The Memo by Howard Marks

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I enjoy this podcast so much. How lucky are we to get Mr. Marks life experience with investing, the economy and the impact of various events nationally and internationally. He does it with a calm and soothing voice. I look forward to this podcast.
I was thinking during the weekend "will be a good idea to have HOWARD MARKS Memo by his Voice" and today I find he is doing as I thought. Thanks, HOWARD MARKS for sharing your thoughts.
Thank you for making a podcast version of the Memos!


By Al_24
Marks embodies the epitome of common sense. To listen to him is to learn from 50+ years of market experience that few have. He compares and contrasts market realities with ease. I’ve read his memos for years and they have made me a better investor. No one else has his style and track record. We are long term Investors in Oaktree and he consistently makes the smart decisions.
Howard Marks meticulously explains his ideas on investing to educate not just his clients but anyone interested to learn about investing.
Always learning something new from Mr. Marks.
Howard Mark’s memos are a must read for all investors! Warren Buffet is reported to have said they are the first thing he reads when he gets one in his inbox. Howard’s insights come out every few months and help provide investors with a context for what is happening in the economy. Informed and second level thinkers know that his memos provide value and give one a better sense of where we are in the market cycle.
I love Howard Marks memos, however my reading time during the week is limited as I’m in a major city and commute via car. Podcasts have become a daily staple to my drive. I’m eagerly anticipating what further episodes will bring!
I used to read Howard’s memos on a regular basis and stopped due to time restrictions, but have more time for podcasts. Again, good to see the transition to the medium.
His opinion is not just helpful but more applicable to the general public, must read memo before investing
Really glad to see Mr. Marks’s memos in podcast form. Even though Howard does not read out these podcasts, the reader is high quality.
One of the best investors and finally a way to get the memo in audio form. Enough said.
Very smart investor with useful insight.
I’ve been reading the memos Howard sends for years. Always a lot of wisdom and humility. Can’t wait to hear more in the audio version.
Howard Marks is simply one of the most intelligent and rational people on this earth. Hearing him speak/reading his words are gospel. Pray to the religion of Howard Marks and understand the world in way never before.
A welcome alternate medium to hear from the sage himself.
Howard is a genius- plain and simple. Thank you for this gift to society!
Howard Marks is a legend...upgrade your knowledge by listening to this man. From there, ponder and apply to your own strategy.