Chronicles of Hogg Hall

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One of my all time favorite podcasts. Excellent variety and laugh-out-loud moments, sarcasm and (slightly) naughty bits.
Best pocast ever. Hysterical laughter from start to finish.


By cjh82
The funniest podcast in iTunes.
I started listening to B and G in 2006 and I have loved them ever since. They are always entertaining and make my drive to work and school much more enjoyable!!
I have been listening to them for over a year and I can say I can't get enough of their program. I enjoy their running bits. I have tried to listen to other British podcasts and they all are flat in comparison. I love their dialect and British brand of humor and sensibilities.
I listen to this on my commute home and it is the perfect length and never fails to make the ride fun. I look forward to being released from my shackles (literally) and listen to the dry British humor. OK, see you the way Brian and Georgina I would like my payment for this review in small bil...I guess I should talk to you directly.
this is screwed up.
Sowerby & Luff mix comedy, flirtation, and a friendly attitude from across the pond! I enjoy learning new slang, and hearing about what’s going on in the UK. The amount of world wide trivia just blows me away! Not all uptight Americans will like this podcast, but there are tons of us who think you guys totally ROCK! Keep up the excellent work!