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I have been a fan for many years, and I love listening to every episode. The humor is awesome
Trashbaggin' FTW
Funniest show ever, RD and Blade leave my crying from laughter every time I listen. The characters they have come up with our hilarious as well. Angry Jim Ross is comedy gold!


By A Dub13
Best podcast ever. Blade has me crying laughin.
I mean some of their stuff is sorta funny but most is just plain stupidity. Don't expect much wrestling talk at all. Just an annoying voice and a terrible imitated drunk voice. Gay Popeye is god awful.
First off, I enjoy the WrestleCrap web-site and the books written by RD Reynolds. With that said, skip this podcast. This podcast isn't the good WrestleCrap we all know and love. Blade Braxton is one of the most annoying podcast personalities I've listened to, right next to Tony T from Smart Marks Radio. Go ahead and listen to an episode and see if it's for you, it just wasn't for me.
My favorite Podcast RD and Blade are hilarious Angry Jim Ross always leaves me in stitches
This is the best show among all media: podcasts, radio , tv, etc.. (gives people's eyebrow)
Aside from the fact that i really want to kill myself every time i hear rd's voice this show is just garbage.
Yeah, There's not much wrestling news persay. But ya gotta love it anyway! If you're a wrestling fan, or even used to be, there's something here for you. Even if you aren't a fan (like my carpool buddy), you can still get a laugh. RD, Blade, Stubby, Angry Jim, Mike Check, Lord Alfred, Sir Alec Heineken, and even Popeye (sort of...) will have you in stitches. One of my most looked forward to podcasts of the week. Almost as good as Mickey lifting the tail! Now for my own 17 syllables... RD and Blade, Are they Kayfabe? You simply can't make this stuff up.
I dont know what it means that this is the funniest thing Ive seen or heard in a very long time, but keep up the good work!
Simply put this is a podcast you have to listen to a entire episode to "get". I used to think it was annoying but now its my most awaited podcast of the week, hillarious hillarious stuff.
it's gettin kinda hard to listen to these days. If they are gonna keep angry jim ross around the should do something about the levels of his vocals. sir allec hienikin needs to go. fan fiction is gross. mic check makes the show boring
the rest is alright
Upon first tuning in to WrestleCrap Radio, the listener is greeted with an onslaught of obscure sound bites, '80s hair metal and a whole cast of characters and voices presented by hosts RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton. The show, which tends to focus on the culture of professional wrestling (often the worst parts of said culture), dips into random absurdity with portions of grocery store shopping exploits, conversations with Angry Jim Ross and plenty of juvenile humor to keep you giggling with joy. Other reviewers have tagged this show as "not for everyone," and they're probably right - the show does tend to border on being straight-up obnoxious, but I will say after listening to 10 episodes or so, you'll get a peek inside the show's soul and start rolling along with Blade's drunken randomness and all the obscure inside jokes. What's not to like here? These guys don't pretend to be anything they're not - they're wrestling fans, perhaps bitter (sometimes drunk) wrestling fans who are so jaded with the current state of "sports entertainment" they have no choice to wallow around in WrestleCrap and remind themselves of even the Glory Days' lowest points. I'm hooked - I love the show for its sound bites, failed jokes and the triumphant ones - which typically involve TNA correspondents or Angry Jim Ross... and Gargamel.
MR. BLADE BRAXTON and MR "REAL DEAL" R.D. REYNOLDS are the cream of the crop when it comes to wrestling podcast. The show is always entertaining and gives a BIG laugh. From the Trip to the Grocery to the TNA Correspondant to the Haiku (Not with crown as illistrated) and is a can't miss for any wrestling or wrestlecrap fan out there.
Great show and a funny look at wrestling. Something you don't see enough of out there.
Often only tangetially about wrestling, but freaking hilarous. If you don't like their website, you won't like this.
I had to listen for about 4 weeks in a row before I got the jokes and unusual rhythm of the show. So impatient folks (and people with sensitive tastes) may give up, but for the rest of us, it's awesome. I love listening to the only 2 bigger wrestling geeks in the world than me. Keep up the good work!
listen to the show- this show is about fun- laughing at or with rasslin'-worth checking out- not limited to wrestling- and if you want just a show about wrestling you might be annoyed- but if you like laughing- check out Blade & RD
This just in... fresh from the faxtrolla... This show is great! RD is a genius, and Blade is... Blade. Just kidding! Blade is a foul-mouthed genius. I own all three Wrestlecrap books, and have been a fan of the websight for several years. If you like wrestling, and you like crap, this is the show for you. I find that this is the best thing to listen to while "trash-bagging it".
I love this show. My old mp3 player couldn't play a sound file that large, so I upgraded so I could listen on the go or at the gym. I love that it's a wrestling Radio show that's not on the radio and will occasionally talk about Wrestling. Listening to RD and Blade discuss their week is like sitting in on a conversation with friends as if their talking directly to you. Children of the late 70's/early 80's will love some of their bizarre stories and obscure references.
while they did say some funny things every once and a while, it was mostly talk about nothing that pretty much put me to sleep
I have been a fan of the website, and this review podcast is excellent! I laugh out loud. It is one of the highlights on my week. If you are a wrestling fan, this should be on your listening list.
Not a serious podcast... but let's face it, wrestling isn't a serious form of entertainment. These two take a look at the ridiculous fodder of pro wrestling (and there's plenty of it) and wrap it up into a nice, crappy, little podcast. Excellent!
Hilarious stuff guys...keep up the good work.