DJ Prince Cee Deep Soul House podcast

Reviews For DJ Prince Cee Deep Soul House podcast

was browsing & came upon DJ Prince Ceem WOW!!!! is all I have to say....were are you DJ Prince Cee? It's time to rock the house some mo..
Just happened upon the Prince. I was looking for a good high energy mix to keep me motivated, and this is it! I can't speak enough about the quality of Prince Cee - Those of you looking for a good mix of dance beat really will find it here; This man jams. If you are like me and have been looking for a first class club mix to add to your iPod (and have already been disappointed by downloading 2Gb of drug induced trance), this is what you are looking for; You won't be disappointed. Although the archive is short, this is one that I would gladly pay to keep up, it's that good.
mr. prince has taken off and delivered some serious sets that have taken me to another dimension. Tracks full of feeling, soul, seemlessly mixed, rich in vocals yet dark and edgy. He is the type of DJ I would watch in anticipation of his next drop and follow his every beat and never loose a step until the early morning. No doubt a party with him at the wheels of steel would be a time to remember.
An edgy mix of styles that bring you into a high-energy trance. It's a ride that some won't want to end as Prince Cee takes you through the world of House through his vision. Amazingly talented, couldn't download this to my playlist fast enough. The podcast is a glimpse into House through the eyes of a true DJ Genius...