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This has been my favorite show for years on CBC and now I get the podcasts on my phone. Hip and fresh always with interesting topics and I love Sook-Yin Lee. I’ve never turned an episode on and not finished it. The topics are always right up my alley and I learn so much! Fun listening!!
Very current, fun, intelligent, different, human, insightful
The hosts obviously have a passion for storytelling, and it comes through with some of the unusual topics they cover. I know there are a lot of comparisons to "This American Life," but I think DNTO has much more personal approach. Rather than tell you other people's stories, they work to make those stories relatable to listeners. The man on the street interviews often give a snap shot on the show topic too. If you love your podcasts thoughtful and funny, then DNTO is for you. Also, don't worry about this being a Canadian production, as the stories it tells are universal to humankind, not country-specific. Great work!
I've been listening regularly for over a year now and have enjoyed all the shows. Thanks!
I have listened to "This American Life" for quite a while, but I must say that "Definitely not the Opera" is a delightful Canadian counterpart. I find it a little more engaging sometimes, but of course this is just a matter of opinion, and the mood I might be in. I love the topics that dnto covers, and it is the first radio/podcast that I have actually went back and listened to all the past episodes that were available at the time.
thank you for your work
If you can cram everything you can about a single topic, you still wouldn't have a complete DNTO. Every show is a mind-blowing experience while still realizing that life has more to offer. Listen has made me closer to everyone, even more. I think my life is a whole lot better realizing other people are as crazy as me, but each in their own unique ways.


By jcb9
I've been listening to As It Happens on my local NPR affiliate for years, and now, thanks to podcasts, I've been able to discover more good stuff from the CBC, including DNTO. Like the subject line says, this is a really fun show that tackles pop culture without ever taking itself too seriously. Sook-Yin Lee is an excellent host - she's not always a great interviewer, but she more than makes up for any shortcomings with her enthusiasm and charisma. I wish we could get the full show, but this best-of podcast will have to do.
I'm Canadian working in U.S. and ever since I began listening to DNTO, I've been wanting to go back to Canada. I wish I could access past shows...


By osborne
this a pretty cool podcast. This and KCRW's podcasts are the only ones I like! Cool topics, random facts and figures, and SYL is a great host! I'm a fan.
I thoroughly enjoy this show, and I'm not even Canadian. A friend recommended it. It has that quirky, subtle Canadian sense of humor that gets me laughing out loud. I wait for it to come out every week so I can download it.