I cant say any more than anyone else has already. This is well recorded live music from relatively small social venues. Like someone said already "all you have to do is close your eyes", wonderful. Thank you for these recordings.
Ah, how I miss the Angus sessions...
This is a great podcast for those who love the sound and feel of the music, played for fun and with character. Pour yourself a pint, put on this podcast and your feet will be tapping in no time. Great work, keep it up please!!
If you love celtic/irish music and want it REAL, not canned, you found the best there is. Thank you Angus sessions, keep this fantastic free corner of music alive.
I cannot get this podcast to download.
...and you're right there in the Three Bellies Brae Bar! Absolutely captures the feel of sitting in the pub, listening to the session. Great stuff from some of the leaders in traditional music in Scotland. I only wish I could be there in person a little more often.
O.K. where is my ticket? If you're a Scot, or even if you're not, you've got to love the real feel of this podcast! Start it up and you can feel yourself sitting in the pub; the wooden chairs, the smell of damp in the air, the occassional drift of cigarette smoke and the smell of ales in pints. Heck, don't dream about the pint. Pour yourself one and join in. True Scotland!