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I listen to many, many podcasts but this is truly now my favorite. I’m caught up after binging for days!!! Brett and Alice are amazing and bring a fresh outlook to many of the cases I’ve listened to before. 5 Stars
My new favorite true crime podcast! Brett and Alice always knock it out of the park!!


I started listening to this podcast from a recommendation from Big Mad True Crime podcast. Love this podcast. I love all the legal talk. I feel so educated after each episode. Love the hosts, love the laughing, love the discussion! Great, Wonderful, Amazing podcast!
I was looking forward to a show with prosecutors being able to analyze cases in a way that included at least SOME self awareness, or ability to criticize prosecutorial misconduct, or faults within the prosecutorial role. But… NOPE. Right off the bat, they pitch themselves, and prosecutors as a whole, as the people who “always wear the white hat” and explain that it’s *prosecutors* who decide whether or not someone is innocent or guilty before charging. NO!! Prosecutors bring charges based on their *belief* of guilt, they do not *decide* on guilt. The court does that. They THEN go on to talk about how there are some cases in which there is no evidence, despite “everyone” (especially prosecutors) knowing that the person is guilty - which, yes, happens, but they rattle off examples that are famously the exact opposite of this. They mention cases that came under scrutiny precisely because of police and prosecutorial misconduct, yet they’re talking about them as if the issue is that these victims of prosecutors’ bad actions are actually DEFINITELY guilty but the weakness falls in their inability to prove it. No. The issue is that police and prosecutors got the courts to find people guilty based on false or misleading “evidence”, which people have caught onto. I think prosecutors play an incredibly important role in our legal system. But the position is so easily open to abuse, we need *good* prosecutors who are willing to be self critical and open to acknowledge wrong-doing, or fault. We don’t need more prosecutors who are so convinced of their own importance and infallibility that they’re willing to hide mistakes, deny wrongdoing or mismanagement, and even knowingly break or “bend” the law, because they’re so convinced of their own opinion being the only important “facts” to a case. We need better prosecutors represented in media, including podcasts, to model the responsibilities the role entails - not mediocre ones trying to convince the public that their shady practices and perspectives are not only forgivable, but absolutely commendable and worthy of admiration. Gross.
A really compelling podcast, always. One nit to pick: when Bret says he’s joined “with” Alice. It should be joined “by” Alice.
Why would you need another true crime podcast rehashing the same facts of familiar cases? You don’t. And you won’t find that here. The Prosecutors bring an in-depth analysis and legal expertise to many of the cases you’re familiar with. Even when it comes to cases I’ve seen in documentaries and on other podcasts, they bring to light information and perspectives I hadn’t heard before. Give it a shot. Even if you disagree with some of their conclusions, as I did on my first episode, you’ll soon be bingeing the backlog.
I’m a prosecutor and I love this show! I feel like I’m in a conversation with coworkers talking about interesting cases. I started with the Scott Peterson episodes recommended on Facebook and now I can’t get enough. Highly recommend if you want to know more about the legal goings-on behind the scenes of the most talked about true crime cases.
Love these two. As a lawyer, enjoy their perspective as prosecutors. Brings a fresh and engaging view to true crime. Very respectful as well. Alice and Brett rock.
I started listening to The Prosecutors because it was highly recommended by Heather Ashley from BMTC- I LOVE THIS PODCAST! I love listening to their perspective and I truly feel like I’ve learned a lot since I started listening. They do a great job of cohosting compared to other true crime podcasts. It’s easy to listen to while I’m at work, which can’t be said about some of my other favorites. Highly, highly recommend.
I’m very impressed. You are both very likable and professional. I found you by way of searching for Brandon Lawson updates and you did a great job. You hit every point although I swear I hear a guy in the background going “yea” when asked do they need an ambulance and right after Brandon says “no I need the cops. I think he met up with someone and went to score. It went bad and they were chased. They were scared off when they saw headlights but came back later to finish the job, although if it was that grave of a situation Brandon would have revealed himself to his brother and the cop?? Anyway, awesome job. You guys are easy on the ears
It’s so interesting to hear more about the legal system and how it is involved in these cases I’ve heard so much about before. I’ve loved receiving more information because it shapes my own theories of what happened in certain cases, and I appreciate that the information is generally unbiased— or at least there are multiple points of view given. Thank you for what you’re doing!
Love this podcast, it’s like hanging out and having a drink with the intelligent and cool friends I wish I had. Appreciate your legal perspective and have learned a lot about the law from listening. Keep up the great content.
I really like Alice and Brett. They work hard to keep it simple yet technical at the same time. I totally agree with their Occam's Razor approach to cases. A great listen for any true crime aficionado.
Love this podcast. I’m learning a lot about our legal system and it’s nice to see these cases from a different perspective. You guys give lawyers a good name. Thanks for doing this.
l love you two! I especially love when you step outside of the crime box! The Bill Cosby episode! Sometimes you don’t understand the news! Thanks so much
I had high hopes and was excited to hear them credit themselves but I had to stop half way into the first episode when they ignorantly and incorrectly spouted “facts” about COVID while BLATANTLY ADMITTING THEY WERE NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING YET STILL GOT TOGETHER! These idiots are part of the reason we are still a pandemic. Lost all credibility once I heard them say they “decided they didn’t have it”- unbelievable.


So glad I found you guys. Avid true crime podcast listener. I love this perspective of the prosecutors. The Maura Murray theory absolutely blew my mind! I 💯 agree, I had never heard about the hit and run at UMass, but it answers so many questions! It’s the first theory that makes sense fully. I’m a UMass Amherst Alumni (slightly older than Maura), but have followed her case over the years, this theory connected so many dots for me. Also, loved the Peterson coverage, but disagreed a lot with speculation in the episodes, but it was great to hear your perspective! Can’t wait to continue to binge! As a Mass native, I love the southern accent! 🙃
I love True Crime, but as a lawyer I’m often disappointed by podcasts that don’t understand the criminal legal system. Alice and Brett do not disappoint. Their podcast combines exceptional storytelling with objective legal analysis, accessible to all audiences. They tell you if something is an opinion, provide all sides to a case, and don’t let their personal views permeate the storyline. I don’t know how they are putting out such a wonderful podcast while focusing on full-time legal careers and growing families, but they’ve rekindled my own interest in law after a struggle with career burnout. I’ve signed up to their Patreon in thanks, because the podcast is that good.
I have listened to just about 5 episodes, but I am really enjoying the expert analysis from a humble perspective. It’s a great way to keep myself thinking critically while taking a study break from law school. It’s more engaging than the typical true crime podcast but still light hearted. I am so glad I found this show!
I truly love everything about this podcast. The topics are interesting, the topics are very well researched, both of the hosts have a soothing voice if you like to listen at bedtime. I was super happy that I came across it and it’s been one of my go to podcasts ever since, I’m always checking back daily to see if anything new is posted lol. Thank you guys for putting in the time to create this awesome podcast! I liked it so much that I reminded myself to come here and post a review.
Revising my previous five star review. The true crime content is interesting. Unfortunately the subject matter is now squeezed in between commercials and efforts to sell t-shirts. Glad they can monetize the podcast but they are greedy. Moving on….
I love Brett & Alice. So authentic & just amazing people with a heartwarming friendship. Also, they are the smartest people I’ve ever heard on a true crime podcast. I’m not usually that into the legal side of things, but I am now after listening to them on this podcast! They bring so many new perspectives on cases I thought I new inside and out. They explain the legal side of things in a way that anyone can understand. I’m still catching up on earlier episodes, but I listen any chance I get!
I am a frequent true crime podcast listener and this is one of my favorites. Brett and Alice are awesome hosts. Their presentations are well-organized, thorough, and entertaining. Their expertise as practicing attorneys provides an insight into the cases like no other podcast. Even the music is memorable. I look forward to new episodes each week!
The hosts are the most articulate and educated of all true crime podcasts out there. They put all the other tc podcasts to shame.
I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this one has become my new #1 favorite. They bring a new perspective to cases and the fact that they have actual knowledge about the legal system makes their takes so much more detailed and nuanced. I learn something new every episode. I also really enjoy the friendship chemistry of the two hosts and listening to their banter at the beginning. Keep up the good work!
This is among the very best true crime podcasts.
Great podcast! Getting the legal perspective on many well known cases is interesting and different from the many true crime podcasts. The rapport and discussion tone between Brett and Alice is very enjoyable to listen to.
I came upon the Prosecutors after seeing a mention of it in a subreddit for one of the crimes they covered. The case was Delphi, and I listen to almost everything about that case. Brett and his *insert adjective* cohost, Alice, structure their podcast in a way that is different than others I’ve listened to, which I love. Most cases have multiple episodes. I didn’t realize how much information I was missing one one off episodes by other podcasts until now. The thoroughness of the research as well as them being realistic about evidence and theories led me to listen to more episodes on their podcast and I was quickly hooked. I’m about halfway through what they have, and I’m slowly going through them because I rue the day I run out of episodes and have to begin waiting weekly. Also, I specifically want to point out I very much appreciate the amount of enjoyment Brett and Alice got out of the “who” pun in the Michael Peterson series. Happy to say this is my new favorite podcast and I look forward to listening to more episodes!!
Love this podcast! I countdown the days until Tuesday.
This podcast has quickly become one of my new(er) favorites, I was an avid listener after their Delphi commentary. Hosts Brett & Alice are totally impartial & well educated on every topic they discuss & offer nuanced analyses. Huge fan!!
I signed up for an Apple ID just to leave a review. Alice and Brett are seriously the best! I love Brett's southern drawl and I can just tell he cross examines like a boss. Their banter is fun and I enjoy hearing the legalities of each case they cover. By far one of my favorite podcasts. P.S. I love all the adjectives used to describe Alice- she is amazing!
You are my faves!!! I love you both so much. If I may, a request: an episode on the legal issues detailed in verse 2 of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” My life would be complete. xoxo
I found The Prosecutors through Bug Mad True Crime, and have been binging ever since! I LOVE Brett (Breast) and the Illustrious Alice! I wish more podcasts hosts had their outlook on other people’s opinions. So many of them start off great - personality, chit chat, humor - THEN, all the Patricias and Karen’s complain and they become robots. NEVER DO THIS BRETT AND ALICE!! I got my #TeamOwl shirt yesterday and had to painstakingly explain it to my son and husband 😂😂.
It’s not a good podcast, not a bad podcast, nor is it a podcast that is just right. Instead it’s a podcast that just... is. Each episode leaves me whelmed with anticipation for the next. Overall, I do not like or dislike this podcast; but I do acknowledge its existence. 2.5/5 stars
I stumbled across this podcast based on a recommendation from another podcast. To say I am obsessed would be an understatement. I like to think I am a connoisseur of True Crime podcasts, so I can be picky. But from the moment I began listening, I was hooked. The Prosecutors provide the in-depth insight necessary to understand why certain charges are filed, why am investigation is done a certain why and why the evidence is presented the way it is in trial. I think most people outside of the criminal justice system do not truly understand the ins and outs, and Brett and Alice do a masterful job of explaining them. Also, I greatly appreciate their banter and case presentation - they make a great team and quite frankly, I imagine are both likely powerhouses in the courtroom.
This charming pair brings an unusual perspective to the stories and cases they cover. They use their acute minds and well-developed logical skills to deduce the likely truth. This seems to bother people who aren’t as adept at logic, which the hosts don’t care about, refreshingly.
I am a true crime podcast fanatic and this one is one of the best. I don’t know how anyone could rate them poorly, honestly. Both hosts are very informed and give interesting opinions based on their experience and cover all of the facts unlike many other podcasts that are nothing but banter and opinions. But the hosts are also very friendly and relatable. Anyway, I’m a huge fan and I can’t wait to binge on more episodes :) Don’t let those 1 star reviews bring you down… they are prob from competing podcasters lol.
First things first, you can skip the first ten minutes of each broadcast. It is nauseating banter and flirtations that are irritating. These two guys are pretty high on themselves. Bret has good insight when he stays on task. Alice provides little. The last ten minutes is also unnecessary as for some reason they play outtakes from the recording. Would like these two to be more focused, because they do have insight that few podcasters have.
Originally 1 star: I found this podcast extremely boring and uninformative. Too many instances of “this is how *I* would react to this” instead of focusing on facts. Very judgy and slow moving. Pass. Updated After several more episodes: i like to be fair so I listened again months later. I still think it’s more about what the hosts think than what actually goes on. That’s okay if its supposed to be an interpretive presentation by experts. But while these may be experts in their profession, this does not automatically make them professional presenters. They get off on tangents, resulting in repetition when they finally get back to the point and spend too much time and emphasis on their personal friendship. I tried. Still one star.
Cuts through the minutiae and focuses on the facts. Love Brett’s smooth voice and Alice’s laugh. It’s a fresh breath of air in the TC community.
Read about this podcast on Reddit a few weeks ago and am now hooked. I love the fact based analysis of each case. They don’t have have a bias towards the outcome and focus on a common sense approach. Their legal backgrounds help to provide insights and an understanding on why the police and legal system handle things the way they do.
This podcast is absolutely wonderful! Alice and Brett do such a great job breaking down cases with a logical and refreshing perspective. Their research is so good, I read and listen to a lot of true crime media and their episodes always introduce new information I have never encountered before. I always walk away amazed and satisfied with their conclusions. I cannot recommend them enough!
I was struggling to find a new podcast recently and another podcast I listen to recommended The Prosecutors. I can honestly say that I absolutely enjoy listening to Brett and Alice. They have gotten me to look at some cases in a completely different light. I was tempted to skip some episodes that I have heard countless other times on different podcasts, but I am really glad I didn’t. They challenge you to look at these cases logically and many times have so much more information than was provided in other podcasts that covered the same story. I look forward to each episode I download! And to top it off, I love their personalities and banter back and forth!
This is absolutely my new favorite podcast. You know how sometimes you love a podcast content but the podcaster’s voice just won’t let you enjoy it? I love how soothing Alice’s voice is. Brett is so great at answering a question or clarifying a point just as soon as you ask it in your head. Excellent host dynamic and great content…it doesn’t get any better than this show!
Alice and Brett are genuine, intelligent hosts who care about the quality of the content they produce. The Prosecutors Podcast has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, and I find myself always looking forward to their next episode. I even replay older episodes at times, which I don’t typically do with podcasts. The humility conveyed by Alice and Brett is refreshing, and we could use more hosts like them. Thank you to Alice, Brett, and their families for allowing this podcast to enter our homes each week. You guys rock. Be well, and God bless.
Look forward every week to a new episode. My daughter hums the theme music constantly 😂 Very educated and entertaining breakdowns