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Very well produced with the 8-bit intros and outros etc. Good interviews with guests that never show on USA podcasts. This is much better than IGN UK. Most podcasts pretty much just recycle the weeks news stories verbatim, a few like Giant Bomb and The Cagcast have more to say an have fun saying it in a different way. One Life Left too is always fresh and a good listen. Bye!


By mcj2a
Good stuff, but why do they talk funny?
It's humour, it's videogames, it's an hour a week. AND there's a news fox. That's all you need to know.
And better than Giant Bombcast ;) Listened to this for a very long time, and it remains my favourite gaming podcast, with 1up Your (now Listen Up) in second place. Although I do like Giant Bombcast too :D
Listening to One Life Left is like waking up without a hangover, because you puked up all the alcohol you binge drank the night before. In otherwords, you may expect the podcast to be really bad and give you a headache because of the typical quality of other video game podcasts, but you will find it to actually be quite nice. Those are similar, right?


Quintessentially British - in a good way - One Life Left is a refreshing alternative to most of the shouty, whiney nerdcasts out there. Intelligent yet stupid, it's not just the best podcast in London, but one of the best in the world.
As a yank, I enjoy the cadence of the UK dialects, so two stars for that. Also they review games; 'nother star. Yep. That 'bout sums it up. Cheers!
I eagerly anticipate each new episode of this podcast, which is unusual for me. While it is ostensibly a show about videogames, it is not like any other videogame podcast you've ever heard. The videogame pretext is more of an excuse to be humorous in a unique way. There are funny regular segments, witty hosts, and a slight bit of British "snootiness" that is a refreshing break from X-TREME style American videogame coverage. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.