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The new hosts are excellent. Keep up the good work!
I still listen to this podcast daily but the new format is not my favorite, hard to follow.
I’m skipping all episodes involving Kim Gittleson. “Thanks for listening and haaavve a greaaaat weekndddd”.
These immature voices are impossible to listen to. News is good but the delivery is unacceptable. I’m UNSUBSCRIBING.
This is a nice brief twice a day news coverage. However I really don’t care for the new valley girl delivering it. She is a bit hard to understand sometimes and her style is a bit odd for the WSJ crowd. Please bring back Anne Marie!
I love this podcast, but each episode gets longer and longer. Great topics and stories!
New format ruined a trusted podcast. Kim Gittleson, despite her credentials, is not the right person for the material. Her sing-song delivery, which comes across like a yoga instructor reading to a kindergarten class, gets really grating really quickly, and doesn’t suit the subject matter. The tinkling bells music box intro is just plain wrong. Some basic audio engineering would also help, as levels are all over the place. One star is too many. Until you bring back Charlie Turner and Annmarie Fertoli, I’ll be skipping this one.
This podcast is great for anyone who is interested in personal growth through intimate relationships. Jayson and his guests provide wonderful insights and a plethora of resources for anyone who is willing to take responsibility and wants more intimacy and closer connections.
I’m new to the podcast and am glad to read criticisms about the reader’s voice. Unfortunately, if you pay attention, you will notice this style of speaking is a trend among young women. Where or why it started is a mystery, especially since women want to be taken seriously and this nasal, guttural manner of speaking is so repulsive. Let’s hope young women start listening to each other, stop copying and get voice lessons. I’m noticing it among young men, too. WSJ deserves better representation.
Dislike the new “chirping” voice of Kim Getlesen. Makes me recall my Kindergarten voice. Resent the “ now get to work” ending. I have decided to Turn her off as there are more professional options. Thanks but new format is a turn off for me. New format is OK except for new commentator Kim Getlesen. Her voice is annoying and telling me to “now get to work” really hard to hear. Implies my listening is a waste of time. Listening is to improve my skills and experience. Please find her another position. Like Ann Fertoli, does the job professionally. Kim G. annoying voice is pre Kindergarten teacher at best. At least she has stopped telling us : Now get to work. Ann Fertoli rocks the program. Am quitting AM Version. Kim Getlesen grates on my nerves. I am an educated professional and disappointed being talked down to. Like the PM broadcast but now delete AM. Kim G. does not seem to address topics in an adult, professional manner. Do not believe this is an issue about women. A man could easily “talk down” to issues as easily as Kim G. does. I no longer listen to AM version. Used to be an interesting, information podcast. Now removing AM podcast.
Ok, I don’t know much about Wall Street or finance, but I like podcasts. This one was one of my first when I started to listen to them to 3-4 years ago. I’ve always thought What’s News was informative and straightforward. Nothing has changed. All these reviews about Kim’s voice sound stupid. Anna Fertoli’s voice is real. Kim’s voice is real. I don’t work on Wall Street but from these comments it sounds like Wall Street sounds like Charlie Turner or Anna Fertoli. I’m sorry but that can’t b true. I like Kim. She’s a different voice. I don’t think she sounds like a high schooler or child. She sounds like she knows what she’s talking about when she speaks. I like “The “sched” and I liked her telling us to “get to work.” It’s a morning podcast. It’s funny and light. The music is fine. I personally liked the hip hop when they introduced the new format but to each is own. Keep up the good work WSJ. I’m a young person and I think you guys are moving in the right direction. Forget the baby boomers.
The new girl sounds like she’s in high school. I just can’t take her seriously. I forget I’m listening to the wsj podcast. I am sure she has other talents that can be used elsewhere. It’s not the appropriate voice and tone for the program. It’s nothing personal - my voice wouldn’t work either You guys really ruined this podcast. It’s incredible how awful it’s become. Such a shame. You should listen to the multitude of subscribers who loathe this flawed change. Unsubscribing. I tried to give it a chance, but it’s not listenable
This used to be my favorite podcast for relevant and quick news - prior to the recent format change. New intro and new host don't convey a "news" feeling, but rather a "soft news/human interest" feel. It's difficult to listen to the podcast now. I want solid news, not fluff. WSJ, you missed the boat on this change....
I have to echo all the previous reviewers. I am not a fan of the new host nor of the new format. I too was trying to give it time to no avail. Overall it feels less professional (“the sched”? Really?). And I am getting much less out of it than previously. As much as everyone is saying it’s her voice (sexist, maybe, but it’s quite grating to be honest)- it’s also her delivery and choice of words. Add to that the lack of deeper substance (longer form interviews instead of quick headlines) and you get an annoyingly narrated RSS feed with silly phrases thrown in. Not how I want to start my morning. And don’t ask me questions like whether I am holding off on having babies or read people's responses. This is not the right format for that. Lastly - is it just me or has WSJ been overlapping content across podcasts much more frequently with this “new format”? I listened faithfully for years every morning and afternoon, but due to the new changes I have made the decision to unsubscribe. I’ll be relying on Your Money Briefing and Tech News Briefing to get my updates. The stories are at a depth I appreciate.
The attacks on Kim’s voice smack of sexism. And yes, women can be sexist too. That being said I don’t like the music or having the longer story in the middle. I find I’m truly listening less when it’s playing and often skip the third act so feel like I’m getting less content.
At least Annmarie Fertoli still hosts the PM edition. The morning one I simply delete due to the new host.
The new format is a vast improvement. It’s not as somber (sterile?). Pace is a little quicker. Covers more subjects. And Kim Gittleson is a real good listen. Don’t go backwards. The reporters for many of the stories sound like high school interns. Does the WSJ instruct their reporters to start their sentences with “well”, “yea”, “so”? Poor speakers of the English language. I’m surprised at the Journal.
The woman in the morning is so annoying I can’t listen anymore. Her pitch and intonation are so juvenile that she sounds like a junior high kid. Not a credible source of news. The PM host is very good, but I want to listen to this podcast during my morning commute.
I also miss Anna Fertoli, but people seem to harsh attacking the new hostess’s voice rather than criticizing her.
New host is terrible. She has a very low grade reading level. I don’t care about her voice she just doesn’t sound articulate
New host Kim Gittleson has such an annoying voice, I cannot bear to listen to this podcast any longer. I assumed producers would pay attention to voice quality for a podcast! Sounds like bring-your-child-to-work day. Try hiring someone who has the ability to articulate like an adult.
I really do not like the recent format changes. I get the WSJ and enjoyed the podcast until the changes made a month or so ago.


By jbris29
Completely agree with the MANY recent reviews about the new hostess. Tone and meter are so grating, and “now get to work” is obnoxious, especially while I’m on my commute and just trying to get my morning briefing! C’mon WSJ, do some acceptance testing before you commit people to air. Freezing this podcast from my feed.
I do not enjoy it. I started looking for something else yesterday. Update; I’m out
The new girl solids like a valley girl reporter. I delete the episodes that she’s on. The other women are better at this.


Charlie Turner drives me crazy by asking questions using the phrase isn’t it right or am I right. STOP!!!
This new format is TERRIBLE! Sounds like a high school morning announcement, not the professional news delivered in a straightforward way that I need. I will be listening exclusively to Tech News briefing as that still seems to be the same format, until this is changed back.
The new age background music is an unwelcome addition. Business news and chimes do not mix. Stick to news and save the music for the mediation podcast.
Used to like this and would listen everyday, but it’s hard listening to the new host - please get rid of her
Someone please tell Kim Gittlesen that she is not as quite and amusing she apparently feels she is. When she slips out of her “I am so clever” delivery style, she is almost tolerable. And please, “Here’s what you missed overnight.” OK, Kim, were you up all night following the news? Probably not. Even if you are, that’s what’s called “Your job”. Mine involves being there during the day, so I’d like the news summary in the morning without the patronizing attitude. And, please, please, don’t tell me to “Get to work”. However “tongue-in-cheek” it is intended to be, it is annoying as heck. She has the credentials and the ability to be a top rate podcast news host, if she can just moderate the attitude. The current one is chasing me, and apparently many others away.
Please dont tell me to “get to work” in an annoying tone. Thanks
I’m sure she’s very qualified and a lovely person but her overwrought delivery/excessive intonation has made it impossible to listen. It’s awful. Truly. And the “now get to work” ending is SUPER off-putting.
Gittelson is clearly qualified. (MBA and a masters in journalism from Columbia. Bachelors from Harvard. Fulbright Scholar. Years of work at BBC.) I am trying to get used to the new format, but it is still irritating after a couple of weeks. The new format’s language of giving your listeners more of a head’s up about what is coming probably looks good in theory, but it just seems like an irritating delay in getting to the stories as delivered. Gittlelson also seems to use an artificially song songy voice. If she can just talk more naturally, and less pedantically, she will be easier to listen to. And please cut the corny ending about “get to work.”
I echo the previous comments. Bring back the people who appear to be broadcasters instead of the new woman. The transition music is annoying too. The “get to work” sign off is equally annoying
Go back to the old format please! I feel like the show has been taken over by a high school AV club. You don’t Need to talk down to your audience. Super cheesy tag lines and annoying transition music. Now get to work fixing this podcast.
I have religiously listened to and read the WSJ for years. I am open to change but I hate this new format. The new host sounds as if she is reading a bedtime story. I really tried to give it a chance but it is like nails on a chalkboard. Please, this is an informative podcast with interesting and often vital information for business, etc. Treat it as such.
Not a fan of the new format. It seems geared for a very young audience and is difficult for this gen Xer to listen to. I have grown to rely on the podcast as a trusted news source for years and hope that it turns back in a different direction..
Used to listen everyday now I just swipe delete. Is this the WSJ or a middle school news program? Who in their right mind thought this change would go over well?
Oh my goodness.... This new host Kim Giddleson(?)’s voice and style is not for a serious professional business program. I even thought I was listening to some sort of love and relationship podcast. Can you be professional when changing to new host? This is not her fault but WSJ is not putting her at the right spot! Her voice is sweet and cute but not for this program please. Can we have Annmarie back or another host?
I hate to leave this kind of feedback in a public space (especially for a podcast that I love so dearly), but my feelings are so strong, and this appears to be the appropriate forum: I stand with the other critical reviews from the past week. The addition of a third act, the adjustment in writing and tone, the personnel changes ... those are the most unfortunate, followed to a degree by the interview segment containing less-and-less dialogue, and lastly the music change. Hand to god truth, I thought it was all an April Fool’s Day prank. I would love for it all to go back, or at least as much as is contractually permissible. Solid effort, but too many feel like misfires :-(
What happened to the old format? Much more informative and in depth analysis of morning news. Also miss Ann Marie Fratoli’s voice and they way she interviews guests. Please bring her back!!
Technological glitches and format changes have significantly reduced the quality of this program. Used to be a fast way to get mews and learn something. Seems to be dumber.
Please put anybody else doing the narration of your podcast. The new person’s voice it’s so annoying I can’t listen to it anymore. I wince every time I have to listen to her.
This used to be a great news podcast, it give a quick “why” behind each headline, and had a great in depth discussion of an important topic with a news reporter. Oh and AnneMarie Fretolli (spelling?)was awesome Recent updates have made this podcast useless. To pack in more headlines, they’ve stopped adding “why” behind the line as if the headline were a statement (Siri will do this too), and the in depth coverage (the best part of the show because Siri can’t do this) has been cut in half, jammed between a litany of headlines, and what’s left is mostly the horrible new anchor talking over the person being interviewed and trying to tell them what to say. The new fill sounds take up almost 45 seconds of the podcast (weak). The new anchor sounds unsure of herself and turns up the end of sentences so the statements sound like questions. You’re the Wall Street Journal, bring AnneMarie back, or at least hire a pro. The only reason I can think of to have gutted the news content of this news podcast that is produced by one of the largest new organizations is that there is some way to sell more ads, but revenue goes down when the number of listeners decreases. I’m out, good luck.
The new music and Kim Gittleson’s voice make this podcast virtually unlistenable. Not in line with the quality I’ve come to expect from the WSJ!
I used to love this podcast. It was 7-9 min of straight business, a cod ended form of the news of the day. Suddenly it’s all sounds effects and fast talking.... I’m still listening(for now) but I looked forward to this podcast with my coffee every morning, now it’s half listening in my car. Also, the podcast used to be ready for my 515-530 coffee! Now I don’t see the morning edition until after work, so I don’t even know what time it gets released but it’s not in time for my morning anymore !
Today’s episode was about the Ethiopian airline crash, near the end of the story they placed a commercial on top of the interview, when the commercial ended so did the interview. This is not the first time this has happened. Sloppy for such a major company.
Recent changes to this podcast are terrible (read: person narrating). Sounds like a college kid who is more worried about sounding cool than reading news/doing interviews.
The new host speaks too fast. I listen to the podcast at an increased speed to get through the various ones I listen to. She speaks too fast to be understandable which makes em half to slow down the speed, which takes me too long to listen to. Also, the “music” between sections is annoying. Go back to the old format please.