Reviews For Grace Church Nashville Podcast with Lindell Cooley

This is my favorite app. I love to take these messages with me all day.
Lindell’s preaching is rooted in a love of GOD; respect for GOD and a true walk with his friend Jesus. Keep on speaking truth with love and holiness.
I have known of pastor Cooley since I was a child because my father (also being a pastor) visited the Brownsville revival got filled and came back to our city and revival hit our church! His music ministry has always been at the top of my playlist because it's still very anointed. I came back to Christ because of this mans ministry. The preachings in this podcast ought to be heard by EVERY Christian. He balances the Love and Justice of God which are lacking in today's church. I recommend these podcasts to everyone I know (even my own father and pastor lol) Holy Ghost filled and lead. God bless your ministry pastor Cooley.


The messages on giving are helping me greatly at a testing time in my life. I have been greatly blessed in the last 30 years. I have been a steady tither but my husband lost his job last year and I have been faced with a new normal. Thank you for your obedience in teaching this message. My home church is Mending Hearts in Okla. Love your messages.
Amazing combination of Pastor & Worshipper. Very down to Earth with Heaven in his sights! Practical Biblical Teaching at the Core.
Lindell Cooley is powerfully anointed as a Pastor and a musician! Not only is he blessed, but he is a blessing!
As a staff pastor and worship leader. I appreciate the honesty that Lindell shares with and the anointing that he walks in. He has been inspirational in my life from a distance since I was a teenager. It was listening to the music that he led at Brownsville that inspired me to be a worship leader. As gifted as a musician as he is, he is also a caring and compassionate pastor/preacher. This podcast is very helpful to me as a leader but also as a Christian.
I love my church but Lindell provides my family with meat in a milk fed world.
I had a brief opportunity to speak to Lindell at The RAMP Leadership Summit a few weeks ago and was totally impressed! He's real and genuine!! He is an ox of the modern day New Testament Church. He is truly a friend that has been sent ahead by the Bridegroom to prepare the Bride for His coming!
This is awesome. It's helped me a lot.
I started listening to Pastor Lindell Cooley because of Revival I watched via the Internet in which he was the worship pastor. He had so much passion that I wanted to know more about him & found that he pastored at Grace. I started by listening to the sermon about Joseph & I have been hooked ever since. There has not been a week that I have been disappointed except when there hasn't been a download. If you have a chance to make it to this church in person take it. I will be there 1st week in Oct & I can't wait. The Church is on FIRE & ready to serve our Savior!
You paint the image of his kingdom oh so vivedly in my mind like no other. I thank god for u
I love the podcast and have been downloading and listening to them while at work but several are MPEG4 audio files and I can't put them on my mp3 player... theres no way for me to tell either until I have already downloaded them. I really. wanted to hear the Series on Glory and I don't see it either. I LOVE the Worship Series and You are the Gate. Thanks and God Bless
I enjoy the podcast! It has changed my life. My husband and I are always anxious for the new podcast, because we listen to the past ones all week over and over.
This podcast will truely change the way you look at Christianity. Over and over it is stressed that relationship not religion is what God is looking for. Pastor Cooley's heart is so pure and his words are timely. I pray for this ministry to continue to flourish.

By aarr
What I like about Lindell is that he is humble and honest. This opens my spirit and causes his message to penetrate my heart. He loves God and he also loves people. I live on the west coast but if ever I was to move east I would want to be part of his work. I would also encourage anyone trully wanting to grow there spirit, go join this man and flourish. Steve Davis
I met lindell in brownsville about 10 yrs. ago he lit up the place with his music GOD BLESS YOU LINDELL, Michele