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I really like this podcast! but it seems to vanish after 9/25/07! where did you guys go? i hope that you continue the podcast though... especially with the movie out and everything!
Like the name.... I am addicted to Stargate... the podcast is very nice. Not as official or professional as others, but I like the whole "teenage girl hyperness" ya got goin' on 'cause I can relate to that. lol. definitely edit the sound some, and don't speak into the microphone closely.
Great podcast you guys got going here. It's rare for girls to be into Sci-Fi or anything really "fanboyish," so it's great what you guys are doing. Keep it up


okay, the podcast is cool but the sound kind of blows. overall, cool podcast, crappy sound.


By Tlbanks
I like your podcast, it's interesting. I liked the summary of the episode but I think you might want to shorten it a bit. I wanna hear some more about the third series that they are planning on adding, l also saw a bit about the movie that they are planning. Overall it's pretty cool I look forward to hearing more!