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Reviews For As It Happens from CBC Radio

As It Happens explores the world with empathy and a clear eye.
Best newscast anywhere. NPR listeners will love this show.
Fun, serious, frivolous, important. A daily look at the day’s news. Radio that’s an apple podcast a day, and also probably android. You should listen.
Good selection of worthwhile stories. Only caveat: the formerly hard-boiled host has decided (or been told) to lead with her soft side. Result: emotional correctness run amok. That should not be hard to correct: just a teensy bit of emotional discipline would make the reporting more appealing.
Good reporting, charismatic hosts, and a catchy theme song.
As a US Citizen, I enjoy hearing what is going on with our northern neighbors. Unfortunately, we seldom get much coverage of issues in Canada in the major US News Services. Further, it also provides a regular glimpse into how the US is viewed internationally and how we occasionally impact Canada. Great reporters providing insight on many interesting topics!
Rate of speaking way too fast. I find it hard to grasp. I used to listen daily but no longer as I intensely dislike the speeding up of my psyche that the rate of announcer’s speech is causing leaving me uncomfortable as well as upset.
These days the news is Trump heavy and makes me Trump weary. But this is different. It’s not all about Nazi Don!! The interviews are in depth and offer personal insights into the interviewees. I love how they say goodbye to the person and thanks them. So polite, these Canadians, ay??
I no longer listen to podcast on Apple but I love this one so much I came back here to write this review! It is that great!
This has been my favorite podcast for as long as they have been doing it. My schedule doesn't permit me to listen to the broadcast on my public radio station but every weekend I look forward to listening to every podcast from the week!
Excruciating flute nonsense theme. Please bring back the percussion theme. This one is just painfully boring.
I look forward to every episode. It’s my nightly ritual to listen to Carole and Jeff review top - and sometimes offbeat - stories. Infinitely better than American TV news.
Thank you good Canadians for very fine reporting on the news. I always learn something new about my own country (US), and something not covered by other sources. I also appreciate the reporters ability to cut through lies and obfuscation and to show humanity towards interviewees. We're suffering from false equivalence disease in the US, and false objectivity.
This was a staple of mine when I was in Canada and even more important now that I've moved to the US. Great content and coverage.
I can always rely on As It Happens to bring me up to date and relevant news covering a wide variety of places and topics. The hosts are excellent and work well with each other; they're both knowledgeable and captivating. Well done!
except .... letting us know what goes on in the studio --> "We're on in 3, 2, 1 ... ", etc. is pretty interesting -- the first time.
One of the best "As It Happens" podcasts I've heard over the last 10 or so years. I love Christmas, so I'm biased. Moreover, the chance to hear the voices of past AIH hosts, whose voices are etched in my synapses and evoke memories of many past podcasts, made this outstanding podcast even more enjoyable.
The range of topics covered keeps my interest night after night, and there is a nice balance between important and fluff news stories. Perfect for an hour's listening
Intelligent and entertaining radio. Makes me proud to be canadian....
Perfect range of topics, always an interesting story I haven't heard during the day, adds a bit of perspective to this USAcentric news consumer Thanks Andy Also I miss Barbra !
Show is great--sadly not a literal translation of what was heard on US public radio, but a passable substitute. iTunes support/uploads however seem to be slow--new pods can hit days late. For instance: I'm looking on 1.11.11 and the most recent pod on iTunes is 1.7.11. This isn't good. Improvements can be made.
Background journalism as it is not heard and seen much any more. And very punny to boot! Thanks you technology: now I'm able to enjoy AIH in a different time zone.
I actually teared up when I found this program was available as a podcast. These two women and their staff make some of the finest radio I HAVE EVER HEARD. I stumbled across their show infrequently here in the States. I always wanted to listen regularly. Now I can. Now I can pretend I'm Canadian at least on my iPod. Bliss.
This show is a treasure. Concise. Cheeky. Penetrating. Punny. Barbara Budd and Carol Off consistently bring listeners insightful interviews and timely world events both large and small. Their abilities to draw out their guests with humor and empathy, while still probing corporate squirmers and political point-talkers with gentle insistence (often with tongues firmly planted in cheek) is unlike anything we have in the U.S., even on NPR. Since we moved last year to an area where our local public radio station only carries As It Happens near midnight, I’ve missed this unique Canadian broadcast. So thrilled that the full broadcast is now available on iTunes. Bravo, CBC, and Mahalo!
Being American, I am sometimes ashamed at how little I know about our neighbors to the north. This podcast gives you worldwide new stories but also tidbits about life in Canada. This is one of my favorite podcasts! The hosts have a way of making a seemingly insignificant story exciting and interesting. Thank you CBC Radio for providing the longer version!
I've always loved this show and try to catch it on the radio whenever I can. Only problem is my local station plays it very late at night, so its tough to listen to regularly given my schedule. So I'm quite happy to find that the entire show is now available as a podcast, thank you so much.
There's a pretty distinct difference between how Americans and Canadians conduct interviews on news programs. Here in the US, the reporter throws alot of softballs, pulls punches, and avoids uncomfortable topics for fear of losing access. These Canadians aren't afrid of anything, and will really grill the person their interviewing. Respectfully, of course, but nonetheless, they do ask the uncomfortable questions and do not waste time on fluff. This show is a prime example of this, and its why i trust the CBC more than any news outlet in my own country.
When I lived in Minnesota I would listen to As It Happens almost every night on MPR. Sadly I moved to a place where the local NPR station didn't carry it. It's a great show. I wish the CBC would put up full episodes, I miss it. Just the right balance of funny, insightful and real reporting for the end of the day.
Though not a Canadian, I love this show. I wish we in America could have something similar but we would have to be Canadian too to have the same ambience. Love the interviews, they are incedible. Desire to hear the whole show!
I love listening to The Best of AIP. Small, big stories from all over the world. Funny and fair. I think I might just want to visit Canada just because of this show.
I only wish it was longer. And that CBC would make the RCI podcasts available through iTunes.
This is a wonderful teaser. I wish the CBC would give us the entire episode of As It Happens everyday!
Thank you for joining Bob MacDonlald in this, the new era of radio! Welcome to 2006. It would be really nice to hear every day's entire show, but perhaps that will come in time. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to hear AIH without needing to stream it through my computer.