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Very grateful to Tourism Tim for taking the time to talk to me about my new travel company. He had excellent, straightforward advice and truly seem to care about my success. I love listening to his podcast and learning from his successful guests. Very grateful I found this podcast! Thanks for all of your help! Looking forward to taking your courses soon.
This podcast has been incredibly helpful to me and my small group tourism business. I've learned a lot from the host as well as the guests and have applied a lot of the insight to my own business. Highly recommend!
I had a great time on Tim’s show. Allowing me to share my knowledge on how business owners can stand out on Yelp, use the free platform to market themselves, and understand the do’s and don’ts when it comes to any online review site.
I’ve listened for a while now. Tim spends most of the time talking and doesn’t let his guests speak. I just listened to an episode where he completely tore down the supplier he had as a guest. He should have researched their business model before and not had them as a guest if he didn’t believe in in. Also, if he is success marketing how come there isn’t any social media for the show? That is crucial is presenting a brand in today’s world.
Tim is an expert in his field and extremly knowlegable on best practice to increase business and generate profitable results. I would recommend any tourism client to his company.
Tim's folksy way is very engaging and fun to listen to and he obviously really cares about helping tourism professionals. We've picked up some great ideas from this podcast which have helped our bottom line significantly. I highly recommend it.
Tim covers a wide variety of topics that are incredibly helpful to me as a new tour operator. Learning from actual case studies of travel businesses around the world has been so valuable. Thanks Tim!
My boss Marshall turned me onto Tim's podcast, and we've gleaned so much valuable information that's helped us grow our business. Highly recommended!
This is fantastic, practical advice every idiot can understand--even this one! I have a fairly good understanding on social media but appreciated how Tim really explains things well and quickly.
Tourism Tim Warren is definitely delivering the goods, and what a library of choices as well. What I find interesting is that many of the tips are applicable beyond the travel industry to multiple business opportunities where marketing is king. Well done, quality recordings and information here, highest recommendation.
I have consulted with Tim over the years for our fishing lodge marketing, and I am very thankful to him. He shared some simple secrets that doubled my business in 2010! The proof is in the fruit of the tree. Tim knows his game and knows it well. I highly recommend anyone to consult with him, especially in the start-up phase of a tourism business. You will save tons of money, and see high results.
Great podcast! Tim shares a ton of information from his marketing experience and expertise. Great for people working in the travel business or anyone wants to learn more about business marketing.
Tim Warren is a consummate travel marketing professional. If you have questions about how to take your travel business to the next level, Tim is your guy and this podcast is a great place to start!! Listen carefully and take action!!
Tim brings a very powerful message for the Travel Industry. I really enjoy his passion and knowledge that keeps helping hundreds of people succeed in their Travel Businesses.
I have been following “ Tourism Tim” for many years. His sage advice and his guests has inspired me, and given me ideas I have been able to put into action immediately. I highly recommend you listen to these shows.
Tim's podcast is truly informative and helpful. After listening to his podcast, I bought his ebook, Tourism Marketing Success, which, with its advice and proven techniques, has been extremely useful in marketing my travel business. I look forward to more podcasts in the future!
Tim Warren has a knack for straight forward advice specifically for the tourism market, and his Podcasts are a great resource. Whether your new to the industry or you feel you simply need to increase your profits, I highly recommend spending your time listening. Warren of AdventureBizSuccess has helped me with my business Beyond Touring - Belize Travel on how to increase traffic to my web page, SEO tactics for the tourism industry & specifically my business, directory listings for eco tours & travel to Belize, Google AdWords tactics, and many other things. And most of these are things you can do yourself for little or sometimes no money! If your tired of not sleeping at night, tired of digging through the internet to figure out what marketing might or might not work for your business, and are ready to have real direction and straight forward answers I recommend you listen to these Podcasts!
Tim Warren's podcast is great from a beginner to a travel expert. I talked to him after listning to several episodes, and he's great at explaining what you need for your businss in a way you understand it. Five Stars!! Highly recommend it!
Tim Warren's Podcasts are a great resource for any professional in the adventure travel industry. An absolute must for any person that is serious about doing business in this industry!