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After watching the first episode. I played TLOU Part 1, I saw this in the extras and had to find it immediately. I have absolutely loved listening to this podcast. I will say DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAMES. I have also finished Part II. Hearing the people involved with the games talking about them and diving into the story has just been amazing. This story is one of my favorites now. I can’t wait for their after season 1 discussion which I would love several episodes of talking about changes and etc. This podcast a love letter to the fans of TLOU😻😻😻
Ill pretty much do anything for TLOU content and this is the pinnacle. I love the deep dove through the story of the first game. I would’ve loved more episodes about the second game but I know there was a pandemic 🙄 Talking to Neil and the other creators was such a fantastic look at the games. I would die for Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker. Patiently waiting for the TV show, hopefully it does this master piece justice.
I love this podcast so much. I love the way we had access to details of the story of The Last of Us and how it was made and the difficulties all the people working on the project had to go through to make it the game it is today. The Last of Us is truly an amazing game which deserves to be in history books.
Amazing podcast, loved listening to how the games were made. Can’t wait for Part III!
As someone who loved the game inside and out. This was flawless!!!!
I’m 42 yrs old and really haven’t played video games in honestly 20 yrs since collage. My son is ten and has had a rough pandemic in a few different ways unfortunately so as a much needed pick me up for him and myself (and our daughter) I spent a month tracking down a PS5 and it was a great surprise for them and for me as well. Being a big scifi, fantasy, graphic novel movie nerd that I am I just had to see what all the fuss is about for The Last of Us since I heard friends, acquaintances and coworkers etc. talking about this game and how it is so great and unique. Wow. They all were right about everything. This is hands down the best and most engaging, entertaining and emotional not just gaming but storytelling experience I’ve ever had. The storylines, twists and the characters (you will learn to care for- sounds crazy but is so true) are what make this game or story experience top notch. My wife is an English teacher (and hates video games) but was very taken back and intrigued by the characters and story the little she watched me play. It recently just took me a month to complete both games and late one night (work night that is) after I finished playing part 2 I set the controller down and I sat for 30mins silently alone with one of our cats in the man cave and just thought about the whole experience and the three+ (plus Lev) main characters’ plights and what it all means. Very deep, compelling, thoughtful and conversation provoking experience that can apply to our all our lives in numerous ways coincidentally from the past two years of Covid . I immediately looked up if there was a podcast about The Last of Us since I didn’t want this experience to end and wanted to discuss and think about it more… And this definitely was the ticket! I can’t stop thinking about all facets of this game and the podcasts takes you there and back again! Loved it. This is one of the best podcasts in terms of overall quality, sound, hosts, all major voice actors are included (even Lev! Yes!) special guests ( l love the new Candyman by Nia DeCosta and her episode was great ) , material, perspectives and overall experience of this podcast is just great. I’m motivated to play this game again soon (and am more than excited to share the experience with my son when he thinks he’s ready). Thank you for creating this podcast. Mike (MN)
I’m sobbing as I just finished this podcast. An absolute masterpiece, so perfectly reminds you of the moments in the game that really made you feel. Made you rethink what love and grief and trauma and humanity and life even mean, in the best ways. It highlights so many wonderful moments throughout the games, with insight from the creators/actors/team that worked on them. Outstanding, will 100% revisit down the road. Thank you for making such magnificent TLOU content. If I could give 1000 stars I would.
Really great deep dive into one of my favorite series of all time! It was awesome hearing the cast and crew talk about their experiences as well as the actual story itself. Makes me want to turn on the PlayStation and slide the discs in again for the 5th time. I love The Last of Us 1 and 2, and this podcast made me love them even more! Endure and Survive!
Ever since playing the game, I haven’t been able to get the story out of my head. This podcast was a wonderful way to expand on my understanding of the characters and to further explore the themes of the game. Highly recommended for folks who want to explore more!
It was great listening to everyone that worked on this game and get more insight on the characters and the world itself! Highly recommended!
Incredible podcast, I’ve listened through at least 5 times now and I still love it. A wonderful and insightful telling of the story, as well as a deep dive into the creative process for both games, which was fascinating. Thank you Neil and the whole team for this amazing game and series!
I couldn’t recommend this podcast enough for Last of Us fans, it left me wanting more! Really cool to listen to insight from the writers and actors. 10/10
This podcast is incredible! Such great insight and great interviews from so many creators and writers of the Last of Us 🤘🏽
Absolutely loved the podcast. Gave me so much more information about the game and allowed me to view certain things that happened in the game from a different perspective.
A fitting and informative look behind the curtain of the greatest story ever told. If you love The Last of Us, this podcast is for you.
This was such a special treat for a mega fan of the game. Prompted a second playthrough of LOU2 almost immediately.
If your a fan or someone on the fence you MUST listen to this. Absolutely fantastic to hear from the people who made this masterpiece and the host is wonderful! Please listen to this and let them explain why they did what they did on there way to creating one of the most controversial masterpieces ever! Well done!
I’m one of those freaks who finds the making of/behind the scenes of any piece of art more intriguing than the art itself. The Last of Us, both parts, are absolutely beautiful. Far beyond its magnificence at face value, though, are deeply thought-provoking experiences (particularly in the narrative of part 2). I thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear the insight from its creators and contributors.
Just played through the first game for the 8th time, and am a huge fan of the series! This podcast is great because instead of listening to all the hate online you can hear the cast and crew talk about the game from their point of view. All of them are really talented and I hope they do a good job on the last of us 3 which I hope will come out fairly soon because I can’t wait to play a new game. Don’t cite me on this, I’m looking at you, “leakers”.
I absolutely loved this podcast. The production, the SFX from the game, the in-depth interviews and analyses, and the fantastic job Spicer has done hosting. Totally superb. I have had so many thoughts after finishing the game (twice now), and this has been the best way for me to get the answers I wanted. A necessary companion to the The Last of Us Part 2.
This high-quality podcast offers and incredible insight in the story and development of the last of us series. You hear several incredible details that may have otherwise been overlooked by the players. Hearing from Neil and the voice actors offered insight I would’ve otherwise never known. Highly recommended to everyone.
Such a beautiful in-depth look at the various themes and story arcs of the game as a whole. I often caught myself saying “yes, I felt that too!” whenever Ashleigh or Neil or Troy were recounting a feeling they had. This podcast made me tear up all over again, as if I didn’t enough already during the game. Bravo.
This podcast really opens your eyes about a lot of the themes the game presents and I love hearing the perspective of the cast and creators of the game. Just an overall well done podcast
If this podcast doesn’t open up your eyes and heart about Part II I don’t know what will.
It’s an incredibly granular and in-depth look at these fantastic pieces of art. Gave me a much greater appreciation for the medium and how much work goes into each facet of creating one. It basically functions as a director’s commentary for the Last of Us Part 1 & 2. Speaking of which, I really wish they had that. Worth your time if you love these games as much as I do!
This podcast made me love the game more than I originally loved it, thank you for this
First and foremost this podcast is pure *chef’s kiss* magnific. This is a immersive telling of the last of us. We get a beautiful perspective on the minds of all the characters as told by their actors. At first I was with the mob about hating Abby until I listened to this podcast and I gain a better understanding of the story. Lastly, if you hate this entry of the last of us you are clearly a child that shouldn’t be playing this game anyway.
It was wonderful to hear the perspectives of the actors that lived these characters. Their thoughts and interpretations of the meaning of the overall game and the actions taken by the characters gave me more insight into the game. I need to play it again after this!!
This podcast gave me a completely new perspective of the games, creators and the cast. People keep cutting onions around me when I listen to this podcast. Love, relationships, revenge and absolution is the main theme. The franchise is a technical and storytelling masterpiece. This podcast is a worthy side car for it.
I played part one and two simultaneously over the past couple months and to find this podcast helped tie everything together. I loved the different guests and their personal interpretations of what went down. Also Hey “Patterson” (Ashley Johnson) lol. I’m praying there’s a part 3
I loved all of TLOF games and this podcast allowed me to enjoy the absolute depths of the games. It made me more deeply appreciate the making of the game and the efforts that went into storytelling, as well as the incredible literary analysis of the characters and story arc. I was moved by the conversations and messages that these games sought to convey. Well done.
This podcast was beautiful! I enjoyed second, thank you guys for putting this out.
I was on the ps menu and saw that there was a podcast from the overview on tlou2 and I’m SO HAPPY I SAW IT, I LOVE this podcast!
It was really kinda interesting to see the thoughts behind this and the last game. Truly amazing actors and developers this game deserves the Game of The Year award for sure
wish a lot more games would have content like this that is designed to be consumed after beating the game. thanks playstation.
I have been taking up for this amazing series DESPITE not even playing Part II. I wish so many that immediately cast the game as a failure would put themselves in... HER shoes. It's very well designed and thought out. Amazing work by everyone involved. 🙂
I’ve listened to all episodes. I probably will listen to them over again. This was a top tier podcast about a top tier franchise that is the last of us. Amazing job. And absolutely loved listening to the people that were a part of the franchise.
This is a great little series and I could listen to everyone involved talk about the creation, struggles, experiences, motivations, etc. of the characters all day long.
That was so wonderfully wonderful. Great insight and views I hadn’t thought of myself. Now I can look at these masterpieces with open eyes.
I sat down each week while I ate my lunch and listened to the podcast, it really puts things into perspective as to why Neil decided to execute certain decisions and how things came together for TLOU Pt. II; especially getting to hear Ashley Johnson & Troy Baker deep dive into an emotional rollercoaster about how they felt throughout the process was truly beautiful. The additional sound effects and music really set an ambiance for me and allowed my memory to trigger flashbacks 7 years ago to when I first played TLOU. I love this franchise and everything surrounding it, I know many hated TLOU II and it had mixed reactions but this podcast puts SO many things into perspective that the day I finished it I bawled my eyes out getting to understand the true purpose of context and points of view. Really in-depth and insightful, definitely give it a listen, I think it expands on the game and answers questions that some had regarding choices that Neil took. Just as anybody else, I didn’t like the choices that were seen in the leaks and it made me skeptical going into the game (I bought the collector’s edition), but with this podcast on top of that it really fleshes out the context necessary to understand what drove the story forward. It left me with me so much left to interpret but it also made me equally respect TLOU 1 & 2, it completely also changed my perspective in life and how I should be more understanding and thoughtful of decisions people take. Thank you to everyone who worked in this project and I hope maybe more episodes are released in the future! I had so many mixed emotions while playing part II but once you see it for what it is and understand it’s intention, you will view the game in a whole different light and appreciate it a lot more.
Such a great podcast. I loved all of the insight that came with it. You asked the right questions and gave so many of us fans a space to really unwind and dive deep into this incredible story.


By grey603
It’s a perfect way to do a podcast about these perfect two games. Insightful and thoughtful.
I loved it just like the game itself But we need more podcasts
THANK YOU. Cannot be stressed enough how thankful many many many of us are for these two incredible games & characters you all created.
Nothing against the podcast or it’s quality. But it hurts to hear the hollow reasoning that motivated this failed storytelling experiment on a beloved story.
TLOU is such a special story and world. This whole podcast series is something I wish more games would do. I hadn’t listened to Christian host before, but he does a fantastic job digging into the story with the creative team behind these wonderful experiences. Thanks to all involved in creating this from Christian to the crew!
This podcast is produced so well. The production has amazing sound clips, music and sound effects all put together that match the stunning quality of the Last of Us games by Naughty Dog. The host asks great questions, and the interviews are full of interesting stories and perspectives. I can't recommend this podcast enough, the episodes are perfect in length and you get to hear from all the Naughty Dog legends that you could want. I personally want to thank Neil Druckman for his love of story telling. Just listening to that man talk and all the storytelling principles that he references blows me away. Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker and Laura Bailey are Absolutley Amazing!


This game means so much to me in my life. As a gamer, it shows the passion in what good story telling can feel like. As a musician, I thank Gustavo for making such beautiful music for this game. I will continue to play his music in his honor and re-live the moments in both video games. I had played The Last Of Us back when it came out on ps3 and I knew from that time that this game, in my eyes, was the best ever story driven campaign game ever. I fell in love with the characters, the mood, the gameplay, the story. I loved it all. And I had (of course) gotten The Last Of Us Remastered for PS4. And again, I fell in love all over again. To me these games make it relatable to the people who are playing these games. We’re all human living and doing what we think is right in our minds. Filled with emotions and obsessions and goals in life. Then some time had went by and the Trailer for The Last Of Us Part II had came out. I had seen it and got mixed emotions. I felt excited to see Ellie again, Joel. The song “Though The Valley” stuck with me for months. I knew that I didn’t want any spoilers or anything that would tell me about the game before I had experienced it for myself first. I wanted to go into the game with what I knew and what I had experienced beforehand. At all costs I dodged social media and anything that would have to relate to The Last Of Us Part II. Months before the game was finally released I had been looking for a new tattoo that I wanted to get. I remembered seeing that tattoo from Ellie and I searched everywhere to find the right design and set out to get it as well. So months before the game ever came out, I had found the design and I got it placed as best as I could see. I had finally got the tattoo. Not knowing what it meant, not knowing what it symbolized. But I knew that no matter what, I was such a fan and already from the first game, I had loved it so much and I knew that this game and the last game will always be with me in my life till the day that I die. Just like a Tattoo will. So fast forward to the game coming out. I had avoided everything. I got the game. I had locked myself into this game. And I completed it within 3 days of release. Oh my god. I had no clue. No thought in my mind on how much this game would impact my life. I cried as a man who loves Joel. I cried as a man who loves Ellie. I cried at the amount of Love they express and show in this game. I cried so much.. and when I had gotten to the part of playing as Abby. I hated it. I couldn’t get away from not playing her and I knew exactly what the story was wanting me to do. To see a different perspective on the whole situation. I had known what the Writers and Directors were doing. I refused to see this other side. I had rushed most of Abby’s story and I overlooked so much detail in the game during her play through for the first time I played the game. I Did Not want to see the other side. I had so much Hate. So so much Hate for Abby. At the time it never dawned upon me that I was filled with such Rage and Hate. I continued on at the pace the game would allow and finally got to the moment of the fight between Ellie and Abby in the Theatre. It destroyed me. I was playing as Abby, Someone I hated. I was fighting Ellie, Someone I had Loved. I did not want to fight. I didn’t know what would happen if I had won as Abby. What unfolds in the ending of the fight at the theatre gives me relief that Ellie and Dina live but it’s so torn apart that again I cried. When it switches to the farm and everything seems okay. I’m on edge that yes everything it okay. But Abby never slipped my mind. That vengeance was still in me to complete the job or seek out what Ellie and I had wanted, Revenge. We learn that Tommy shows her the way and we’re off to Cali.( I know I’m skipping over a bit but). Finally I get to the beach and find Abby. Untie her and at that moment all the Rage and Sadness had risen back up again in me. We fight and I am so ready to finally get this vengeance. Ellie is drowning Abby and then... the small flash back to Joel happens. It all of a sudden. Clear a my mind of what I see happening right before me. And I wanted to stop...... Ellie stops.... and let’s Abby go. I had personally stopped the game after that scene cut to black and I Cried. I cried and I cried so much.... Ellie goes back to the farm and I as a player am just destroyed. She finds Joel’s guitar and the sequence to play the guitar pops up and I start strumming only to realize that she... she can’t play his song... god this game... it tears me apart. As a musician I can feel that. As someone who loves. As a human. As Someone. She puts it down and walks away. Where? I don’t know. The ending music starts and cuts to black. Roll credits. And I’m left feeling...... nothing. For the coming days, weeks after completing the game. I was left without words. I knew I was in a sense of a feeling. I just didn’t know what. As time went on I kept on asking myself these questions. I wanted answers. I had searched for answers and more details and more information about the and what it means the most. I had became obsessed with finding out more. It could be anything! I knew I just wanted to know! I found talks and discussions. Neil Druckmann talking about the game and his visions had not.. put me as ease but gave me an enlightened feeling to what I was seeking out and finding the true meaning or explanation. This podcast beautifully captures that. To anyone who wants to learn more and hear about this video game, more than what you see in the video game. These podcasts capture the answers and different perspectives on what this game means. It’s purpose. I have personally been left feeling nothing after I had finished the game. But hearing these discussions, it has shown me a different perspective on what other people can see, feel, love or hate. I’ve changed. And I cannot say thank you to everyone involved ever. Thank You..