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Pastor David and Kim Blunt are great teachers!!
If you're Christian goal is to "Seek and to Save that which was Lost" (Luke 19:10) then Church On The Rock is where you will sharpen all of your tools, enabling you to do so. Simple, teachings in a complex world!
Thanks for changing my life and the people around me Pastor Blunt through these podcast
Listen to Pastor Blunt's words until they truly get inside of you. You will be changed!
Amazing wonderful right now word! A pastor that I believe truly cares.
Words from the greatest pastor in the world that TEACHES us simply how to use God's Word to improve our lives as well as those around us.
Pastor Blunt speaks with the Holy Spirit. Everytime I listen to a sermon I hear a word from God!!! Try listening to one a few times...I know I get more and more things that pertain to my walk with Jesus.
I have learned more from his teachings than any other pastor.
I've had the opportunity and pursuit to sit under and/or listen to some of the world's greatest teachers of the word, and will say boldly that Pastor Blunt I truly the best of the best!!!
I love Pastor Blunt's teaching. I've grown so much.It's radical, pratical, yet athentic! Its great to see before your eyes a Pastor who teaches the word, and lives the words he is teaching from the Bible. Church On The Rock is the most aamazing, multi-cultural church i've ever attended.The podcast is so cool, every week i literally hear the teaching, and i cant wait for the podcast - I'm constantly checking to see if the recent message is up! Its ike a girl waiting by the phone and she cant wait to receive that call from her love - hehe! Yes I'm in love with the Word of God, and Pastor Blunt helps make God's word extra coolio!:*)
someone before me said it best it is tuning the world out and listening to inspiring uplifting,words from God. sometimes it feels like i cant get to Gods word fast enough. pastor Blunt has a soothing relaxing voice and calms me right down. so when world becomes over whelming hearing Gods word is soothing to the soul. i enjoy pastor blunts way of helping people understand. thanks Pastor Blunt
excellent teacher who always has a right now Word. incredible.
Wow! Get ready to be blown away in a powerful and positive way. Week after week Pastor Blunt opens up the Bible and shows how to apply It's truth to your life right now, right where you're at. Turn it on expecting a life changing impact.
Excellent teacher. Clear and precise Word--for new and mature Christians.
Pastor Blunt is an incredible teacher with the ability to communicate to anyone at any level. If you listen to his teaching of the Word it will change your life as long as YOU apply it and do it. But watch out--it can be addictive listening and growing!
I love these weekly podcast! I can listen to the word in my car, at work, or anywhere when the world is chaotic this helps me remember the greatness of God. Pastor Blunt is the best!! I love COTR
Thank God for podcasts, I can tune out the world and tune in to God! Pastor Blunt really makes things easy to understand.
Teaches complex ideas in a simple way that makes understanding Gods word easy.