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Me encantan estas lecciones, tan utiles que me ayudan muchisimo. Mil gracias
Even if you've studied Castellano and are pretty well advanced, there's a pretty good chance that you'll be thrown the first time you have to deal with "el voseo" (the use of "vos" to replace "tu"), the unique accent (castellano is pronounced caj-te-SHA/ZHA-no, where "LL" is pronounce "SH" or "ZH" and the "S" before consonants is pronounced like the "J" in Jose) or the use of Lunfardo slang. Aside from internet radio, this is the only resource that I have found that allows one to become familiar with the way Porteños speak. Thankfully, then, it's a great one! But even hours of listening to Sofia's refined articulation won't prepare you for the cab driver who babbles "caquérda?" (como? ah, aquí (acá) izquierda). Of course Sofia is also utterly charming and that doesn't hurt, either.
Sofia does a good job of explaining terms. Not all episodes are pure vocabulary building. Many are just conversations with friends. Recommended for the advanced student, a beginner or intermediate probably would not get as much out of it. R U Listening?
I think I've been learning a few different words and meanings in Spanish (castellano) that are quite helpful, especially coming from a native speaker. The format is great, straight to the point and Sofia's voice and accent are just delightful. Keep up with the good work! Luigi Costi
aprendi hablar castellano en la argentina, y siempre voy a hablar con ese intonacion. su podcast a sido muy util para aprender todas las palabras que a veces me confundi y me deje atras en la conversacion. Mil gracias, hacete mas programas por las hinchas que tenes, te pido.
This podcast series is useful for practice in listening to a native speaker who uses everyday language rather than textbook language. I don't think the slang is all that slangy, nor is it especially specific to Argentina. Furthermore, I do not understand the explicit rating. If this were a US movie it would be rated PG-13 at most. The title does not refer to bathroom humor, so if that's what you are seeking, you'll be disappointed. Thank you Sofia for an interesting series and keep up the good work.
me gusta mucho este podcast porque me parece real y contiene informacion que me interesa. no contiene la musica cursi que muchos podcasts tienen o las introducciones que duran lo que a mi me parece una eternidad. no son bien largos pero no cortitos. me gusta el estilo y la voz de la narradora (sofia) porque sus cuentitos son bien cute y tambien el acento argentino! gracias por hacer este podcast y aunque no soy argentino me gusta un ch**go el pais y quisiera visitar algun dia.
This is a great podcast for Spanish slang, however if you are not learning the slang for Argentina. You may want to get a different Podcast. Thanks Sofia.
Me gusta el estilo de estas podcasts. Estoy aprendando epanol y esta lo hace mas interesante.