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My all time favorite podcast
Love the show I’m hooked Stoney is such a great story teller would love to meet him and shown your not bad either!
This blew me away and was so much more that I expected. Thank you for making this sir.
Best podcast ever
An interesting story, told well. Listening to Sonny elaborate on past events I found myself recalling Mark Twain’s quip,” I’ve lived through some terrible things, some of which actually happened.” I don’t doubt that many of his recollections are true. Knowing a thing or two about the shifting nature of memory that people who study it claim, I do wonder about the effects of time and trauma on factual accuracy. It was disappointing to discover that the reason he was so tenacious in proving that his father didn’t torture anyone was because that was too much heartache for him to handle. His father was unequivocally a monster. Does it really matter what species of monster he was? Or which tool he used to destroy? Billy Burt was a liar. He lied to himself about what he was. He came to believe the lie. Then he lived the lie. This was the world Sonny grew up in. A world formed, fueled and funded by lies. Listening to him parse the moral and ethical contradictions that offend him when discussing the bad behavior of the thugs, crooked cops, and lying snitches that betrayed his father is truly stunning. To hear him say that “, my father was a good husband, except for the adultery,” is evidence that Sonny was a victim of his father’s evil, not a beneficiary. My exposure to the darker side of human nature is neither theoretical or naive. I have volunteered weekly in my county jail for the past 17 yrs as part of an inmate support group. I worked will the protective custody unit which included men that were accused of unspeakable acts against women and children. I have seen firsthand lives shredded and destroyed by lies, greed, violence and pride. There is no glamour to be found, only pain. Sonny seems like a really nice guy and he sure can tell a story. I hope he can find peace after all that he has suffered.
I moved to Winder as a teenager and have lived there ever since. I remember hearing few things here and there about the Dixie mafia and honestly just kind of thought it was a tall tail. amazing story Sean great job, and it’s great that stony turned out to be such a great guy even with the things that he saw going on around him
I can’t even find the right words right now to explain just how amazing this podcast is or how great Sean Kipe. I’ve heard 3 podcasts from Sean now and each one of them had me HOOKED. I’m left here just wanting more. This podcast specifically is so different from any I have ever heard before. 10/10 recommend along with anything else Sean has done.
Impeccable, professional, and laser-focused, documented look at a the infamous Dixie Mafia - through the eyes of the eldest son of the infamous Billy Sunday Birt and other law/legal officials. In Seasons 1 & 2. Sean Kipe has a true gift for guiding interviews and questions that sift through the “chaffe” and finding the important “kernels” of truth in a multi-leveled layer of murderous evil. A riveting, emotional, impactful work that is at both disturbing and, simultaneously, wonderfully transparent and transformative and redemptive. Truly a work that deserves national recognition for its incredible merits as fantastic investigative reporting and for the postive impacts on both the lives of families involved with these horrific times and for those who have listened - receiving clarity for the first time of “bits and pieces,” of hearsay and quiet speculation. Amazing. Simply amazing. Thank you, Sean.
Loved every bit of this podcast!!
Perfectly produced. Kept my attention and hit close to home for sure. Fascinating and unique perspective from the family while balancing out the reality of these crimes.
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to!! Great story. Great reporting.
Binge listened to season 1 and 2. Great listen
I don’t like the ending. The writer try to make you think that the criminal was a hero. A criminal is just that… A dirty thug. Nothing more, nothing less!
Great story and narration right up until the episodes where you tried to make Billy a saint. Splitting hairs about who and how he killed people is a joke. The man was a piece of garbage and never should have been given the ability to visit with family in prison. I had a father that beat women and smoked crack in front of me as a young man. He was a horrible person who chose to have 5 children and polluted every one. He corrupted his sibling and nephews with his money and drugs. In my mid 30’s. Finally started to see clearly and hold him accountable. Now, I will tell stories in appropriate settings but would never try to convince myself or anyone else that he was a decent human being or somehow a good parent for providing food and shelter to his other kids. Two of my brothers and one male cousin have been to prison for drugs and beating women as a direct result of his tutelage and his daughter lives on welfare. The mother of two of his children lives in squalor and never had any kind of life because he groomed her at 16 years old when he was 30. I really hope Stoney can come to grips with reality the way I have tried to do and quit romanticizing his father. He really should be in therapy to do it.


By wa500k
The amount of work and detail that you all have put into this is astonishing I can’t thank you or Stoney enough. Great job!!
This is by far my favorite podcast that I have ever listened to, and I have listened to a lot! Beautiful storytelling, exceptional honesty, and a magnificently complete picture. Thank you for sharing.
Emotional fore me. I have a similar background and it see a lot of similarities between Stoney and I. Great job producing. I wish there were more like this but good like finding a story teller like Stoney.
Please, more stories. Your podcast was worth every second. Thank you.
i'm not finished yet, but it's so unbelievable & yet, completely believable!! i've passed this on to almost everyone i know in the great state of Georgia & i think we could be addicted ~ never mind crack! this is a high everytime you start a new sentence!! amazing just can't get enough!!👍
I’ve listed to many, many podcasts and this is one of my all time favorites. So well done. Narrated to perfection. I’d listed all day if I could
I listen to so many podcasts and this is one of the best. It was interesting and emotional. You and Stoney painted such a vivid picture of the time, it was like you were there. Stoney is such a gifted story teller and I love listening to his accent. There is definitely a lot wrong with how things were done back then, but it was really interesting to see how the way of life was for the Dixie Mafia.
Makes me miss my Daddy.
I couldn’t stop listening. Captivating story. I’ve recommended to everyone I know-

By El757
This podcast is remarkable. It’s nuanced, deep and gripping. Might be the best podcast series I’ve ever heard.
Best podcast I’ve listened to in a long time, if ever (& I’ve listed to a LOT). Beautiful story telling that teleports you to the time and place. Highly recommend!
Growing up in the Boone area, this unsolved crime has always been unsettling. Glad to see things have come to light.
Is so condescending it’s hard to listen to the story.
This podcast is riveting, it’s told well, understood easily, smooth to follow- and Stoney is my friend in my head, he’s the kind of guy I would have lived to have as a father- already planning a trip to NC for no other reason than to give a hug and get a hug ♥️ So who’s writing the screenplay? I CAN’t WAIT FOR THE MOVIE 🍿
This absorbing podcast perfectly captures the paradox of good and evil and allows the story to be told by the subject’s son and “gen-u-ine” storyteller, Stoney. While the events and characters are incredible enough to make a great show, the redemptive power of a son’s love is the star.
This podcast has so many horribly intriguing stories that will leave you crying, cheering, and occasionally nauseated… but at the end of season 1 you will be evaluating your relationships, your life, and just maybe, after listening, you will decide not to take “too many wrong turns” at the proverbial crossroads of good and evil! Stoney and Sean, this is a work of art! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world!
Sean tells a wonderful story. He manages to make terrible acts committed by ruthless men into a human story. I will always remember Stoney’s love for his father. I can’t wait for the next podcast!
Yes! I listen to podcasts every day and have for several years. This is the best one out there. I recommended it to all of my family and friends.
One of the best podcast I’ve ever listened to.
At this point I’ll listen to anything Sean puts out. All of his podcasts are well researched and extremely factual. I really enjoy his perspective and the stories he chooses to tell are always intriguing
Was a great story teller. I don’t believe it was glamorizing. We as human beings love violence anyway as long as it’s happening to someone else.
Season 1 one was good. I think the narrator failed to challenge Stoney's perception of his Dad as a loving father evidenced by leaving him with such a burden for life. I like Stoney, he's a sharp ole boy that lets his country style belie his intelligence ( emotional & intellectual) In Season 2 I felt that there was a bit too much rehashing of previously discussed information. Sean briefly discussed the murdered family's daughter but not to the extent I would have expected. Maybe I missed it but after her divorce I don't recall what happened to her. Additionally, I thought his conversation with the murdered family's niece was going to give us some insight to what the family thought about who was responsible for the killings, especially the son in law. I would like to have better understood their perspective.
This is by far one of my favorite podcast and Sean like knows how to tell a story!! I love everything mafia first episode I was hooked!!
I am absolutely loving this podcast! This is so well done and my new favorite! Thank you for this story 😊. By far my favorite podcast! Ooohh I love it!!!
Wow! Happened upon this via a Cold Case ad on a long car ride home. I’m a sucker for all things mafia and love a rich story rooted in a small town, so I was intrigued. I was immediately captivated by Sean’s storytelling and Stoney’s amazing voice. Was bummed for my 5 hour trip ended and I had to hit pause. I stopped where Stoney was coming to the realization about the damage his father had done as oh Shenandoah played in the background; perfection. ❤️ Can’t wait to listen again. Also just ordered Stoney’s book, can’t get enough! I live near Franklin County, Va (named the wettest county in the world back in the day) so was interesting to hear all about other moonshiners in the south. Well done!
I am new to podcasts and this was my first. What an outstanding story. Moreover, Sean’s narration and writing is stellar. I loved every minute and hated to see it end.
I cannot even recall some of the podcasts that I have listened to. This one out ranks all the podcasts. I will forever be suggesting it to anyone with a pulse.
I’ve grown up in Georgia, 5 minutes from winder and have NEVER heard of the Dixie mafia. Been awesome to learn about the history of my home state🔥🔥
Hands down the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I’ve listened to it a dozen times and it never gets old.
I would love to see this series continued, maybe more on some of the other crimes committed by Georgia Mafia
One of the best, if not the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. So real and honest. Well done Sean.