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There have been some outstanding guests on the show but if there is one thing that makes it hard for me, as a listener, it’s the number of times Kevin says “like” during an interview. Ugh. Sometimes I hit pause and listen later after I’ve heard it enough. The last year has been a turn off as Kevin prepared to open his gym and even since it’s been open. Many episodes have been focused on that and many of the interviews went from being about the listeners to being only about him and his gym. I get it, he wants advice, but for people who don’t want to open a gym, it seemed to take away from the original intent of the interview. I’ve been a listener and supporter for quite a long time, but lately it’s not the first podcast I listen to anymore.
Kevin and his guests truly bring the best information and advice to their listeners. The FitCast Podcast is a great resource if you want to dive even deeper into the world of fitness and nutrition to help you live a healthier life.
Kevin and his guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The FitCast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your body, mind & spirit (and live your best life as a result)!
I listen to this and a few other fitness/health related podcasts. This one can be a little more irreverent which is a nice breath of fresh air sometimes! Keep it up!
Host Kevin highlights all different aspects of healthy living in this can't miss podcast. He offers insightful advice on fitness and nutrition in an informative and inspirational way.
Kevin is such a great interviewer! These podcasts have inspired me to be a better coach, to get more out of life, and to start my own podcast as well! Kevin really understands where the fitness industry is going and what is important! The interviews make you feel like you are there part of the conversation. I hope he keeps this podcast goign for years to come!
I think this is def one of the better podcasts out there with regards to nutrition. A great first episode to try would be the interview with Georgie Fear. And her book lean habits is excellent as well. Good job Kevin, keep it up!
The guests Kevin has on the show are most of the leaders of the fitness industry and he has a great way of getting them to share some of the best information we all need to hear.
I look forward to listening to every episode!!!!! Keep up the great work guys!!!! update review…. 7 years later Although I don’t listen each episode immediately like i once did. This podcast is full of great value. When I started listening i was a different person with a different life. Now I own my own business and have the fittest to thank for that!!!!
This is the best fitness cast I have found and I have listened to a lot of them. Great information, guests and insight. Help me find CSP as well.
Kevin interviews some of the top names in fitness. Lots of wonderful stuff. I learn something new every time.
There hasn't been a single episode of the Fitcast that I haven't loved and walked away from with more knowledge under my belt. Incredibly informative and motivating.
Kevin's one of the best in the business. If you are in the fitness industry do your self a favor and listen. Great guests. keep up the great work Kevin.
Favorite podcast. I've been listening to this podcast for several years. When I was a brand new trainer, listening to this podcast helped me skip through and sort through a lot of the garbage in the fitness industry. I also enjoy this podcast because after a while, you will start to pick out your favorite fitness experts and industry leaders. There will be people you agree with and don't agree with, and that's what I love about this podcast. And J Fass will always make you think 10 times over about why you believe what you believe, Kevin nearly always picks interesting guests... The banter feels exactly like working at your gym. I guess that's part of why I love it. It just fits very comfortably into the tool box of any fitness professional or enthusiast.
Guys love that you do this but you talked for 10 minutes about nothing in a Tom venuto interview. Listen back to your interview and think about your audiences time. I don't have time to listen to you babble for 10 minutes about nothing. Sorry for the downer review. Get to the point quickly
I have listened to the last 5 or 6 shows. It should be called CoachCast or Fit Industry Cast. I was expecting a podcast with with lots of useful info for the end user (the person trying to improve their fitness/health). There is a VERY light sprinkling of that here and there, but the VAST majority of this show is coaching techniques, how coaching is evolving, dealing with "clients", or the personal history/life of a coach. Complete waste of my time :( I'll be looking for another show dedicated to helping me, not my coach.
I am new to the fitness industry, and this podcast has introduced me to many people, companies, and ways of thinking that I've then gone on to learn more about on my own. It's like having 300+hours of conversations with mentors and more experienced peers. You can tell that Kevin Larrabee does this out of his passion for fitness and the people involved in it, and (unlike many other podcasts, which usually die out quickly) not to promote his own business or point of view. I have listened to over 200 episodes so far, many of them several times. Thank you for a great learning resource!
Kevin talks too much and distracts the guests.
If you have the slightest interest in fitness, training, or wellness, then this is the podcast for you to receive up-to-date exposure to the best minds in the industry. If you are a fitness professional, this podcast is vital and an excellent means of consistently engaging in the tools, material, and knowledge. For the sake of your clients, be a force of change by listening to this podcast.
The host is chill, not preachy and has excellent guests on subjects regarding health/wellness/fitness.
Up until #302, this podcast was one of my least favorites. Re After hour show: I think in part, it's a generational thing... I have children older than Kevin. I don't share interests in video games or relate to the host's taste in movies. When the after hour conversations began, my listening ended. Listening to Kevin's solo interviews is when my opinion began to change in a more favorable direction. There was (in my opinion) too much attitude and odd interactions coming from Kevin's (former I hope) co-hosts. Kevin's passion for helping people comes through quite often; indeed an admirable trait, and the reason why I continue to tune in and chose to help $upport The Fit Cast podcast.
Although I've been interested in fitness and nutrition for many years (since before Kevin was born), I only discovered this podcast last summer.... and binge-listened to about 100 episodes during the next few months! I enjoy the elite caliber of guests that Kevin interviews. Always informative. Never boring. I learn something in almost every episode... even if it's merely a different approach or worldview to consider. I'm proud to say I'm a Patreon supporter of this podcast -- and if you listen and learn something, then YOU should become a supporter, too!
Super informative and educational!
Oh I love this podcast!!!


This is my favorite Podcast. I've listened to them all now at least twice.
I recently became a Personal Trainer and it was partially due to the outstanding Fitcast Podcast. Kevin and his guests cover a wide range of topics, give a deeper science background on the reasons behind many issues, and there is always some humor. I really appreciate the emphasis on what high level coaches actually use as opposed to the BS the Fitness Industry throws to the public. Support Kevin’s work through Patreon too!
Kevin Larabee does an outstanding job on this podcast. Every topic and guest is very informative and open to discussion. I think he approaches each topic very objectively. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of information and direction from the show. Plus I’m a fan of the off-topic :)
This podcast helped me discover some of the best minds in fitness that I may not have otherwise found. It has helped me become a better coach and trainer. Thank you for what you do.
I agree with the other guy. Too much small talk. I listen to podcast for information and this fell short. Started with Episode 308 and it sounded like the host was shelling pistachios the entire. So annoying.
Kevin and the guests are always bringing fresh ideas that motivate me by presenting new ideas and perspectives. Also enjoy people sharing their fitness stories, some pretty down to earth people on this show. Really love this podcast!
this is bar none the best workout podcast on iTunes, great guests, great host with great interviews and very informative, i have learned a lot!
Kevin is wonderful and his interviews are always informative and fun. I especially love listening to the interviews with all the great woman of fitness.
Congrats on 300! Kevin, been listening for a couple years now. You're show has been informative, entertaining and inspirational. Keep up the great work.
As a fairly new personal trainer I seek out as much information as I can. I have listened to about half of the FitCast podcasts so far and I have learned at least one valuable thing from each one. I look forward to each new podcast and I wish they came more regularly! The only negative is that I have found the show to be a big misogynistic at times.
You have interviewed some great folks within the fitness industry. My favorites have been with Jonathan Fass. There are few fitness podcasts that I feel are worth my time and this is definitely one of my faves.
The FitCast podcast has become part of my work commute every week. It is very informative, well facilitated and relevant with great guest speakers on both exercise and nutrition. I highly recommend it.
Glad I found this podcast. I listened to a lot of the old episodes and compared it to the newer ones, and it seems like Kevin finally got his footing in recent years. As a woman, I often get a little perturbed when the male guests talk about hetero-male-specific things, like picking up chicks and whatnot, but I know this industry tends to learn hetero male, so I take it with a grain of salt. (The one that annoyed me the most was the guy who talked about superhero workouts.) The guests are fantastic—everyone from Tom Venuto to Leigh Peele. Solid camaraderie between Kevin and all of them. I can tell they’re part of a really close-knit community. Fitcast, along with Evidence Radio (Armi Legge) are solid subscriptions to have if you’re interested in the latest science and the application thereof regarding health, fitness, and general well-being. Wish Leigh Peele still kept up her podcast. Apologies for this rambling review.
Wish I could stay interested, sometimes to much rambling. At times, attempts at comedy are just not funny.
Kevin does a great job bringing on fit pro’s from all walks, and provides great info and content to listeners.
So much information. Love all the tips for nutrition, weight loss and strength training.
No nonsense advice and information from real experts. I like the fact that Kevin has no agenda or bias. Just the facts.
Thefitcast is what got me started listening to podcasts. I heard about it from one of Eric Cressey's newsletters a few years ago and haven't stopped listening since. All three hosts have very good content that they provide and are doing a good service to the industry. I wish every trainer listened to this podcast.
A great podcast for anyone interested in fitness at any level. Top notch guests, great audio and knowledgeable hosts.
Leigh Peele is a regular, but I don't find her credible. First, she doggedly maintains allegiance to the energy balance equation (i.e., it's all about calories) fallacy--apparently ignoring all evidence--both scientific, clinical and anecdotal-- to the contrary. Second, she appears to have extremely mediocre body composition herself. The only pics she posts of herself (that I've seen, anyway) are not physique shots, and she is skinny-fat in all of them. Hard to believe someone who doesn't get results herself. In her last appearance, she bemoaned how incredibly difficult "cutting" (you have to have some muscle in the first place to "cut") or dieting is for her. Do ya think maybe that's because she's doing the caloric restriction thing? Don't get fat and bloated in the first place, diet "expert", and you won't need to take extreme measures to cut.
I've subscribed, unsubscribed, and re-subscribed numerous times. REALLY love Leigh's input. But every time Kevin's and Jon's unnecessary foul language (and at times drunken) rants is a great put off.
I recently discovered The Fitcast and have been listening to hours per day. It is very informative and hits upon a lot of the topics important to those trying to develop and grow as a professional in the fitness and nutrition industry. I find myself nodding my head at a lot of the information during the podcasts and connecting the dots in terms of what I already know and what's missing from my expertise. Highly recommended!
Kevin, Leigh and the gang are great. They really know their stuff, they give great advice, and their off topics are really cool. I'm currently studying to get my certification as a Personal Trainer and this podcast is a great supplement to my studies.


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