Your Money Now, The Small Business Report

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Great podcast. Go FootballGiants!
Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
Mr. Deal, I really appreciate your work, news, and interviews. You open up a world of business goings-on in 1/3 the time I would have to spend looking. Your podcasts make commuting fun, educational, and helpful for someone starting a small business. Keep up the good work!
Poor journalism and time-filler "stories". Instead of helping small business entrepreneurs, you're talking about ridiculous nonsense like how popular google chatting is at work. I would expect more from an icon like WSJ.
I honestly expected more from Wall Street Journal. It's more like news about and interviews with small business owners. This should be an educational or informational podcast. Ex: For my business I could care less about the rising cost of plywood. Also tell your employees they have to turn off their cell phones 2 hours before they go to bed so they get rest??? Get real! This pod cast is a joke!
Great podcast!
This is a good, short, to-the-point business podcast covering a wide range of current small business topics. But, man... that squawky, staticy intro sound is painful to listen to through headphones!


Love the quick tips.
I have grown to count on WSJSB podcast to get me thinking about new ideas and recent successes. It's encouraging and helpful. Well done.
This points out some very general tips and trends for small businesses, but I found it very boring.
for some reason "remember playback position" isn't checked for your podcast settings in iTunes (it usually is by default). you probably thought you pressed pause, but you pressed stop. unless you're in the podcasts window it will be a stop button rather than pause.
As a business owner, I must say these podcasts are perfect for my schedule and needs. It's the best out here on iTunes (in my opinion). It seems each podcast addresses the concerns of my work at the time (which is affected by current events).
I like these Podcasts. Lots of good small-business information, quickly. But, whenever I click "pause," I'm subsequently forced back to the beginning of the Podcast when I re-start. I was about five minutes into a Podcast today when I needed to take a phone call; I then had to listen to the first five minutes again. This only happens to me with the WSJ podcasts. Any idea why?
I'm a big fan of short podcasts. Who has time to listen to people going on for 30-45 minutes or longer? Not me. The WSJ Small Biz podcast is really short -- none are more than 10 minutes. That's great, but such brevity means the content is a bit shallow. I'd be happy if they'd add some more depth, even if it means the podcast runs another 5-10 minutes. If they can find a better balance between time & content, I'll gladly upgrade this review from 4 stars to 5.