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This podcast is perfect: informative and humorous. I listen to it on my walk to class every morning and my walk home every afternoon. I've even stopped listening to music and this is all I listen to. I recommend it to everybody and I can't get enough.
i looove the mannerscast! great tips with some hilarious stories! wish they would continue.
I am still catching up with all the older podcasts, they are great and timely. I wish I had found them sooner.
Our world would be a much better place if you guys DID take over… well, at least what you're teaching. Keep up the good work!!!
What a great podcast! It's a great way to learn practical manners. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh and learn. :)
I am always a late adopter on the awesome things, and it has happened again. I'm bummed that I didn't clue in to this podcast years ago. It is so funny! If it takes you ages to pick up on the good stuff, too, delay no more! Subscribe now!
great podcast! Entertaining and informative.
Thank you guys. Found you via lost unlocked- after listening to a couple episodes, I am taking your advice and starting at episode one. Absolutely love the podcast!
The Mannerscast is one of the best podcasts I've heard! It's fun, well-produced, and extremely practical. So many issues are covered, and in such a fun way that it's hard to stop listening to episode after episode! All three guys have a good perspective on things, but I have to say that when there is a disagreement I usually find myself siding with Derek, so...go, Derek! I'll definitely be listening for as long as the Mannerscast is around. Keep up the great work, guys!
The Mannerscast is both entertaining and informative. It'll not uncommon to laugh out loud only to learn a little something moments later. A true podcasting gem, confirmed.
Well, I have to say I have loved listening to ya'll every work night, as I clean a dealership at night and it is very quiet and lonely. When Colin was telling the story about the lady in the elevator thinking he didn't speak english because he didn't answer her, I laughed so loud I scared myself. If anyone heard me they would think I was losing it. It makes me think of my (mexican) grandmother (RIP) who, when she didn't like someone or didn't want to talk to someone, she would just start speaking spanish and just pretend she had no idea what they were saying. Or, on a grouchy day, she would say some pretty interesting things about them to us, right in front of them hahaha She was an amazing and entertaining lady :) I am writing to tell you guys thank you. One night my husband and I were in a HUGE fight, and we were not really talking (before you ponder, there was nothing major, just a little thing that escalated into something big and stupid.) I think it was episode 68 or 69 (or 67 lol) where a woman wrote in saying to never go to bed angry. Colin was talking about how true that was and that episode played just after I had hung up on my husband. I sat down and realized how ridiculous we were being. I called him, apologized right away and am so glad we didn't go to bed angry. Keep up the good work, you guys are great fun. Thank you for keeping me company in the wee hours of the night while I clean clean clean!! God bless ya'll!
Be honest. You're kind of a jerk. I mean, I'll be honest, I'm kind of a jerk, myself. You know what the problem is? I do. I'm going to tell you what the problem is. We have no manners, you and me. You know why that is? I'm going to tell you that, too. Most of our lives have been spent sans MannersCast. But it's time for a change. You know why I'm telling you all this? I'm going to tell you why. It's because I've been listening to the MannersCast. I want to share. I don't want to keep secrets anymore. I don't want to revel in the fact that you're a jerk and I can talk to other people about it (because as previously stated, I'm kind of a jerk, and I'd do that). Not anymore, though. No, friend. It's you and me. You and me and the MannersCast. Taking over the world. You into that at all? Yeah. I thought so.
This podcast is funny, informative, and thought provoking. The hosts are great. It's about being respectful and considerate in the real world.
Top of the Mornin' So, I finally figured out how to leave a comment on iTunes, and its about time. This podcast continually makes me laugh-out loud with, and sometimes at its incredible trio of hosts! This truly is one of my favorite podcasts, and I look forward to each new episode! If there was a 6-star rating, I would give it that!
I downloaded this after reading all the reviews, only to hear the same reviews read extensively on the podcast. ??? Also, for a show with the premise of readig letters out loud, I would expect te hosts to be a little better at it, and not stumble over every punctuation mark.
This podcast is great! The guys give out helpful tips on how to be mannerly in a number of different scenarios, while also being entertaining. I’ve actually quoted them in a number of situations I’ve been in and encouraged other to go listen. Keep up the great work!
Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with your funniest friends. Of course, it's a one-way friendship, but, oh, what a one-way friendship!
Everyone should be required to listen to this, the world would be a better place. A different Rebecca in Rhode Island
I'm a latecomer to this podcast, but am so glad I found it. I love the humorous banter about everyday issues. Started listening from Episode #1 and am up to 39 already. Hope there's more to come - keep up the good work! (And next time I fly I'll keep my seat in an upright position - just for you guys!)
I learned of the Mannerscast in the summer of 2009 from the Modern Manners Guy. I started listening chronologically, from 1 to 100, but that is not necessary for enjoyment of this podcast. Podcasts seem to be recorded a couple at a time, but are often distinct from each other. The guys (whichever cast you have for the episode) generally present good rules of thumb for behaving the mannerful way. My children enjoy the mannerscast, as did my husband for the episodes he's heard while I've played them. Not every episode is child-friendly, though. And the guys themselves often explore the unmannerly behavior in jest before giving truly mannerful advice. Funny and engaging, I highly recommend The Mannerscast.
It's great listening to you guys. I'm from Texas but live in Minneapolis so listening to you is a little piece of home for me. I love the practical advice and great stories you guys tell. Keep the podcasts coming, please.
I love the MannersCast. It's fun and helpful. I always look forward to the new episodes. I must admit though, the title of the 100th episode startled me a little (which I suppose was the point). Keep up the good work, guys.
This is an amazing podcast cant wait til they start recording again
I discovered this about three months ago, and have been listening to three or four episodes at a time in my car to get 'caught up'. My wife enjoys it as much as I do. I find it very insightful, a view into different interpretations of proper behavior in different situations. I have violated the 'Major' a few times and now I realize how rude it is. These guys need to come to New York (New Yawk) and straighten out a few people. This is for those who are 'thinkers' and appreciate wit; if you're looking for silliness and stand-up, this isn't for you.
Thank you for putting on such a fantastic podcast! You guys rock! ~ Chrissy from Oregon :)


I like this podcast. I just am a bit OCD and I want the international review count to be equal or more to the amount of episodes.
I'm a new listener, but I started at episode 1 and am up to 90 now in just a couple weeks because it's completely a good way! :-) I don't always agree with your advice (I'm so going to be ticked if I get stuck with one of you kicking my airplane seat), but I love that you have people thinking about how they treat one another. The world needs more of that. I've laughed myself to tears a few times, you guys are hilarious...everyone should listen...because the MannersCast IS for everyone!


By hww0103
I tried to listen to several different episodes. Simply put: I do not find this podcast interesting or funny. I believe that part of the problem is that I was expecting a comedy podcast. This would probably fit better under a different category. The people involved may be funny individuals but, this as a podcast is only mildly humorous and mildly interesting at best. Listen to this if you enjoy rambling speech about social faux pas.
Great stuff. Not only funny and entertaining, but they whip a little education on you too. Highly recommended. Congratulations on your 100th podcast and best wishes for many more!!! Linny
As a former contributor, I can say that the Mannerscast only gets better as it goes. Great conversation, pertinent information and the best advice to do with manners and social interaction available on the intertubes. Listen today!
... is looking like a fool when it makes me bust out laughing in public! And it does this on a regular basis. Guys, it's not very polite to make me look like a fool! This is a great podcast made by some very funny and sweet guys. You'll love feeling like a part of their world as they let you in on their inside jokes and stories. Keep up the great work; here's to 100 more!
hello,I am from Providence,Rhode Island. i work a realy repeditive job and recently got an i pod to pass the time , while looking for stuff i passed upon your podcast.I listen to them all the time now . and actualy laughed so loud at the potato throwing one that the people i work with probably think im nuts now . thanks for helping to pass the time and for great advice , your listner shawmere
These guys will have you laughing out loud. Thanks so much for putting a smile on my face. Will do my part to help you take over the world.
After plowing through the back catalog on a few funny and relevant lifestyle podcasts (such as The Definitive Word) I was in search of something to fill the void in my IPod. Came across The Mannerscast by chance and have not been disappointed! The podcasts are not too long, interesting, helpful and very entertaining. I highly recommend it.
I love this podcast. I was hooked when I heard the bluejay podcast. It made me laugh so hard I had to pull my car over because I was crying! The guys have great voices and they make me wish my commute was longer so I can listen longer. And then there is the vocabulary: factating and slapping the sofa are my favorite!
this is a great podcast! It's not about which fork to use, these guys discuss social grace in real life situations. give this one a go!
This podcast makes me laugh sooooo much!
Cures the common cold! Gets great highway mileage! Brings peace to the Middle East! Gets that funky cigar smell out of the apholstery!


By jhu11
One of the best podcasts out there… hilarious and informative, I drop my dish every time I listen. This podcast is a good way to make manners less stuffy, more approachable and is a good introduction to manners for those who have none.
Good stuff and good times.
Great and Snarky podcast, been listen to it from episode 1. Will help you guys take over the world. :D
These guys are great! I look forward to their podcast. They discuss dealing with people and funny situations with humor and seriousness. Keep up the good work. Hi Colin.
I have been loyally listening almost since the begining. This podcast is great I love it and suggest it to all my friends and even people i don't know. You guys are great. You're hilarious but also give good advice. Keep up the good work.
There is no reason NOT to listen to this podcast. It is the awesomest!
This is an awesome podcast. It's very informative and practical. Everyone should listen to it because it is also hysterical. The guys are great too.
It's refreshing to occasionally listen to a podcast that is funny and does not bring up politics or other divisive issues. The mannerscast does this while also providing good manners tips which are discussed and debated in detail interspersed with anecdotes and banter. I like it.