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This podcast is so sad and moving and incredibly well done. I really enjoyed listening although my heart goes out to all involved mainly Jennifer’s family.
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I’ve literally everything by now and I was in tears by the end. Such great, empathetic storytelling.
I am enjoying so far and may edit these Colton rants when I’m done with all the episodes. I’m on episode 6 and it’s sounding like Colton is being built up as a good guy after the fact rather than being judged for his actions when the crime took place. And because Lauren was acting terribly doesn’t automatically make him innocent. It just sounds like they were made for each other. Hearing the flimsy “evidence” being talked about for the appeals process is kind of a joke. Jailhouse confessions are hardly reliable. After hearing objective evidence of actual innocence being completely ignored in other cases (Undisclosed podcast) I was going to be very surprised if this case was accepted by the appeals courts.
I really loved this narration and everything from the music, the phone calls, and interviews. I really hope you’re putting out more content! I have even told other people about this podcast! I can’t believe I’m so late on this! Keep up the good work ladies!
The hosts are students and they try. Instead of allowing the narrative to unfold as a story they constantly “tell” the listener how sensitive they are, how they “get it” because they are young (most of us have been young and the things they “get” are banally universal), and explain in a preachy manner what’s up with how this should all be handled. What’s left is tedious. This is compounded by long ads seemingly every 5 minutes and insufferable vocal quality. The music beds sound like those of the brilliant yourownbackyard podcast. Perhaps it is his music? That’s possible but would prefer originality regardless.
For focusing on the humans in this deeply moving presentation. The horrifying details could have easily overshadowed the tragedy and grief for what might have been for all of these families. What an awesome show of love by the victims family that, while in the darkest time of their lives, they acknowledge and act on the need for support for everyday citizens serving their state.
Such a sad story. Good, thorough investigating and respectful
These two did an amazing job on this podcast! Heartbreaking story, wonderful journalism.
I love true crime podcasts. This one was so amazing from top to bottom. It was also completely heartbreaking. Excellent work by two young journalists. I hope they keep on with this long-form journalism. They nailed it.
I heard you girls on true crime binge and was so interested that I subscribed to your podcast. I’m binging now and on episode 5. I’m So impressed with how good this podcast is. So interesting, so much info and great interviews. You really covered this case well so far. Looks like this whole project is working out very well! 😀
You forget journalism students produced this because it’s really very well done. Kudos to them! Highly recommend!
Great podcast deserves a 5 star review!
Such a heart-wrenching story. So many people’s lives were changed forever by one horrific event. I feel so much empathy for the family and friends of Jennifer, and Colton’s as well. I think about both sides —- I can’t imagine the struggle for any of the parents, siblings, friends. But Laura Ashley Hall? It would be great if justice can actually be served in regards to her. What an absolute monster. The podcasters / reporters did such a great job with this. Highly recommended.
I’ve listened to almost every crime podcast out there, so it is not fair to compare this podcast to those that have more resources. That said, for this to be a student podcast I think it was wonderfully done. Both girls handled everything with thoughtfulness and kindness. The reporting was thorough and clear. I’m glad the family of Jennifer could share her story.
I couldn’t stay interested, the way the story is being told is not for me.
Though I’m not new to consuming true crime via podcast, this is the first series I’ve listened to that was produced by The Drag. I am so impressed by the work that was put into this. It was articulate and thorough and stayed sensitive/empathetic throughout. The story was gut-wrenching, but was told in such a way that was compelling and interesting. I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. Loved how there were so many different perspectives. This was, without a doubt, maybe the best-produced podcast I’ve listened to. Thank you! Looking forward to more. My heart breaks for Jennifer Cave’s family..
Hosts did a good enough job sharing the story, but it was average at best. Too much personal interjection and to be honest, Tinu’s voice is not for podcasts/radio.


By abbez88
This is my first time listening to a long form series podcast and it was amazing. I wouldn’t think of myself as a podcast person but after listening to this I definitely am. This was so well done and kept me interested every second of every episode. I will be recommending this to everyone i know!
Podcast was so good, that I finished it in the first day.
One of my biggest issues with true crime podcasts is that it’s usually sensationalized for the drama and not paying respect to the victim and her family. This was very well done and I hope justice is served completely for Jennifer Cave.
I first heard of the case from the 48 Hours episode. This podcast did a very good job shining light on information that 48 Hours didn’t include. Poor Jennifer and her family. It must be so difficult to live with the reality of what happened to her. I haven’t made up my mind about what I believe, but I’m glad Colton is in jail and certainly wish Laura had gotten more time. I wish these two hosts had more podcasts.
Excellent! I highly recommend this podcast. Well reached & well written.
These young girls seem to think they are reinventing the wheel, in their perspective, on how to narrate this crime. Which is such a funny pitfall for young people to fall into. Ultimately these girls come off as pretentious and will fit in well in the drive by media landscape they have graduated into. The girls are also so young, so inexperienced, that they are quite clearly and obviously only able to target an audience of peers. Which makes a lot of their references cringey. It would be better if they had marketed this podcast as being created for teens/young women. The story itself is compelling and that definitely worked in the girls favor. It kind of propelled them, and not vice versa- if they had more experience then they would have gotten out of their own way and made a much better version, I suspect. Lastly, this podcasts stands as a shining example of the fact that not everyone is cut out for a narrating job. Enunciation is an enemy of these girls. Either over enunciating or completely under enunciating and mispronouncing words. **Note: No one who is listening to a true crime podcast needs a trigger warning. Triggering content is baked into the true crime genre cake.
At first I didn’t think that this podcast would be that goodIt’s made by new journalists and students.But these students and young women did an incredible job making this a Binge able and credible podcast. This podcast is actually exceptional and I don’t get five stars that often but this one definitely deserves
The hosts say they are/were journalism majors at UT. Cool. I dislike the podcasts that are hosted by people who simply (re)tell a story using ideas, claims, and discussion points that they found through basic Google searches. Being that these hosts are journalism majors, they at least know how to conduct original research beyond easily discoverable material on the web. So that’s a plus. Now, here’s why I give it a 3/5: The plot line of the narrative is succinct, well planned and executed, and the hosts seem to have a good understanding of their audience’s memory skills. In other words, the hosts will reiterate small identifying details related to the people in the story (ex. “Business major Colton; DJ Michael, etc.) to help the audience recall whose who across the episodes. HOWEVER, I knocked off 2 stars b/c the hosts interject their own personal experiences into the episodes. For ex. Jennifer attended UT, so did the hosts. Jennifer was struggling to find her identity at age 20, the hosts say they were too. It’s little interjections like that, in my opinion, shouldn’t happen. I understand the purpose is to bolster the hosts ethos. That is, to show the audience the hosts know what they’re talking about, know what they’re doing. It’s also, I think, intended to be used as pathos: that is, to encourage the audience to connect w/ both hosts & narrative; the hosts, at one point, even say “this could happen to us, to anyone.” While all this is true and I don’t refute any of it, I suppose it just personal preference for the hosts of a true crime podcast to not do that. And tbh, for me, it severely reduces the hosts ethos as journalism 101 teaches you to never insert yourself in the story you’re reporting on.
This has everything a podcast should have. Great job, guys!
Colton wants to claim his innocence but it doesn’t matter. When he woke up to that girl in his house tried to cover it up ans went on vacation! He’s guilty whether he pulled the trigger or not and he’s where he belongs
Thank you for this podcast. It was very well done.
Thank you for reporting an interesting story in a way that was easy to listen to and follow. I appreciate your professionalism, and the lack of back-and-forth random chatter and laughter often found in podcasts that I find mostly distracting and annoying. Good job, ladies! I hope to hear more podcasts from you both 👍


It was a good story, but the delivery wasn’t for me. The constant mouth sounds were so distracting. And one of the girls tried to enunciate so much that she talked so slowly, which took away from what she was saying.
Very well done!
Vivid reporting
Riveting story done very well! Great job ladies!!
The material is interesting but the presentation is choppy and production is low quality.
This podcast is well-done. I can’t help but have a bad taste in my mouth about the coverage of Colton, but it’s truly a reflection of he and his family. Truly disgusting. Jennifer’s Family is so full of integrity even amidst the most immense tragedy- it truly blows me away.
I’m very particular about the podcasts I listen to. Super judgmental on the voices that come through the podcast. These hosts were easy to hear, understand and covered the story perfectly. I hope more episodes are produced soon.
I am a true crime fanatic and this is one of the best podcasts I have listened to. I also love Crime Junkies among other true crime podcasts for reference. Tinu and Haley are captivating in the way they cover the case while also being respectful to the victim. The interviews with all of the people involved in the case made me feel so immersed in it! I binged this in two days because it was that good! Well done!
Well done! The two hosts were college students during the reporting process and you’d never know. This is a well-told story that doesn’t forget about he victim.


By KutieK5
Very interesting and a good listen!
Found this podcast through A Date With Dateline podcast and I’m glad I did! Very interesting and well researched.
Too much sympathy for the murderer and blaming of the victim. Horrible podcast.
I want to listen since the reviews are great. The recoding quality is so poor it’s very distracting. It sounds like they recorded it on an iPhone, constant loud lisps and breathing into the microphone.
Let’s be real, if you’re an avid true crime podcaster you’ll realize fairly quickly this is not a 5 star podcast. Is it decent? Yes. Is it 5 star, no. I assume most of the 5 star reviews are friends and family trying to boost the podcast for these young ladies. I’ll keep my opinions of the case out of the review, but it does seem like propaganda to promote Colton as innocent, only because half the podcast episodes are dedicated to his appeals. It becomes confusing and redundant after awhile. If these young women want to grow into professional podcasters they’ll need to quit reading from a script, ask hard questions when they interview people, and invest in speech therapy. But most podcasters don’t start off as 5 star material. It takes time and experience to get there.