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I learn so much from it and the stories are ALWAYS interesting. They do a great job of diving into a topic in an unbiased way. Have been listening to this for years
I absolutely love this podcast. I stumbled on them many years ago and have been enjoying them for years.
Love the show, can't stand Robert Krulwich. Please adjust accordingly. Thanks!
Always my favorite podcast! I’m dying to know what Toyota did to fix the problem. Seems like they swept this problem under the rug.
Radiolab was the first podcast I ever listened to. And I loved it. It was an amazing show that taught me so many things and just encouraged me learning new things that I had never thought about before, BUT I noticed a change a while back, they stopped saying from npr in the intro. I didn’t think much of it and I’m not saying npr made them good but after the split it seems that their focus shifted and everything turned into garbage. Now I don’t feel like I’m learning but more like I’m being pushed some agenda that I don’t care about. Bring back the fun science. Please.
Listening to radiolab is like listening to a beautiful combination of science and poetry. It never fails to put me in a good mood and spark so much curiosity. Can’t stop listening.
There’s no better way to describe it other than, ITS SOOOO GOOD! Bit Flip episode is my new favorite!
I’m am giving Radio Lab one star because they allow advertising from Rocket Mortgage. As a local lender who is actively involved in the community, Rocket Mortgage/Quicken has spent millions and its persuasion to destroy the market for local lenders. I believe NPR should be more responsible in choosing advertisers that support local business growth. As a local lender not only do I work hard for my clients, but I am also an active member of the Rotary Club of Richmond, Meals on wheels, project homes, Ronald Mcdonald House Charities, and other organizations here locally. I believe that RadioLab and many other NPR podcast should do what’s right and ban national companies that don’t represent the local market through philanthropy and volunteer people hours. Will Schroeder Richmond, VA
It actually breaks my heart a little to unsubscribe from radiolab. It has gone downhill. The guys were so great. We learned a lot and enjoyed the banter. Now the new additions taking on stories as big as American Samoa then slaughtering it with terrible journalism and the use of “like” so frequently.. I couldn’t finish it. You owe the people you’re covering more. You owe your fans more. That’s what she settled on even after editing?
Greetings. I am an ambassador from a distant alien race (alien to you). We have come to assimilate your planet. We were alerted to your puny lives by this show. It hypnotized half of the population with its amazingness. We have come to take it for ourselves. Muahahahahahahaaa. J.K. But seriously
Science in this podcast was always so fascinating and well reported, the show of late has become so random and lacks actual scientific topics, the social topics are good here and there but now it’s constant if not then it’s a decent episode that is just pulled back up from the past. Please radio lab remember where you came from and start heading back in that direction.
Ever since Robert took a step back, the fascinating “science” episodes took a huge hit and all we get are one quirky social-science episode after another. Between that, plugs for their “other” podcasts, and constant revisiting of “favorite episodes from the past,” I find myself looking elsewhere more often than not. This podcast is fantastically smart at its best but unfortunately the great content has become few and far between.
Pretty horrified by the voyeurism of the woman in this episode. I hope her neighbor never hears this story and has to know she was being watched and obsessed over.
The sound quality is agitating, every time they describe any kind of science it’s combined with weird sci-fi beeping or the audio is scored with ethereal type music, unnecessary. Hard to focus on actual stories with all the distraction, paper rustling, and weird changes in sound quality like you’re on a phone with a bad connection.
I’ve listened to this show for about 10 years and it seems that it has fully transitioned into a crackle-voiced activism platform rather than a scientific curiosity program. It used to be entertaining and interesting and now it’s just kinda feels like punishment.
I started listening to it almost 10 years ago, and it is still among my favorite podcasts.
The “Asking for another Friend” episode hit a tone deaf mark in its opener. Really? We need to hear about how incredible /s it is that a rich white man skipped science class in his colonial style African boarding school, went on to serve in critical roles necessitating a scientific mind (oil), faking his way through it all to the bank, and is only now in his retirement giddy over discovering mitosis. No. Come on. Jad and Robert are usually light years better than this privileged nonsense.
This is a generic observation/review of Radiolab after scrolling and reading the comments of unhappy folks who tuned in originally and decided to tune out. It was easy for me to discern their politics which sadly for them is their loss. But typical, and it explains so much. Radiolab is phenomenal. The hosts and producers are top notch. Always revealing and insightful.
I used to enjoy the stories so much on RadioLab, and anymore, it's like, well, I like, know I'm suppose to, like, just enjoy those stories, but it's, like, the speakers are just like, so, like, I don't know, just, like, pausing to, like, you know, make a point? And end with that up-questioning tone to every sentence? So I'm, like, out of patience now. I'm sorry to miss the, like, more insightful stories, but it's just, like, I don't know, I'm like, tired of parsing the speech patterns of the speakers.
Some interesting story’s some of them educational and some political. I’m a big fan of the educational ones but when they shift to politics or everyday events they show an overly biased towards the left. They fuel our now soft society. Also just heard an ad from them asking members to join at an average donation of $75.
Not a good look radiolab. Lol
It was repulsive to listen to two clueless white Americans talk about this complex case of birthright citizenship and present Samoans as irrational for not agreeing with their privilege-laden ignorance. You were so incredulous and even laughed at the Samoans’ stance, but their reservations were perfectly understandable. The US has a long and ongoing tradition of obliterating cultures they consider to be inferior. Allowing anyone born in Samoa to become citizens would, according to the entirety of American history, result in Samoa being a carbon copy of the rest of the American empire. That means the white and well-to-Do would eventually seize power and all of the most desirable parts of land. People of color would be forced out by racism and gentrification and systemically oppressed JUST LIKE IN THE UNITED STATES. To hear the lawyer talk about trusting the US government is absolutely insane. This is a country where the oppressed have to fight for decades, centuries in some cases, for rights and protections freely given to wealthy white people. I think the Samoans would be better off fighting for gender and lgbt equality in their own country instead of fighting for something like birthright citizenship, which would eventually screw them in the end. 45 is a perfect reminder that we still have a LONG way to go in the US when it comes to treating people of color with dignity and respect. And Hawaii was and is a cautionary tale, just like Palestine is. When you allow non-natives to buy land, you open the door to people who will eventually take over your home, destroy your culture, and profit from your oppression.
Not anymore. Stopped listening
RadioLab used to be one of my favorite podcasts until it started getting focused on political issues. I hear enough of that in the news and don't find those topics to be in any shortage among other podcasts. Missing the old science content!


Radiolab has gone pants-on-head stupid recently, with a mean streak. “I’m going to take back the word gonads!” declares one of their idiot reporters. Take it back? From whom? It refers to ovaries and testes. It’s this kind of stupid and agenda-driven drivel that makes me very sad for the future of this once-excellent production. Oh, and Molly [Webster]: here’s your potluck dish. You’re just awful.
Just listened to the episode titled asking for another friend and I couldn’t finish it. This is the worst kind of pseudo science. Saying that a dog is racist is dumb and feels like we’re now turning the clock backwards on scientific discovery and rational exploration. We have to re-evaluate behavior that has been recognized and studied in dogs for centuries but now under the new PC vocabulary. What used to be recognized as a dogs natural ability to recognize differences in people is now being referred to as racism? What the hell are we doing here? There is legitimate time and money being put into these idiotic studies. Gadzooks we’re getting stupid these days.
Longtime fan but it’s become far too political.
Love the hosts, topics, production quality, everything! This is the first podcast that I ever listened to and I think I subconsciously compare every other podcast to it. For me, no other podcast has ever come close to what Radio Lab delivers.
This was a good podcast and was a consumer of this product, but the last wording for their donation pitch was off putting. They basically called you a freeloader if you didn't give. Alot of other podcast and traditional radio programs advertise. I dont want to freeload so i will no longer listen
Bring back the old show!
RadioLab is an excellent source of knowledge and information on many different subjects but we really could do without all the dumb songs and sound effects.
After years of listening I have unsubscribed. Politics have been forced down our throats constantly in the last two years and I’m sick of it. Not everything in life is about politics and this podcast, which I previously enjoyed, has gone down the same road as so many media outlets before it. The ubiquity of politics in media makes many, like me, feel as if its purpose is now propaganda. For a long time the US had the benefit of a media that reported facts. The media reaped the benefits of that in the form of trust. Americans as a result don’t recognize propaganda when they see it. I didn’t until I realized how obsessive it was becoming. I have now had my fill of politics. My reaction is now to shut off anything political. Life has more to it than all this and I refuse to sign on to all the hysteria. My life as a result of shutting off politics is so much less stressful. I recommend that everyone shut off unnecessary political discourse.
For years this was my favorite podcast. But over the past couple of years it has been transitioning from a fastinating science show to a run-of-the-mill gallery of "human interest stories" that are closer to party gossip than they are to informative discussion. And like gossip, I'm sure the episodes attract eager ears but what a loss for a show that once rose above the public pap with intelligent conversation from a scientific viewpoint.
I got sucked in with the one about colors, and how we can only see colors we can name...mind blown!!! If you could do one on the myth that female sports create less revenue than male sports that would be amazing, I think the WNBA & the NWSL are good places to start.
This used to be the best podcast out there, but in the last few years they’ve taken a steep downhill dive. No longer interesting :( Take a listen to an episode from 2013/2014 and then a recent episode - you’ll hear it too.
I've been listening to Radiolab for almost a decade. It is the gold standard for me when it comes to content and production. They make each episode interesting, relevant and entertaining.


By tnvc23
This is one of my favorite podcasts!
I love this podcast. I just think it needs a new intro recording that is not as repetitive since listening to podcast episodes in sequence exaggerates the repetition.
Best podcast I have ever listened to. I listen to every episode <3<3<3<3<3<3
Every episode leaves me thinking about a topic for days, even longer. The context or story, always shows how our different perspectives are truly complex. Both sides of an issue are described in such a way that the listener can understand how the “other” sees things. The endings tend to have a twist that leave you hopeful.
Please God stop editing the dialogue like this. The podcast is really good but someone seems to think that having the interviewer and the interviewee’s dialogue combined, then completing each other’s sentences, like a bunch of freaked out super twins from the bizarro world of a superman episode, is a good idea. This is not a good idea. It’s pretty distracting. Nine times out of 10 I can’t tell who’s voice is who’s. And worst of all, I get the feeling whoever is doing this thinks that they are cool and jazzing up the episode in a way that makes it more interesting. It does not make it more interesting it makes it less interesting it makes it almost on listenable and I don’t listen to the show as a result of that however I get really bored and exhaust all the other podcast that I do like and when that happens I scour for new material and sometimes close friends will suggest one episode from this podcast and I will listen to it and enjoy it. But due to this super annoying vocal editing approach I will not listen to it in succession.
Thank you for being quality, investigative journalism willing to tell the whole story and follow a story where it leads. Always excellent and informative.
Awesome content and very interesting topics. Opens your eyes to past and current events around the world. As well as easy to follow scientific topics. Wonderfully narrated.
I reference the things I have learned through this podcast on a daily basis!! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing stories.
This show consistently amazes me. Episodes are excellent, well-researched forays into every imaginable field, exploring the discoveries and realizations of our existence and the humanity behind them. This is the podcast that got me into podcasts. Unraveling Bolero, From Tree to Shining Tree and The Punchline are my personal favorites.


“Hello this is radiolab and today’s show is” those words comfort me because every night I listen to a podcast and this is one of my favorites I have heard very episode that’s how much I love it
Artfully explored
It’s actually easy to estimating the value of this podcast- in a word... priceless