Reviews For Second Life Official: Interviews, Video Tutorials, & Machinima

I-tunes should put up an App for Second Life, that way second life members could be on second life anywhere without having to carry around a laptop. So I-tunes if you see this I know me and many others would appreciate it, if it's possible.
Linden Lab has brought this podcast back with a vengence, thanks in large to the work of Torley Linden on producing many megabytes of new and relevant information to help people make better use of Second Life. This is a must-subscribe podcast for anyone interested in getting the most out of SL, with quick and concise tutorials that teach without dragging on and getting boring. Kudos to LL, thanks for bringing this podcast back to life!
This podcast may have been good at one time, but things change so quickly in this "game" that an old podcast is not worth catching up on.
The best online game EverRRRRR!!!!
This could have been a very cool podcast if it had continued past July 2006. What a great way to deliver the town hall events! Oh well...
Perfect to see Second Life shown in portable audio and video formats to share when not logged. Awesome medium for other mediums!
I love Second Life! One of my favorite places in it is Dark Life, an RPG built into SL by a player. :)


really good job on silver bells