with the protesters
Smart and to the point. Highly recommend, especially the daily episodes of The Intelligence.
I have been a U.S. subscriber to the magazine since 1975 when it was printed in and mailed from the U.K. The podcasts are great, as are the articles! Thank you!
You should have your reporters take higher doses of congestion medicine and start pronouncing your R's a little more. It's ok to presume of a public school education but drop the affectation please. Content is otherwise fantastic
I’d been a long subscriber of the Economist and valued their integrity and style of journalism. Off late I have noticed an increasing bias in their news pieces as opposed to neutral reporting (esp. in ones relating to developing nations) which reeks of an attitude of first world supremacy. Unless this is curtailed / fixed, they are quite likely to lose an old patron like me.
Unfortunately I cannot stand Mr Palmer’s voice. The bias in certain stories is painfully obvious as well. You can do better Economist.
Great source of news with an economic focus
Thanks for this free podcast. I often take an opposite view from The Economist's, but your content and analysis is far superior to anything else in these echo chambers of "fake news" these days. Smart!
June 20th editors pick just swayed me off the podcast. Saying that the United States should become like a Frankenstein of California and Texas with broad and not necessarily encompassing facts about those states- weird and judgmental. I thought the pet story wouldn’t be bad but somehow fell into the trope of emphasis that Asia eats dogs. I could not believe my ears.
On the “ President Donald Trump has lost crucial legal battles over his financial records, and more defeats ...”, your listeners left puzzled. News, editorial, or others? Fell short to expectation of The Economist.
Clear, concise and relevant discussions. I can hardly believe the podcast is freely available sometimes.
Jason’s voice made this podcast informative yet not as high-pitchy as other podcasts do.
Really enjoyed Anne McElvoy’s discussion with Preet Bharara
Consistent reminder as to why I cancelled my subscription.
I used to listen and believing that perhaps the Economist was slightly less biased source of news but then they slandered Ben Shapiro with outright lies, which woke me up to wonder what else are they lying and spinning about.
I’m unsubscribing from this after the Economist’s attack on Ben Shapiro by calling him “Alt-right”. Truly disgraceful. How these sloths with major gray-matter deficiencies retain even the most basic of jobs is beyond me
They claim Ben Shapiro is an alt right figurehead, this is a complete lie and one that is so easy to prove incorrect the writers of such articles should not retain their jobs! Stop being a propaganda tool for the left and report facts, for once!
The Economist's podcasts have become one of my primary sources of news and information. Well done on all accounts. I can't recommend it highly enough, particularly to listeners in the US who are confronted with "news" that is often biased or produced to provide entertainment & sensationalism rather than facts and thoughtful, balanced analysis. Thank you Economist.
Jason Palmer sounds like Jimmi Simpson. Neat!
Simply one of the best podcasts available. I personally haven't missed a single episode, but feel free to jump around. In writing this review I just now discovered I've been listening to the Economist podcast for over a decade! Wow! (Can we please have even a temporary revival of Perpetuum Mobile as the intro?) This high quality journalism in podcast form is worth far more than the price of a few ads, and I appreciate that they label the ad sections with tones. You can tolerate the occasional imperfection like Kenneth Cukier's past jarring send-offs "This... is.... the... eco.. no.. mist...." (ugh) while still deeply appreciating his intelligence and style; I'm glad he's there. I hope you can get as attached as I have to this wonderful podcast.
Hi there: I am a Chinese scientist working in US. I love this podcast, especially diversity of the views. But honestly, some podcasts concerning Chinese really makes me feel uncomfortable. I am not saying the viewpoint, the topic, it is background music , the holistic picture you unfold, kind of wield and make me feel some stereotype. Hopefully you could improve.
Love it. American voices report from the UK, while Brits report from the U.S. Not just news: science, technology, literature, even sports.
Neat, now I know something about new developments in immunization and molecular sources which are much briefer and so much more precise. And I appreciate being subscriber and often having keywords and a wide range of data. It improves transfer of information and brings a breath of hope in chronic illness. I watch pupils perk up when they hear important accomplishments by familiar and unknown scientists. Family Doctor Ada
Great balance of news and interesting current topics.....and the British accent is a bonus.
5-6 commercials for each new episode is too many. The content is interesting but it’s not worth it for the intrusive advertisements
Really great insights. Full of relevance to today’s big issues. Thanks!
The Economist covers a range of topics in these long(ish)-form reports. The editor asks deep diving questions and the guests are always original and both avoid cliches.
A very balanced and non-partisan View of the news. Much appreciated!
The Economist is one of the last sources of news that lets the reader or in this case the listener make up their own mind. The opinion pieces are balanced and the research pieces are full of data. Love it
Econ pod that's high quality. But, one of the hosts, Anne McElvoy, likes interrupting her interviewee several times when they try to answer questions. Often the dialogues between her and her interviewees sound like quarrel. I respect strong opinions, but a host should try to let the interviewees talk more instead of expressing his or her own opinions all the time.
I used to listen to this regularly. But I unsubscribed once they paid bannon to appear at their festival. No thanks, I won’t support a magazine that gives white supremacists and racist a voice.


Lately the podcast has stopped on it’s own 4 seconds before the end. This is discouraging when trying to listen to podcasts automatically after each other. Because of the stop one then has to manually skip forward to end the podcast.
Great interviews and fascinating perspectives. Babbage is fantastic tech reporting with an occasional injection of whimsy. I can take or leave Tasting Menu, but the other features on this "channel" are a welcome reorientation away from the debilitating American broadcast / cable news cycle with its 3.4 stories per hour on endless rotation.
The content is worthwhile, however I'd rather have a podcast every few days with original content, than the Economist constantly repeating and rechurning the same content into my feed. I feel like I listen to every interview twice a week. Economist needs to understand the difference between radio and podcasting.
This episode , Babagge : please data versus privacy is full of psycho speakers don’t know what the heck it were talking ab China, full of fabricate BS and lies ...
Very biased
Long time listener to podcasts. Enjoy the variety and the content. The problem is that the mixing of the various inputs is such that the content is not understandable. For instance, you can hear the moderator ask a question but the response from the second person is so weak that the interview is worthless. More and more people are listening to podcasts on the go - in the train or in the gym. Can’t follow the Economist content. Other podcasts are fine in the same environment.
Best Podcast to listen to, providing rich analysis, prophectic on topics that will be important, and quite funny at times. Anne McElvoy et al. interview and quarrel to ensure the listener gets the best on the topic at hand. The Economist Radio has supplanted NPR and other morning news sources for the listed reasons. Enjoy!
Content good. Inability to have each show on the same sound level bad. Listen to Babbage and you have to turn it up. Next comes tasting menu and it blows out your ear drums on the same setting on your phone.
Some really good news stories unfortunately ruined by a constant typical lefty rant, still jilted over Trump winning the US Presidential election. We get it already, Trump isn’t perfect. Believe me, we got it. I would love to see if some of these host’s actually speak the same way in real life. The posh talk, the classical music in the background, we get that too, a gimmick to reassure the delusion of globalist lefty socialists that they are smarter than everyone else a narrative the lessons of history wouldn’t agree with. It is a little hard to listen to “economists”(Red Academic Pets) that have only read about it and haven’t even ran a lemonade stand. Check their Bio’s. At some point this podcast needs to balance up the narrative if it seeks more listenership. I don’t mind listening to other arguments, but my generation is not the philosophical monoculture you may think we are. We want competing ideas. We business leaders and diverse opinions on air.
How I keep up with all this madness
Been listening to this podcast for years, but nearly had enough at this point. The Babbage segment is good, but most of the rest is ridiculously biased. A paper that seems to consider itself to be such a beacon of intelligence tends to simply follow the most politically convenient positions and, given it's its support of irresponsible economic positions, makes you wonder why it is even named "The Economist" anymore. Do they even have an economist on staff?! If so, only Keynsian economist. Their injections into U.S. politics couldn't be any less informed. They simply regurgitate the standard liberal positions you hear in 99% of the media. Other than Babbage, every podcst leaves me asking "why did I just waste my time listening to this drivel?"
I really don't understand why it is journalistic practice to never endorse faith. But yet allow atheist evangelicals a platform to spread messages that are so disrespectful?