Reviews For Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of World-Class Performers

Book narration is awful.
I thought this would be a live podcast but it seems readers are just reading the parts of Tim and the guest? At least the one with Whitney Cummings seemed that way - it wasn’t at all the way she speaks
I got through about three minutes and had to turn it off.
Podcasts (especially Tim’s) are interesting because the personality of the host comes out. While the Titans stories are great, the robotic reading of the interviews casts the entire experience as a thinly veiled attempt to sell the audiobook. Will have to pass on this.
1. Start podcast 2. Encourage superfans to transcribe podcast fo free 3. Pay Virtual Assistant in Philippines like $6 total to organize transcription into book 4. Hire weird robots to narrate audiobook 5a. Start “new” “podcast” where each chapter of weird robot audiobook is a “new” “episode” 5b. Lol at everyone who listens
It’s funny. Tim replaced himself by a robot-like narrator. Couldn’t listen to it. Why not shorten the original interviews to 10-30 min by cutting all the fluff that goes there and keep only the aha moments?
Honestly it’s pretty boring to listen to. I’d rather stick to his normal podcasts.
These stories and journeys are amazing and inspiring. It helps to keep a positive mindset and to keep the wheel turning in the mind. I am all about optimizing lifestyle and mindset, so this is right up my alley!
It’s just actors reading the book, and it’s painful to listen to. The content seems interesting, but the experience isn’t up to par with what I expect from a podcast.
The monotone narration by voice actors, and robotic delivery make this unlistenable for me personally. I’d love to hear the authors read their own sections, even if audio quality and production suffer. Tim has put out tons of great work, and we know what he’s capable of. I’ll stick to rereading my hard copy. Thanks for trying regardless!
This one seems a bit “called in”. Not sure where you’re going with this one Tim Ferriss. Short is good. Recycled material recited by an automaton isn’t.
Whoever is the person reading sounds like a robot. So monotone it is easy to tune out. No space gaps... every word and story run into each other. Quite disappointed.


The audio put me to sleep and I typically love these podcasts
This podcast is not what I expected or was hoping it would be. It appears to just be a his new audiobook release in podcast form. Narrated by someone else reading a particular chapter from Tools of Titans per episode without further discussion, application, or analysis. I am still a huge Tim fan, but I will be unsubscribing.
The intro to the podcast, from the intro to the book, was great - it was voiced by Tim and engaging. The chapters of the book, individual podcast episodes are voiced by some random guy. Buy the book, skip the podcast.
I am sure this podcast will have great content, all it has to do is read directly from the book, but what a horrible choice to use voiceovers. I couldn’t get through the first half of Naval’s episode. I will continue to use the book and I suggest you do to! This podcast on the other hand (and the audio book)...basura.
Thank you for sharing.
Loved the book “Tools of Titans” but these voiceovers are awful and a tedious listening experience . Not what I expected from a Tim Ferris podcast. Are Audible chapters now Podscast episodes? Confused
I was so looking forward to this new podcast. With Tim’s intro, I thought he said it would not just be a series of quotes...but that’s what I’m hearing. Instead of just playing the chapters from the book, why not discuss the chapters from the book? It would still be a way of promoting the book.
Tim takes his e-book recording and just takes clips and uploads as a podcast. Seems like a hack to get you to ingest more of his podcast. If this is allowed...are all audiobooks going to become podcasts and then, in turn, every audiobook will become segments from an audiobook but dressed up like it’s a podcast.
Love the specificity and quality of these episodes, the best of Tim Ferriss!
One of the things I admire most about Tim is the considered value of every word, podcast, article, interview he puts out. Minimal fluff, maximum usefulness, and the humbleness to know there is always something to learn from those around him. Thank you for sharing those things with us, Tim. You’ve changed the trajectory of my life/thought patterns/behaviors in more ways than I can say!
Iv followed Tim since 2015 and listened to his podcast when I was in a dark place and needed a mentor figure. In 2017 I met Tim at Scribes in San Francisco. It was surreal and an overall great experience to see and meet him in person. Tim, has great experience and has definitely changed my life.
Anything actionable by Tim Ferriss is a must listen. What he says sticks, and has turned my life around even at the young age of 18. I would consider him a mentor even without having ever met him.


By sampail
Love Tim and all of his work May God bless him
Thank you for all you do, Tim! I’m really looking forward to testing out the short, actionable form of the podcast.
I’ve been a fan of Tim since 4 Hour Work Week. I enjoy his long form podcast, and usually dive into them on long drives + road trips with my husband. I have the Tribe of Mentors book, but I’m an auditorial learner, so I’m excited to have short actionable tips in audio form. These shorter episodes will give me the quick hit of inspiration and tools I can use to make small, potent improvements in my life and business.
This is been a long time coming for me. I’ve been gathering notes and taking action items from his books to test and try out and now the ultimate form of these super tactical optimizations. So stoked to get these underway

I owe a lot of my success to Tim and his way of thinking. I’m a huge fan and several times per week will reflect on something I’ve read in one of his many books.
If you are reading this, you probably already know.


By Dillino
So excited for this! The book is a must-have reference to have on the bookshelf.
You won’t be guaranteed to become a titan, but this podcast will get you actionable advice you will need to get there.
Another amazing outlet for life-changing information by Tim. Beautifully presented in a short-form way. I can’t thank you enough for how much you’ve shaped my life for the better man. Much love brother! Keep doing what you do. - Tommy Today
I mean, we know it will be. Great book. Excited for this version. 👍🏼


By wyoder
I am looking forward to this. I always learn something when Tim puts content out.