Divine Mercy

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Great job, but sad to see you've stopped making them.
Amazingly done! God bless you with His infinite love and Wisdom Jesus, I trust in You!
Great project Greg !!! This will help me towards my renewed life with Jesus. God bless.
Hey Greg your podcast is awesome! really like it. keep it up. Thanks
Thank you for building this.
God Bless you and your family!
This podcast is exactly what I have been searching for. I don't know how I've missed it with all the search options I've used. The pace is perfect: not rattled off like an auctioneer, not drawn out like 5-year-olds just learning. Perfect! Thank you Greg.
This is a wonderful podcast. I enjoy saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet with you.
Thanks Greg for this podcast. We all can learn a lot about our Catholic faith from each episode.
I have just finished listening to DM#30 - Inga. I got a kick out of hearing her say how she was forced to listen to Fr. Roderick (Daily Breakfast) talk Catholic becuaae she couldn`t fast forward while riding her bike in the Netherlands in the rain! I think Gods hand is in her move to Fr Rodericks parish. I especially like, and need, the formation of concsious that you do. With all the converts out there (and right here), this is soomething we didn`t learn during our RCIA classes and it is needed. Please continue with this . . and please do more podcasts. God Bless you. Thanks!


By bkempf
for sharing your time....listened to your podcast for the first time and truly enjoyed it...
Greg, Your podcast has helped me immensely in my journey to deeper conversion to Christ. Jesus's mercy is the most precious gift given to us. I hope to remain forever in His loving hand. God bless your insights. Please keep "casting!" (get it "casting!") and may the blessed Saint, Sr. Faustina pray for us and guide you. Amen.
Greg's spirituality and simple desire to serve God is as inspiring as it is evident in these great pod-shows! My gratitude to Greg is great, but not as great as my debt to him for the blessings he offers through his efforts. Check it out! Thanks, Greg!
Great podcast. Thank you so much, Greg.
Just started listening to Greg's Podcast yesterday. What a great show! God Bless Him and His Hard Work!