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This DJ shan’t be hanged! His bi-weekly shows, culled from a massive library including rare recordings never fail to entertain.
Wow. Every one is better than the next. Love it and wait impatiently for the next one. And am glad there’s links to purchase!
Perry comes up with some great off the wall recordings. Love getting lost in the music.
Thank you for honoring Tom Petty! Your show is very classy.
Perry Bax's Best Radio You Have Never Heard (BRYHNH) is like Christmas except it arrives twice a month!
I've just begun listening to this podcast and have already heard versions of songs by artists that I am intimately familiar with that I have never heard before. Eclectic with consistent quality. Very enjoyable!
Perry has returned us to an era when Underground Radio brought to listeners music that was not available on mainstream stations but need to be heard.Even though in this age where just about everything you want in music is available it's great that someone has the ability to choose songs that will capture your listening attention. He seems to be able to find fresh takes on old classics as well as new music that we would otherwise never know about.
Whether you like old rock, classic rock or modern rock and everything in between and outside, this Podcast DOES NO disappoint! Always a ton of amazing tracks and rarities blended with hidden messages that all together weaves a tapestry of a musical history tour and audiophiles crossword puzzle! Highly Recommend!!!
I dig the BRYNH podcast so much that I count the days to the next episode. New music, old favorites, deep cuts, & rock ’n roll hits all mixed into a format with top notch production values —> it’s quite simply “The Best Radio You Have Never Heard”! Also: Kevin Girton told me to check it out, and I do almost everything Kevin Girton tells me to for fear of being his next victim. 0_o


By J dutt
Love the variety and cohesive mixes.
Perry has always consistently chosen relevant, but not obvious songs, connected, somehow by a theme. The sound quality and the choices that he makes are consistently excellent, and his knowledge of the depths of the canon of music is huge. I recommend this podcast highly
Perry finds eclectic music and stiches them together in a very wonderful way. This podcast exposes you to great music. I enjoy each eposide immensely! Good job Perry Bax!
The Best Radio You Have Never Heard is a tremendous podcast! I look forward to listening to it everytwo weeks or so. Perry plas a great mix of classic rock, progressive rock, punk, etc. The outstanding this ing is that you hear mixe of the songs that you would not hear anywhere else. I give it the absolute highest rating!
Best variety rock based music podcast on the internet. You can look forward to receiving a great podcast that contains songs you may not have heard, alternate versions of songs you know, and just a really great choice of music. This is my favorite podcast to listen to and I look forward to it every two weeks.
I consider myself fortunate to live a sand wedge away from Perry Bax- I look forward to our almost daily alley conversations while our dogs socialize. Perry is literally an encyclopedia (do they still have those) of music knowledge. I have learned so much from him and his podcast "The Best Radio You Have Never Heard." The music sets flow with ease and energy and the talking breaks are both personalized and informational. I have not once come away from a set without "Googling" or "Youtubing" a band or song to learn more about it and I don't even want to ask where he gets these rare cuts and musical collaborations from- I look forward to the 1st and 15th for every month. This truly is music you have never heard before and an education you never expected.
Looking for a creative, eccentric, sometimes obscure, well-curated source of amazing music. You found it. Perry Bax assembles some of the most orignal music to delight listeners. Toss in audio clips from James Cgney movies, et al, fascinating historical commentary, and the most eclectic ear in the business. What's not to like.. and plenty of Jethro Tull tossed in for good measure. Let the adventure and downloads begin.
It's to bad this show isn't on as a daily radio station, it is done the way radio should be entertaining and something that you look forward to.I always eagerly wait for new episodes. Subscribe and you won't be sorry.
I just discovered this in the last week and I'm hooked. Old favorites in often different versions than I'm familiar with coupled with new stuff that I so need to be familiar with. I love that Perry takes the time, I'm sure it's a labor of love but we are all the better for it. Thank you and if you're not listening, DO!
I always learn from your thematic selections and enjoy the whimsical hosting, thanks for all the good stuff.
This is truly an ecclectic mix of great music. I have enjoyed each episode of this podcast so far. The only suggestion I would make is that the episodes could be segmented by song so that the listener could more easily skip around. Thanks for making my daily commute so much more enjoyable.
Why can't more radio stations be like this one? A musical adventure of quality! The mixture of songs inspires one's musical journey… something today's radio seems to miss.. I Strongly suggest you take a listen to a show and tell me you didn't walk away with a new appreciation for music and just maybe… you find a new band to like and follow.
I love listening to new music and finding new sounds. Great job don't ever let this podcast rest!
I grew up on classic album rock. While I LOVE Pandora radio to get my classic rock fix, most of what they offer is pretty mainstream stuff (although pretty extensive). On BRYHNH, Perry comes up with stuff you likely will never hear on Pandora radio (or the planet Pandora for that matter). There are tons of live tracks, and live is where the magic happens, especially as artists start covering other artists. Just in the last 24 hours I have heard Bruce Hornsby covering Elton John, Peter Joback covering Chris Isaak, Blood, Sweat, and Tears covering the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty covering the Grateful Dead. Of course, it's not just about covers. You also get artists giving different renditions of their own pieces. Each podcast has a theme and the music is well suited for the theme and placed in such a way that it all blends together seemlessly. Great job, Perry!! Keep 'em coming.
I'm hooked. This is such a great publication. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
Perry has this magic way of combining things that traditional radio would never combine. He creates incredibly appealing sets of music, and somehow manages to edit things together where you have no idea that the song (and artist) are changing, only to be blown away time and time again by each song included, and each show released. Not sure? Listen to one, and you'll be sold. You can then spend the rest of your time downloading the back catalog... there are over 100 episodes waiting to satisfy your ear. You'll find yourself loving the stuff you always have and developing an interest in artists you'd already written off. Oh, and there will be new discoveries in every show - new artists, new versions, versions you've never heard before, well, you get the idea.
I listen to a lot of my mp3s and cd collection and I am usually the master of navigating my own musical fate. But I often let Perry take me on a ride somewhere completely different with TBRYHNH, often with AMAZING and inspirational results!!! A must subscribe!! s
Radio the way it should be done!!!!!!! Everyone should give this a listen!!!!!
We all have our guilty pleasures and as somewhat of a music novice, I have more than most. But listening to 'Best Radio' I feel required to crank up the volume so the neighbors can hear. Finally I'm not afraid they might judge me on my shallow Top 40 choices. This is music that screams good taste and most importantly is just great to listen to. The lucky 15th arrondissement is about to get a lesson in classic and soon to be classic rock thanks to 'Best Radio'.
Every episode of The Best Radio you have Never heard brings a smile to my face. It brings me back in time, when FM radio was groundbreaking, exciting and was lighting the passion for good music. This podcast is an eclectic mix of the best music in 5 decades. You can hear some old and well known tunes but also some hidden gems and great new bands. I had some incredible surprises reviewing the podcasts, versions of old tunes I did not know, tunes that have been around since forever but I never caught...Download this podcast. After listening to what is in FM today (same artists again and again and commercials) and get tired, this podcast will give you back the love for music and a sensation of refreshing freedom. Music can be intelligent too!
It's the perfect blend of familiarity and rarity. Awesome mix of some really cool stuff. Always cool tracks that make me want to go through my old CDs again. Keep the eclectic mixes coming!
Ignore this music at your own peril...You will hear things that everyone in the world should know, yet too few do..yet. GET THESE
Anybody who includes the Beastie Boys Cookie Puss on their Podcast is cool by me! Great electic mix. Awesome!
I'm listening to an episode that started with Alfred Hitchcock blended into Eminem and is now on old Nine Inch Nails. Other episodes might have Billy Joel or funky covers of "Gloria" by The Doors thrown in for good measure. This podcast is wonderful! I love all kinds of music and this gives me the best of it all.
Try listening to this 'cast instead of the radio for a'll be hooked just like me! This guy is tuned into the wavelength, BIG TIME!