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I’ve loved this special edition! Please please do more like this!!
Tons of actionable takeaways packed into each episode
The hosts such a good job covering a variety of topics. The show is filled with beautiful insights and wit. Their guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to be inspired!
I’ve been listening to it a few months now. Overall this show is interesting to listen to and gives really good insights into the business world. My only complaint is during the recent podcast #788 Career Rules at around the 19 min mark the host came off as ignorant by saying “Large, small, US, Asian, Indian, South American.” India isn’t a continent and is considered Asian, there was no need to distinguish/ single it out.
The perspectives Alison and her guests offer on this podcast are incredible. If you care about your business, this is the podcast you need to listen to. Thanks Alison!
Do you want short little talks to wide your general knowledge? This is the place
If you’re currently a business owner (or want to be one in the future), this podcast should be part of your weekly content diet. HBR IdeaCast sets the standard for management podcasts, providing actionable advice and insightful conversations in an easy to consume format. Truly a must listen!
These discussions really help me get a sense of how the world works and what I can do to make my place in it going forward. Thanks for all the great work you do!


By Jjarmen
I really like this show. Really informative
What about BLUE COLLAR workers?
Some good ideas but it’s been replaced with largely virtue signaling wokeness
This is such a fantastic podcast! A must everyone should listen to, if you're not, do yourself a favor and listen!
This is best podcast for exploring new business concepts. It helps frame old concepts in new ways. I don't subscribe to the academic journal, but this gives me a little insight into what the journal is covering.
The host Alison uses severe vocal fry. Turn down the treble to avoid having the crackling be so disturbing.
To channel my inner Kenny Bania, I say, “this podcast is gold, Jerry, it’s gold!”
Wonderful podcast about work management/politics issues. You don’t need to be a manager to gleam insights from it.
Enjoyable and informative podcast


By Deropam
Great podcast . It’s like having professional development at your finger tips.
Love content the provokes discussions on living up to the ideals of this great nations. One nation under God; mean on code of equality and justice for all our citizens. We need to do better on the issue of racism for I believe our country will be strong for it in the long run. Thanks HBR!
Such amazing content and guests. Having worked in higher education for 30 years, the information they share is incredibly valuable and insightful.
Recently discovered this podcast. Really like the content. I would give it a five star rating if the post interview production could edit out all the annoying fillers such as “You know”, “And”, etc. on both interviewers and interviewees. Even experienced speakers could have many fillers in their conversations. It would be much more enjoyable to listen to edited smooth production. Thanks.
Short interviews with burst. Would love to see a recap in the podcast and hear a learning points takeaway.
HBR Ideacast has become my daily routine! Always get a lot of insights from the episodes! Constantly update my biz knowledge! Thanks to all the hosts and guests!
HBR’s podcast never disappoints. I always learn something new and often save the episodes so that I can transcribe and write down the key portions. Keep up the fantastic work!
Great podcast
For an HBR backed program, the host uses too many filler words like “sort of” “kind of” and “you know”. This weakens the power of the topics chosen and makes the host seem unsure. I like the topics but the show itself falls short of compelling its audience.
Not much hard analysis, data, or insight is offered. More emotionally charged, opinion banter. Disappointed after listening to 15+ episodes. Unsubscribing now.
Why was this podcast was removed?!
HBR continues to be the leader for business, sales, and negotiation!
I’m on the business side working in the tech sector. I find these podcasts extremely insightful and thought provoking. I’ve recommended this series to other members of my team.
Dear Sara Green Carmichael, I am thankful for all of yourself and your candid sense of curiosity within the HBR ideacast. Life is indeed big and amazing beyond Harvard. Come join all the transition jumpers before you. We appreciate your last show tremendously. Great work!
This is a great podcast. I love listen to it even while taking a shower. However I hate the music at the beginning. It’s hard to hear when others are talking.
Hope to see you do more podcasts focused on women & career!
HBR is my absolute favorite cast. I feel my mind expanding with every new episode and host Sarah is too notch! She guides the discussion so artfully with questions that get right to the heart of “why should I care?” or “make this information work for me”. Thought provoking stuff.
This podcast is perfect for anyone looking to make it as a business owner, marketer, or entrepreneur. 10/10 would recommend.
The background music makes me so anxious. Not sure if I am the only one who really hate the background music but it is really annoying.
Harvard Business Review is a podcast that I listen to consistently and highly recommend. Their pieces are relevant, timely, often have interviews with influential leaders, and are well produced with minimal commercial interruptions. They are also about the right length for a commute.
Pretty terrible imo. At least the Slack episode I just listened to. It seriously sounded like they must be getting kickbacks for every awkward use of the phrase “the social tools”. They say it like my grandma says “the pot”. The content is almost absolute nonsense. I’ll not be listening again.
Always appreciate this podcast. Thank you, HBR!
Sarah Green Carmichael is a brilliant interviewer. The interviews are low key and relaxing but always satisfying. She digs into exactly what you want to know and asks the hard and probing questions. She is extremely knowledgeable about issues of gender diversity (and other kinds of diversity) in business management. This makes for very interesting interviews. Recommend this.
This is a podcast where you think it will be all "business-y", and yes, it is. But so much of what they cover can be applied to your personal life. The ideas presented, back by research, can really make you re-think the way you conduct your business and your life. Well worth the time.
Nice, on-point, insightful, fun where needed, and inspiring podcast.
I do podcasting and it's about Business. IDEACAST it's very inspirational to me.
Excellent information, very well done.
I've been listening for years. Always fascinating and so well researched!
The topics are great. Unfortunately, they've put an amateur in the host seat. This is HBR. I would expect them to hire someone with polished delivery. This woman sounds very young and Vally Girl-ish. It grates on my nerves. Voice, intonation, and inflection aside (all of which are poor), she's clearly reading a script. There's nothing natural-sounding about this host. Just amateur all the way. She's obviously smart, but maybe more suited to print. I'm unsubscribing.
Great podcast... great business lessons... great host!!! I learn much with each and every episode.