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There are plenty of shows out there that describe the tactical side of marketing, but Anna steps back for an intelligent look at the big picture strategic - and even philosophical - issues of branding, modern business, and professional life. -Matt T.
Very professional, engaging and enjoyable. Lots of great info. If you are in business, you need to subscribe to this podcast!
Anna is such an engaging and encouraging host to listen to! She'll bring a smile to your face every time you hear her! Subscribe to this podcast!
There are very few podcasts that I consider “must listening.” Anna consistently gets top notch guests. She provokes strong discussions and I always walk away with a nugget or two from each episode. Give “The Engaging Brand” a listen, you won’t regret it.
I can not thank Anna enough for The Engaging Brand podcast. The authors and books she covers are key to their fields. Absolutely best-in-class. I find most people fascinating, but Anna possesses a talent for dialogue which brings out the real core of the author's work. She has interpretive skilsl to not simply read the words and make the outlines, but see where they lead and what that goal might mean. That kind of heuristic insight is wonderful, rare, and powerful. In almost every episode she asks questions which compel authors to say, “That’s a great question,” or “I hadn’t seen it that way,” or “That’s an interesting application.” In other words, her engagement with their work illustrates the elevation of insight through transparent communication. Just wonderful. The world of thought and dialogue needs more of this kind of engagement. Thanks, Anna.
I've been listening to The Engaging Brand for several years now, and absolutely love it. Anna asks searching questions to get the best out of her guests (of which I have been one - full disclosure). The show is packed with useful tips and intriguing insights. Recommended!
I had the opportunity of reading one of the books before listening to the podcast about with the author interviewed by Anna Farmery. I though the book was great! But Anna has the ability to turn the picture you get from reading the book into a 3D movie with Matrix-like effects. She's capable of seeing things from points of view that sometimes even the author had not thought of before, just by asking strategic questions that extracts the best from the author and also linking it to the real world in ways that it makes everything crystal clear! She's the greatest professor I've ever had. Thanks Anna!
I've enjoyed Anna's podcasts for six months now and I can't say enough good about her choice of episode topics and her talented delivery during her podcasts. I highly recommend Anna's "Engaging Brand" for the heart, passion, and value that she puts into each episode. Jeannie Bolstridge, CEO Sensory Friendly Learning Inc. Educational nonprofit, south Georgia
Farmery knows what she is doing and really gets some great guests on the show. I fully recommend.


By Popani
These podcasts are a must have for all those that are interested in becoming Great in business. They have topic variety and all the podcasts are useful in my pursuit for greatness.
I've only listened to three podcasts thus far and am thoroughly impressed! Currently I am studying Brand Development and Storytelling principles in school, and I will definitely pass this along to my professors as a value resource to implement. The story is the story. Products are for people. If we don't engage people on a personal and emotional level, then we have failed the most crucial part of marketing. Thanks again for the great content on this podcast!
I have been listening to Anna Farmery for two year now and find her podcasts consistently among the best. She had an entertaining style, provides insightful comments and questions, and usually brings out the very best in her guests. Her guest lineup is well planned and consistently top notch. The podcast is a very solid half hour of quality content without wasting any of your time. Thanks Anna for your hard work and dedication to make this podcast a great listen!
An engaging, personable host who asks interesting questions and is clearly listening and building from what's shared by the interviewee; a diverse and engaging array of experienced practitioner-authors/creators; topics ranging across management, marketing, professional and career development, uses of the internet and social media; and links for follow-up on the work of interviewees. I really enjoy listening and learning! Thanks, Anna!
It is no wonder that this podcast rates so well. Anna brings a critical thinking approach and a thoughtful interviewing style to some of the best books/authors around. If you're looking for "nuggets" that make you think and grow - this podcast is a goldmine "must-listen". This award-winning podcast belongs in the top business podcast list in your device.
This podcast has to be on your iPod or mp3 player if you are serious about marketing. Anna informs, educates and brings the concepts of marketing to a level people can understand without hiding behind cliche's and gobbeldygook. No pretense here. Great interviews and topical discussions.
Anna has a real gift for finding relevant guests and asking them the right questions to get the information we need. I never miss "The Engaging Brand."
I've been listening to many of the business and marketing podcasts on iTunes and Anna Farmery produces a show that is informative, compelling and inspiring. She has a great mix of guests and Anna knows how to ask the right questions. As far as a production value goes, Anna keeps the conversation moving and to the point. Also, the audio is clear and that's important when I'm listening in my car. I encourage anyone who is trying to make sense of how marketing and advertising is evolving to subscribe to this podcast.
Anna is fantastic. Her passion and enthusiasm for the subject of engagement is infectious and inspiring. The people she interviews are incredibly knowledgeable and have an enormous amount of insight to share. If you're not listening to this, you're severely missing out.