Reviews For Ideas

Giving voice to the dispossessed and disgruntled alike. Charming until they suggest seizing all property.
I’ve been a huge fan of Ideas for years and I’m thrilled that it’s now available as a podcast. It’s consistently the most intelligent and thought-provoking show on the radio.
‘Ideas’ has been and continues to be the best show produced by the CBC, and one of the few places where Canada has produced a program that the US has no answer for. Keep it up!
Wonderful show! Thanks!
I am honestly so jealous of Canada, although I know it’s expensive there. Throughout the CBC they spend a lot of time breaking down the giant garbage heap that is my home country, and they make me feel sane. Ideas is always spot-on, thoughtfully progressive, and very niche. I’ve only skipped a handful of episodes that were too niche for me. Sean Foley is an amazing contributor, and while I was worried when the fantastic Paul Kennedy retried, once Nala took over the podcast remained just as wise and insightful. Thank you all at Ideas for your amazing work!
I like getting out of the U.S. to have a look around the globe occasionally, to see how others outside my local realm are viewing their lives and the world around them. "Ideas" plays it's part in giving me another lens through which to view the bigger picture.. Over the last few years this program has covered a lot of ground across a broad range of subjects, landscapes, and perspectives. The program has a new presenter as of this summer. She is doing a great job in continuing the exploration and discussions.
Such a hate filled and race baiting episode. Does no one at CBC edit or review content before publication anymore?
An excellent long-running Canadian show that features panel discussions, lectures, and most enjoyably original audio documentaries about any number of fascinating topics. You can go from one episode exploring the history of hotels — as a concept, as a business, as a unique headspace — to another about the future extinction of the human race or some unexplored facet of world history. This show is a gem.
And Robert Kennedy sounds like he’s Robert Krulwich on tea, instead of coffee. Seriously, were the two Robert K’s separated at birth? Just as Radiolab plays with and explores ideas, this show does the same, but unplugged. It doesn’t have Jad Abumurad’s textured production, but it’s still really good.
Truly one of the best shows on radio anywhere. I’m so glad to be able to get the podcasts, as I live in the US and there is nothing like this available here, even on NPR. A very intelligent and thoughtful host who is a pleasure to listen to.
Its been said that poets expose us to things we never realized were important. Ideas from CBC Radio is like that. For example, I never thought about what might come after atheism until I listened to the Ideas mini-series on that topic. I was blown away. I recommend this podcast highly.
I like this radio amazing stories from different country and culture ... Best keep going
I listen to thousands of podcasts and always include practically all of those from this source in my must-hear list. They provide in-depth perspective, insight and background to local and international life. Thanks from the States to some very competent and intelligent Canadians.
Earnest, honest, clear-thinking. It is intelligent yet accessible without being condescending. I might not always be interested in the subject matter but when I am it's a joy to listen to. CBC has always given people the opportunity to explore without agenda. A rare thing today. For current events try The Current, for something akin to Garrison Keillor try Vinyl Cafe.
THE best program on radio. Too bad so few episodes are available on Podcast, though...
I really love this show. I love listening to stories - ordinary people who show extraordinary power in difficult situations.
One of the best radio shows in existence finally is available on podcast. Eaqch Ideas episode explores a question or topic from many different perspectives, usually interviewing major figures in the relevant fields. If (like the other reviewers) I had to compare to other podcasts, it's very similar in style and in subject matter, to WNYC's RadioLab. Ideas was a weekday evening highlight when I lived in Canada. Having some of the best shows available on podcast is like having that really intelligent, thoughtful, funny friend who you dearly miss since they moved away a few years ago, move back to town, and finding them even more enjoyable company than before!!
The previous review compares this show to mean the chris matthews show? wow-- it is absolutely nothing like that--far superior. It is nothing like any american television, except perhaps the new Bill Moyers program on "Public" TV [which is no longer really public, but largely coopted by corporate sponsors]. Some of our public radio is good, [Speaking of Faith by Krista Tippet for instance] but not widely distributed. Now you can get the podcast. You are lucky to have this kind of quality program in Canada. It might not hold everyone's goes into great depth on a given subject, and the subjects are interesting but not "glamorous". It takes a developed attention span. However there are those of us starved for this kind of thoughtful program since we are bombarded with such superficial stuff 95% of the time. For that audience it is great.
Yeah!!! One of my fave CBC shows now on podcast, I'm a happy camper.
This was my first time hearing TBoI and it wasn't bad, very intellectual although it's nothing you couldn't already hear from say a Meet The Press, or a Hardball but good for CBC. And wheres The National? Streaming video does not always happen on my computer and when it does, it jumps about, C-SPAN doesn't broadcast it anymore soooooooooo things are kind of at a head.. Peter Mansbridge is VERY insightful and its something I'd like to see i-tunes add to its library.