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I wish you could buy ER to watch on your ipod can anyone tell me the email so i can send in ideas for the podcast
I absolutly love ER! Does anyone else think that you should be able to buy it to watch on your iPod?
I really like this podcast a lot. I've been watching ER for a long time now and the only other person I could talk to about it was my mom and she doesn't watch the show anymore. It's good to get another person's feedback and opinions on the show.
Fun podcast, but with some real problems. Please, please, Dr. Kay, get back from the microphone! Your heavy breathing is hard to listen to. Decent coverage of the episode, but with a lot of tangental information and news thrown in. I'd rather she got to the point quicker, then added news, etc. on the end. And please! Goran Visnjic (Luka) is the star of the show; why do we have art of RAY? Thank goodness I can change it on iTunes!
this is the closest thing to ER in Itunes, and it might also mean they'll put episodes up for purchase soon!
i definitely agree with all of the ideas in this podcast. i miss romano a lot too, his character was so fun. anyways.. this podcast is really good. it points out certain facts about each episode and also recaps them. being an ER fan for the last 12 years, i think i know everything there is to know about the show. the author seems to know a lot too, and that is much better than some kid doing a podcast on a show thehy barely know about. yeah, so... keep up the great work