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Black Birders beware
This podcast is outstanding. Bob is the best interviewer out there and you can trust him to ask the best questions. Intelligent, trustworthy, and they go right to the source of the discoveries and stories. A science journalism.
Interesting and well done every episode!
I listen to Q&Q more than any other of the 8 or 10 podcasts I subscribe to.
This is a terrific science podcast! However, I have difficulty listening to the whole episode because of the way the microphones are set up: there are enough lip-smaicking sounds to drive me crazy! If this could be fixed I would be a much happer listener.
Please don’t talk about the President. Thursday’s episode was a let down. You have done a great job of making a very informative podcast without mentioning the President’s health. I feel that this episode was a step in the wrong direction. If your mission is to inform, then you just missed the mark. The lady you had on was very unprofessional in calling for an examination of the Presidents mental health.
One of the standout features of this show is the effort they take to talk to the actual scientists doing thr work being reported on.
Been listening for years and it's still great. Just interviews, no call ins, except for Question Show. Host is excellent at drawing the key info out of scientists and making it easy to understand. Love. Love. Love.
I've been listening to this show since I was a little kid and I've always loved it. The best science podcast around (with the Nature podcast a close second). Informative, engaging and unflinching. If you want to hear an excellent interviewer help scientists explain their work, this is the show for you.
Host and supporting staff do an amazing job at finding the brightest minds in science and related fields, and deliver all this information to us at home. Thanks for everything you do!
Always relevant, always informative and always entertaining.
Bob McDonald has the ability to make science topics understandable and fun to listen to. Quirks and Quarks presents the latest research that's relevant to all our lives. Just great.
I listen to 10 science oriented podcasts weekly and Q&Q is one I never miss. The host is pleasant to listen to, I think he's the Canadian Scott Simon. I seldom think a segment is not interesting. I particulary think that it does a good job with environmental issues and how they relate to people's lives. This one, The Science Show on Australia's RN and Science Friday are the crown jewels of magazine type science podcasts. The common element is that all three have long time hosts.
I love it
Keep up the great work! I love your smart and interesting show. I always la earn something new from every episode.
This podcast is the best way to keep abreast of science news - always delivered with delightful insight. The world, curiouser and curiouser, unfolds.
I have been a subscriber to "Quirks and Quarks" longer than any other podcast because it is so interesting and well-done. I am a scientist, so I appreciate the approach that Bob McDonald takes in interviewing scientists. I appreciate that he talks directly to the researchers and that he does an excellent job in asking just the right questions to get to the heart of a matter and make any topic understandable by anyone who is interested enough to be listening. I highly recommend it.
I grew up listening to Quirks and Quarks on the radio. I moved to the US a few years ago, and was delighted to discover that I could still get my fix via podcast.
from anthropology to astrophysics, always a curious & fascinating tour through new scientific findings, in the form of topical interviews. no science degree required! highly recommended for at least one listen per show.
I'm not sure why this program isn't carried by more American public radio stations -- it's my favorite science program. In a moment that was both very Los Angeles and simultaneously very Canadian, I was introduced to the show by one of the Kids in the Hall, who struck up a conversation with me about podcasts and science one morning in Downtown Los Angeles.
Whenever a major new discovery is announced, an interesting new paper is released, or a new interplanetary probe starts sending back data, you can count on this show’s host to talk to the scientists behind that news. It features researchers from around the world in a variety of disciplines. This podcast is one of the best English-language science shows on the net.
Love this show, helps me know what is new and how what is old is new again, i.e. Salt water croc the size of a camper van...! Nuff said.
A wide ranging&delightful podcast.
A nice addition to my science podcasts.
such a great podcast. covers a large array of awesome science topics. amazing guests always on the show. amazing host. such a great podcast!
Lots of good topics and discussion!
Love all the great science news.
It's a great science podcast covering a wide range of topics. Very informative.


By Djolg
Makes science most interesting.
Only listened for 15 min. I'm hooked. Very interesting stuff!
This is the best science podcast on the Internet, good for geeks, kids and normal people too!
This is a general science podcast from Canada. The host interviews a bunch of scientists about their research, and it's generally a pretty interesting selection of news.
As an expat Canuck I was pleased to see how quickly CBC's Quirks & Quarks embraced podcasting. The show has the high production values you would expect from a professional radio organization and is able to garner interviews with high profile scientists and technology "shakers" to bring relevant and current insight into the issues of the day. It maintains a good pace while still offering very meaty content.
Living in the northern part of the USA, I had the great fortune of listening to Quirks and Quarks on the radio every weekend during my childhood. Besides the great David Suzuki, Bob is probably the most well known and beloved scientists in the Great White North, and for good reason. His programs are cutting edge and smart, but accessible to kids and adults alike. Q & Q is one of the best science programs on TV or radio in North America and maybe the world.
A very well produced program with 4 to 5 topics weekly. Bob has a sense of humor, asks intelligent questions, and seems to enjoy talking to his guest scientists and researchers. No politics, just science. This is a Canadian broadcast, so they do not whine about 'the administration' being the source of all the problems in the World the way NPR does.
I routinely listen to two science podcasts: Quirks & Quarks and Science Friday. Both are good but they each have different strengths and weaknesses. Quirks & Quark's Bob McDonald is a more likeable host as he is funnier and is nicer to the guests. Science Friday's Ira Flatlow at times can be almost rude to a guest he doesn't agree with and can cut guests off. Science Friday's topics can be more controversial and political but are very timely and pertinent. Quirks & Quarks has more topics relating to nature/ zoology. At first glance, I think I will be uninterested in a topic and be pleasantly suprised after listening. If you can listen to two science podcasts, these two are good choices as topics tend not to overlap and they have a different styles. I have never had iPod problems with this show.
I love the show and the podcast but would love it more if the publisher would use correct track numbers so that the show would sort properly in platlists.
This is a great show! Very well edited and assembled. The host is not a comedian, but he tries. This is science after all. But why does it now crash my iPod every time I try to play it?
This is one of the very first pod casts I have ever subscribed to and it remains one of my favorite. The information presented is both enjoyable and easy to understand despite my lack of any formal science education.
Excellent weekly radio show of science news. He's less condescending than Ira Flato. Almost as good as Joe Palca. Can't wait for the new episodes!
I've checked out a few sciencecasts,and this is the best! Bob covers major scientific news as well as answereing questions about the how and why of everyday science all around us. Things you probably wonder 'aboot' yourself.