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When doing boring stuff, this helps keep my brain active.
I appreciate the varied topics but have real trouble when an interviewer *constantly* interrupts the interviewee (eg. Duncan McCue in his ADHD segment). The expert speakers knew a lot about their topics and were illustrating to their points efficiently. (I am left to wonder if this was a topic of self interest for the interviewer and if impulse control was at play. It devalued the potential of the interview, in my opinion.)
Really great topic on Early Cancer Screening episode - however the host kept interrupting the guest speaker to wrap up. I felt stressed listening
The current does a wonderful job of keeping the topics covered interesting and modern. The host, Anna Maria, makes me feel like I’m talking to a friend. She’s humble and relatable, smart without being condescending. Thanks so much! Love the program!!
The Current is hands down my favorite in depth news source. Anna Maria Tremonti (sp?) is simply brilliant and the show is incredibly well-produced. The interviews are consistently fascinating, well-balanced, and go into depth on issues you wouldn't otherwise think about, yet are timely and important. This is as good as it it gets for this genre of journalism.
Sharp interviews, or documentaries - beautifully edited, concise and artful. Intensely relevant stories/issues, right to the point, but often heart-wrenchingly personal. Varied topics, some more captivating than others, of course, but all socially, politically and personally told. From the CBC (Canada), among the very best radio producers. Not locally limited, only occasional Canadian provincial politics. (I am an American.)