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Storytelling at it’s best! This story gave me chills and tears of joy the first AND second time I listened. Thanks Radiolab!!
I get that podcasts are entertainment. But there are better instances where nature and science shows focus on the phenomena in an awe inspiring way without sensationalizing it. While Radiolab hosts utilize some interviewing techniques, their questions are leading and the answers come mixed sound bites so it’s unclear what the interviewee really said. I wish they would slow down, present information and let the listener think more about it themselves.
I’ve never left a review, but I feel that I owe Radiolab one after listening to literally every single episode available (save two)! The storytelling in each episode is very well-executed. The material consistently manages to be stimulating, high quality, and often, thought-provoking. This podcast is downright addictive!
I never know what I'm going to get when I download a new Radiolab, but I know that it's going to be informative, introspective, and well produced! This is the podcast that other podcasts aspire to be. Bravo!


Hi I love the show but it has too many politics and not enough stories/science
Political sham focused on dividing listeners. It used to be interesting, even fascinating, but in the last several years the podcast has increasingly focused on only stories and sponsors that speak for a leftest regime. The hosts condescendingly try to "educate" listeners about political topics, mostly social issues, that they promote.
Great episode!!
Each week I’m gitty with excitement in anticipation of what the next episode will bring. Thank you for the excellent journalism.
This is one of my fav podcasts and one of the most recent episodes, “The Punchline”, is one of my favorite episodes to date. Thank you for consistently making a quality show that always tells a great story!
This used to be an amazing podcast but it drastically changed during the fall of 2016. Ever since then this podcast has been extremely biased in favor of liberals and a lot less interesting.
If that was a thing. This podcast should be on the list. I always learn something important.
Great content. Literally can’t listen because of the intro and other irritating musical elements. Please reconsider your choices here, those of us with auditory sensitivity(hyperacusis) need you to do better.
The Punchline is an amazing episode.
I have always loved this podcast because I learn from it and find the stories emotionally captivating. The recent episode about the hockey player John Scott was uplifting and terrifying at the same time. John is a hero in my eyes and the Hockey League should be boycotted. Just another example of democracy losing out, unfortunately.
Best RadioLab episode I’ve heard in years! I’m not crying you’re crying.
The new Radiolab episode „The Punchline“ was just great storytelling. My advantage: I know NOTHING about ice hockey, or sports in general, so everything in this ice hockey story was complete news to me. Every moment a surprise! I loved that. That said, I am eager to have Radiolab go back to some scienc-ey topics.
I think this show is great! The only problem is that they don’t separate things appropriate for my kid from more grownup concepts
If you want to hear a group of narcissistic wannabe journalists, with A.D.D., stretch 5 minutes of information into a 25 minute “sketch” then this is the podcast for you. The presenters apparently cannot focus long enough to utter a complete sentence. Instead they edit together phrases or just words from different people into “Frankensteinen” prose. As a gimmick or satire it could be quite amusing but as a style of broadcasting it’s puerile. The presenters and producers constantly reinforce each others narcissism with over the top compliments. Probably a product of their upbringing where every little act was greeted with unfettered approbation by their parents. The style of the broadcast is made even more unpalatable by the annoying voices of the contributors. Apparently one or more of the staff went to Harvard. So either standards at Harvard are much lower than we are led to believe or they were admitted under some quota system.
Radiolab is one of the few podcasts where the subject matter just doesn’t matter - it’s always going to be fascinating. If you haven’t listened to it you’re in for a treat
Listening to Radiolab is always worth my time. Fascinating stories that are also entertaining. Enriching my knowledge - my brain - while enjoying myself at the same time.
I have learned so much from this podcast. I feel I'm always bringng things up in conversation. There are a few I've made my family listen to. There is so much to learn.
This show used to be good but now they are so biased politically, I think they are too far gone to possibly recover. Sad.
Not sure what happened to this show the past couple of years, but they really lost focus. Almost painfully cringe-y to listen to it lately. It feels like they are lost and just don't know how to find any new or fresh science-based content. We live in an increasingly progressive world and Radio Lab is regressing with each new show. Bring in a younger crew who is keeping up with science in today's fast moving world, because the current team has become old and stale and have made it painfully obvious they can no longer keep up.
Remember when Radiolab had interesting things about science and the world we live in? I miss those times. It is the far easier thing to get sucked into the current moment in history, but takes true courage to keep making stories about the larger picture and the forces that make the world tick. There is far too much reporting of the timely these days, of the outrage, but I used to rely on radiolab for the timeless, and it seems like that is no more.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for 8 years, effectively half of my life. I have learned more here than almost anywhere else, and the topics that are discussed have radically helped me in school and every day life. Radiolab has made me develop a deep love for science, and is helping me pick out my career. Thanks Jad and Robert! You guys are my heros!
It was a brilliant idea. For the first few years it worked well; they made science the star of the show. I would wait eagerly for every new episode. Then suddenly it stopped being about real, hard science and became a social science podcast. Then one day it just became a sort of potpourri of new-agey sentiment and pop-culture. If I wanted to listen to “This American Life”, I would. Radiolab has become a 45-minute bimonthly bait and switch.
This once was one of my favorite podcasts, full of interesting and compelling science. Now it just focuses on one social issue after another and always with an unwavering and intolerant liberal viewpoint. If you want science, don’t come here anymore. If you are conservative or even moderate . . . also unwelcome. If you want encouragement for your safe-spaces and war against micro aggressions (sigh) you can rest assured you will be securely within your information bubble with this podcast. No trigger warning required! I will unsubscribe.
This podcast was once a delightful oasis of insight and wonder. But, it appears that all good things must come to an end. The stories are few and the content dull. The frequent plugs for other podcasts and the weak storylines (an episode about the phrase ‘I’m sorry’. Seriously?). I’m grateful that Radiolab has done so much for so long. However, I’m sad that it’s now rolling off. Thanks for everything, Radiolab. You will be missed.
New episodes are lacking what made radiolab great. The half assed discussions about social and political issues are not what brought me to this podcast. There are a million podcasts like that and many of them superior to radiolab's efforts. I'm finally unsubscribing after all these years.
Of all the perennial podcasts I am subscribed to now, this remains my favorite. When there's a new episode, I listen to it first. It speaks to the science geek in all of us. It takes no shortcuts in describing a discovery or explaining something well that my [Ivy League] professors could not, while making me roll on the floor with laughter and joy. I highly recommend. ... Slight update: I need to concur with some fellow reviewers that I [really] miss the science focus, but I also gain a ton out of your transition to focusing on the law. As an attorney (don’t judge) whose former career in environmental science [that I miss Every. Single. Day.] (health and water quality, primarily if anyone wonders) its clear to me how the two fields can be fascinating to a single individual (in this case, a team of people, of course). The stories behind the law are so well done. They bring so much color and context to a subject so familiar to me now (14 years in legal practice) that I am amazed how much I gain out of each episode. BUT, if I had a say, if not a full focus, maybe at least a sprinkling of science episodes. They give me a reprieve and are a window to my true joy.
Radiolab, I love your Podcasts! Even the new ones, I listen intently as soon as every episode is released. However, as many have pointed out in the reviews it appears the theme of the podcast has changed and brought on an agenda. I miss the interesting stories on “science and technology in the modern world”. The way you broke down vast and complex scientific topics was a true art form, and something I have not found from any other podcast. There are hundreds of other interesting podcasts that discuss politics and social behavior in insightful ways, but there just isn’t anything that compares to the way radiolab used to be. If you continue this new theme as a separate podcast, I will be your first subscriber, just please bring back the old Radiolab!
Seems more politicized than it used to be. I love the new series on conversion therapy—that’s not the political stuff I’m talking about—but there are Notably fewer deep dives into obscure and scientific topics and many more episodes justifying (or attempting to justify) one political idea or another. And the episodes about consent... didn’t love those. My 5yo and I used to listen in the car to fun, audio-artsy stories on bacteria and CRISPR. Not anymore :( Still have to give four stars for the amazing older episodes.


Dead memes!! I love this podcast!


By cladoni
If I had to pick a single podcast to listen for the rest of my life I’d picked Radiolab
Please stop the social agenda mess and get back to your roots of fascinating science stories. I held on hoping it would be a phase, but I am UNSUBSCRIBING. Start a new podcast to triumph your agenda.
My favorite one, and I listen to a lot. Un-Erased is highly touching and interesting...I hope the series goes on for many episodes. Thank you!!!
I’d give radio lab 5 stars for its early work that stuck close to pure science. For instance their episode on rabies is one of the greatest pieces of all time. However the current material has become tremendously based on social issues with a heavily biased agenda at that. The world doesn’t need another This American Life.
I really love Radiolab and I have learned a lot from it but unfortunately it has gotten extremely boring because they have started to get way to into current politics and not on science! I think that that stuff should be put on More Perfect
This podcast went from awesome scientific knowledge, to nothing but a liberal agenda podcast and it really makes me sad. You guys had a good thing going. I love this podcast. But stop. All you do is go liberal political now. It’s gross. Science isn’t what you’re doing. It’s weird. From the border to homosexuality, which is fine, I’m not coming from the opposite side.however you’ve become so political. It’s dumb. I listen to every podcast. I’m not going to bash. The choice is yours. But this liberal leftiness, is insane. Keep it neutral. I don’t understand why you feel you need to cover things that are political. Where’s the science??? Wish you all the best but stop. Keep it to science.
*Read this while listening to Boyz II Men, End of the Road softly in the background. Dear Radiolab, I loved you with all my heart. I listened to you over and over. Your voice, production & stories brought joy & wonder to my life, but you have changed. You are not the same podcast I met back in 2005. You are not the Radiolab I fell in love with. I'll always have a special place in my heart for you, but this is for the best – for the best of both of us. Goodbye, I'll miss you. Your friend forever, Quillen
What happened to Radiolab? New ownership? New producers? What happened to the super interesting episodes which left you feeling educated and entertained? For the past few months this podcast has really gone downhill.
Used to be one of my favorites, but recently(the last 6 months) have decided they are just going to push gender/identity politics and nothing else. I wouldn’t mind a small series/set of podcasts on that subject but at this point this podcast has clearly become a platform to push their political beliefs down your throat. Really sad as you have a great team, and could still use this platform to affect change without being all self righteous about it.
Going to be blunt and just say that this is one of the few podcasts that I never get sick of. The voices never get annoying and the stories are consistently great.
The talent that the writers, producers and reporters at Radiolab is astounding. I feel smarter and more informed after listening to each episode. Well done all.
This podcast covers a wide variety of topics, and goes in depth without chasing too many rabbits. Radiolab is whimsical while still presenting information and uses human connections to make topics previously dry more interesting and easy to understand. I always anticipate a new radiolab! Never stop!