Reviews For One Man & His Mic

I just kind of stumbled across this show while looking for a good retro-oriented podcast. The host does a fantastic job of selecting music, and does an excellent, succinct job of introducing each one. The only downside is that I wish he gave a bit more information on each piece that he played, if even only an extra 20 seconds. I want to know even more about the music that he's playing, as I'm fairly unfamiliar with a lot of it, but I love the format as is, and I certainly hope that this podcast continues for a long, long time. Thanks for a great listen!
Jason Mackenzie is hilarious and appropriately cheesy and presents a magnificent array of amazing music that if you were unlucky enough to miss out on during its heyday, are now able to experience in full digital glory. Thank you Mr. Mackenzie, keep up the amazing work.