Reviews For Singularity

This espionage story is a lot of fun. And I'm sure it would have been Stephen Hawking's favorite spy novel. And you can tell how central the physics is to the story by the fact that, if I told you any more about the physics, it would be a spoiler!
Listen and you will not want it to end.
Thanx I really enjoyed this book please give us more
Well worth the time to listen. I'm looking forward to more by this author.
Sci-fi meets James Bond type of adventure. Great listen. Loved the prologue.
This book is somewhat unique in the sci-fi genre in that the "sci" part is realistic and believable. Overall though the story is just so-so. It's not bad, but nothing that will keep you up all night either. The ending was predictable, but still turned out good. The reader has a very droning, monotone voice which doesn't help either...a more dynamic reader could have done a lot for this story.
this is a great book. the author makes everything so the listener can understand what is going on.I look foward to dualism the sequal to this book
Bill's book and voice are great to listen to. I discovered this podcast when searching for a free science fiction podcast for a car trip. This is now part of my collection. My only issue is that the music at the start and finish of each podcast is louder than Bill's spoken voice.
I enjoyed every minute of this book.
This is one if the best science fiction novels I've ever read (listened too). Wonderful combination of well developed characters and legitimate science. A pure joy. I can't wait for the next novel. Thank you for putting in all the hard work.
This book is boring through and through, Bills voice will make you fall asleep and the story is uninteresting. I dont think I could grasp what was going on in the story at any one time. The only thing this audiobook is good for is to help you fall asleep at night. Trust me none of the other reviewers no what they are talking about, except for the ones that agree with me.
id recommend this in a heart beat, the author reads and writes amazingly. after reading his bio im really impressed by this guy. This story has such a good balance to it. As posted before it will keep you up late! get it get it get it!! thats all ill say i cant do it much more justice than what others have written! maybe you can though. so suscribe, listen, and post your opinon.


By Slamo75
Bill delivers one of the most well written sci fi podcasts I've ever listened to. There is so much accurate science behind the story that you can really believe some of the more far fetched ideas. Bill has a great way of developing the characters so you can really identify with all of them. Well done without all the sounds effects and music that can become distracting in a lot of other podcasts.
I love the science: the story about the Texan is exciting. The other two threads are a bit boring and I have to admit I stopped listening at chapter 15 -- fully intending to finish it later. The narrator (and writer) is a bit monotone and it's hard to follow at times. It's good enough that I'll finish it eventually.
Best Podiobook I have listened to so far.
I am a scifi / fantasy freak since childhood. I love this book so far and I've only heard 3 episodes. His writing style feels polished and his descriptive style is wonderful. Many of the podiobooks are fun but they aren't all as well written as this. Thanks to the author for a great story!!!!! I am hooked!
I am 8 chapters into the book so far and I have to say it has been exciting. If I did it again, I'd skip the prologue because I don't like to know where the author is going, I like to be surprised, but the prologue gives away the entire direction of the book (the write-up probably does too, I don't read write-ups). The plot is slowing down a bit, but sounds like its about to pick up again. I'll stick with it. I enjoyed learning how stars and black holes are made, a good bit of science, but not too much. One of my favorite aspects is the reader. He has a way of making each character unique. Before the text reveals the character, I already have identified him through the reader, and not because it's cheesy, but because it's well acted. If I release a book, I'll find the guy and persuade him to read mine too. :)
This is an excellent espionage thriller cleverly disguised as Sci-Fi. It is a realistic view of the ongoing cold war that captures the imagination and keeps the reader hook to the end. Also, his Russian accent is a spot on match. It's a wonder that it doesn't have more readers.
overall i liked the book though the reader's voice is too soft and monotone at first and it makes it hard to get into especially at the beginning when the story is kind of slow
But by the middle I was riveted! A wild ride in physics and SF, and even a bit of romance, so rare in hard sci fi!
Ever have that college art history proff that just drones on and on? That's how this is. Seemed like it would be a cool story, but this was classic monotone, "Ben Stein a la Ferris Bueller's Day Off" style of reading.
I've listened to several podiobooks, and this is the best by far! Extremely interesting, it kept me wishing I could listen to it at all times. A wonderful story, and well read, without all of the annoying "special effects" that other stories have. Enjoy!
Any fan of heart-pounding action, cutting-edge science and a well-crafted story should not miss Singularity! The prolouge is a little dry, but give it a chance, once it picks up steam, it never stops. Without a doubt, one of the best sci-fi books I've ever listened to.
A fantastic blend of science fiction, science fact (very well explained in laymen's terms) and intrigue. Strong characters and an engaging plot. Plenty of cliff hangers and surprises to keep you listening late into the night!
This book does a great job of backing up a fantastic story with what I can only assume is really good scientific information. DeSmedt does a recites the narrative with a calm dignified voice that I really enjoy, and he has one of the best Russian accents I've heard. He also doesn't make the mistake of trying to affect a female voice like some other authors do. I found this to be an altogether great listen, although you'l be hard-presed not to just listen to all fifty chapters in one sitting. Thanks, podiobooks.
Singularity to this date has been a excellent story and well produced podcast. The voices he uses are quite good, and I am enjoying the plot. Plus there is a quantum mechanical fireside chat and who doesn't love those. Its well worth the subscription. I'm hooked.