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Ads just cut into the middle of an update, no segues it breaks. Often multiple takes or coughs heard in a podcast. It’s as if they edit it on the fly. Content is also EXTREMELY repetitive, maybe something relevant once a day
I have Alexa play me this podcast before I even get out of bed. It keep me informed, and gets me thinking early! It’s a must for anyone who likes knowing what is going on in the world. Best part is, it is short to the point. They report the facts with little to no bias!
Great content but over the top ad placement, frustrating to have to skip through
This is a 40% news - 60% opinion podcast. If you are looking for news, this is not the podcast.
The podcast is awesome, and super informative and relevant for a business-oriented person like me. Tanya Boustos and Ann Marie Fritoli (apologies for any misspellings) are both great journalists, but Charlie Turner seems to be nothing more than a disenfranchised liberal intent on confirming his own bias. He asks nothing but grossly leading questions of interviewees (especially when President Trump does something Turner doesn’t like), all of which are targeted at confirming his own biases rather than eliciting information in the interviewee’s own words. Update: Ultimately unsubscribed because Charlie Turner continued to put his words in the interviewee’s mouth with grossly leading questions, and I couldn’t handle it anymore.


By Deeeepa
Great podcast until few days ago. Somebody changed it to rushed high speed podcast probably to squeeze more information, sorry but this is useless because now the content is not understandable any more.
I’ve been trying various WSJ podcasts for several years. They really dumb it down. It would be nice to hear something that doesn’t seem like it was written and produced by high-school kids.
Once a day is enough! To have to listen to that same stupid add 3-4 Times a day and not able to skip thru it is annoying.
I subscribe to a number of podcasts, because of that it sometimes takes a while to get to this cast, maybe a day or two. It would be helpful if, at the start of the podcast, they could state the date and if this is the morning or afternoon cast.
I'm satisfied with the quality and the depth of the news coverage but I find the sound effects and one of the anchor's (Anne-Marie Fertoli?) voice and accent extremely annoying and very hard to listen to.
I really, really enjoy listening to this podcast before I head off to work in the morning. However, for the life of me, I cannot understand their choice of intro music. It sounds like I am in some kind of Twin Peaks dream world. It is supposed to be some kind of "cool" jazz? It just doesn't fit. Make it more "business" oriented please.
News interviews with correspondents are usually seen to follow a predetermined set of questions in most news programs, but this one takes that to a whole new level. The male host interviewing people seems to know the exact phrasing in the answers he’s going to get, and on multiple occasions, he frames questions with those exact words as a Yes/No question for the correspondent. It’s absurd. But hey, at least he’s not as biased as the host of WSJ’s Potomac Watch!
> than the rest.
Stay up to date throughout the day with extraneous details—love it.
Love this podcast to catch up on news in the morning however, the vocal fry of some women on the podcast makes it impossible to listen to. This is a medium, like radio, in which the voice is incredibly important. When I hear too much vocal fry, I just skip the podcast.
Great Summary of Top Stories, give you ideas of things to read or look into more deeply.
Like the show.
Great content. But this is audio and that woman is nails on a blackboard.


By Peezy K
The content is amazing but the length of the Podcast is too short. It should be at least 30 minutes!
The New format ,does not feel Ok. Topic based explanations sound better.
Seriously do you think only old rich men are listening to your podcasts? Young (not rich) women also listen and I have no desire to move to Florida nor am I a reluctant millionaire losing sleep over what to do with all of my money (and if I ever become one I am never calling BNY Mellon btw). I just want the news and I don't mind ads as long as you mix them up. Love the short format but for goodness sakes please fix your ad structure.
I consider myself a Left Leaning Moderate, but hate the idea of echo chambers. I was looking for a good balance to NPR Politics with a slight conservative twist. This is a great source of in depth news. It's not always politics and I can't really hear much of a conservative voice from the presenters like you definitely can from the hosts of NPR Politics. But really the WSJ is more of an economics media source, and that shines through this podcast, in a good way.
Daily briefs of what's going on by people who have a clue. Little to no ideological fluff.
Everyone should subscribe! Great way to get your news.
This podcast, along with many of the WSJ's other offerings, are all fantastic. It's some of the best opinion, most informative information you can access in a timely manner, and usually provides enough minutes daily to get through even the toughest commutes. I would give 5 stars if not for one tiny issue... A WORD OF WARNING: The advertisements are at least 25% louder than the rest of the audio -- for those wearing headphones, it can be outright painful when they come on. If you aren't ready to pause or fast forward or adjust your volume, which is difficult to do in time, you ears are in for a rude blast of noise from one of the sponsors. I'm not at all against having ads, if I was I wouldn't listen to WSJ. I'm just warning that this volume spike is very painful and I wish it would be fixed so the ads were the same volume as the rest of the content. Otherwise, fantastic work and deserves 5-stars.
I like this podcast. It is informative and easy to follow on a dog walk. But several people make the point that the ads are repetitive, which is true. What bothers me more is it is the same cut-and-paste description for every single podcast. The titles changed, but the information on each podcast never changes. Suggestion, put what the actual podcast is about in the description area. And I Easily give it a rating of four.
PewDiePie did nothing wrong
I don't know if he's the same announcer people have been complaining amount, but Charlie Turner is a fine, professional broadcaster. Must everyone sound like a faux-casual millenial? There is a relatively unubrusive 20 second advertisement about halfway through, I can live with it (or click past it). Overall solid informational podcast.
Although the podcasts contain ads they contain a good amount of quality information.
Do they not edit the interviews. Every guest makes so many umm's and ah's you can't actually make out the report.
I love the WJ and have their app, but the podcast could be targeted towards a young crowd. Not fun to listen to ..
Then they started playing ads in the middle of every single episode saying the same things. The episodes are not long enough in order to justify commercials during the episodes. They should have them at the beginning or end like they used to.
The volume levels on the advertising are faulty. At the beginning and end of each podcast you're treated to a blaring, deafening ad for Florida before the volume is turned WAY down for the actual content. It's really grating and just inconsiderate. It's enough to have ads, do you really have to make them 2x volume? Ruins the listening experience, especially when trying to listen to multiple in a row. I expect better from WSJ.
Always listen to this every day
Excellent content, but little by little now we have more ads than content. And really long, irritating and bad ads. What do these marketings believe? That playing again and again the same ziprecruiter ad will make the listeners to accept that info? Actually I'm deleting the WSJ podcasts from my playlist and talking to my friends about how bad ziprecruiter must be.
The content of this podcast is actually pretty good, but the amount of advertising is atrocious. Many times an ad is the first thing you hear, and the ads are repetitive and occur 2-3 times per podcast, which in themselves are very short. Unfortunately I'll be looking elsewhere for my news.
It used to listen to it 3 times a day! Where did the early morning, mid day, and after market podcasts go?? Please bring them back.
The WSJ basically changed this from a quick synopsis of what's going on in business to a podcast that just recycles special interest stories from their other media. Went from a 5 star to a 1 star podcast overnight.
Too many individual Podcasts. Not a fan of that. Just group it as one. About to unsubscribe.
I am absolutely not a fan of this new single-story format. I appreciated the quick multiple-story headlines and for some reason they've done away with that. About ready to drop this podcast.
Big annoyance
I'd listen to a 10 second ad for Edward Jones... When its a minute, forget it. I'm dumping this podcast and making sure to never bother with Edward Jones.
For insight into the market one might consider Bloomberg's "Taking Stock". All of WSJ's podcasts are over 50% advertising.
Seriously, 50% of a podcast shouldn't be ads, this is ridiculous. There are better options out there.
3:21 second podcast: 15 second intro 20 second commercial 60 seconds of news 65 second commercial 34 seconds of news 8 second outro That's 1:34 of news in a 3:21 podcast, less than HALF. Don't waste your time
37% of the podcast is ads. It has gotten to be too much....and I now quit this podcast.
I like the podcast, but give it a low rating because of the incessant repetitive ads. I have an iPod Classic with the click wheel. I have learned how to spin the click wheel to get past their 30-second ads, 1-minute ads, etc. I haven't listened to a full ad in months, and could not even tell you the name of the sponsors. WSJ should learn that the best podcast ad, one that people won't bother to skip, is a short one. "Sponsored by XYZ, makers of WonderWidgets".