The Secrets In Plain Sight!

Reviews For The Secrets In Plain Sight!


By Cbarrs
I thoroughly enjoy my weekly time listening to this podcast. I specifically enjoy the premise that spirituality is spirituality no matter who you call God, Goddess, father or mother! Keep it up!
Too political!
Aidan Odinson walks the tight rope between giving offense and leaving people stuck in spiritually-stagnant "comfort zones," and he does it quite well! Insightful, witty, and family-friendly, if this isn't on your Pagan podcast subscription list, it should be. I only regret that I cannot give it a sixth star!
Aiden's podcast was among the first I found when I began to explore the pagan paths over 2 years ago. I've listened to almost every episode and keep up weekly. Even if you aren't Pagan, this podcast is thought provoking and easy to listen to. I really enjoy it and hope he continues the show for many many more episodes.
I just started listening to Aidan within the past month. This podcast is deep and informative. Aidan talks to the listener in a way that is truly welcoming and non-threatening. The information is given in less than 30 minutes and the listener is left hungry for more. I am glad I have nearly 3 years of shows to catch up on.
This show hits the nail on the head. Aidan gives it to you straight--he pulls no punches and he is dead on with his insight to current events in daily life. He will teach and stop an make you think--He is a great teacher!! Great show!!!
From what I have heard so far, he doesnt make you feel stupid, he makes you WANT to listen to him. He talks to you, not at you. He doesn't talk monotome like some I have heard, but with emotion. I would highly recommend.
Aidan really delivers it. I am new to the path, and it feels as though Aidan is delivering it exactly as I need it. There is no bias here either. Aidan covers all bases. Aidan is an excellent priest and an excellent teacher. This is a very wise man. I suggest this podcast to anyone, Wiccan, Christian, Muslim, all folks from all religious walks of life.