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Some good insights, provided they're not the ones from James Suckling. He's exactly as pretentious as you would think from his writing.
This is why Americans drink far less wines than other countries. After watching this show, I am not sure I want to drink wine ever again.
You don't expect a 3 minute podcast to contain a lot, but this contains even less than you'd imagine. The format is so short that the intro stuff takes up even more of the time than you'd imagine. And the content they do include is very narrow (the aussie wine comparison was just of 2 wines). Skip this one until they improve it.
I've upgraded it. The content is getting better. The potential is there!
Good stuff, plus it's video, so that sets it apart from the other major wine podcasts.
Wine Spectator's Podcast combines entertainment with a hint of education for a richness in character. I've enjoyed this podcast when in the mood for a quick dip of engaging wine commentary and review...
Look, it's not crazy interesting, but it's not bad. I am in Burgundy right now and it was useful to me to have this.