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So being starved for gay content, I stumbled upon this podcast. At first it seemed alright consisting of casual conversations among friends. While I consider the (probable) possibility that I am mentally damaged and have a standard that will never be met...this podcast got trite* real quick and was intellectually beyond disappointing. Please learn how to speak without looking content up, and for the fat(ter) one (I forget your name), learn not to sound snarky when you talk about something you know nothing about/don’t bother to learn anything about. It’s beyond annoying. The extra star is for being a gay podcast (undeserved). *after listening, I know that the two snack loving hosts will need to look up the word in between Popeyes runs. I’ll save you the trouble. You are both unoriginal, and hence uninteresting save for the shallowest among us (content-wise). It’s all gross.
Adam and Ricky are the best. Love listening to these guys especially when I’m in a crowded subway car during rush hour and start laughing. Totally makes all the annoyances of NYC life disappear for 30 minutes. Wish they would do hour shows but hey can’t complain about something that’s free. Keep up the entertaining stories and educating me about new music artists. SMOOCHES Andy in NYC.
Unapologetically gay and crass.
This is refreshingly straight forward chat. I look forward to hearing lots more!


This has got to be the worst podcast I’ve listened to. Who has time to listen to strangers ramble on about their lives with no point.
Well, I came across your podcast recently because I had caught up on all the other podcasts I listen to and needed another gay boys fix.... sooooo I searched, listened to a few and found you!! I listen to you when I work my other job and I love love love you two. You have me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. The things y’all talk about is basically the things I talk about almost everyday. Unfortunately I don’t have any friends that listen to podcasts so I can’t pimp you out to them. I am currently working my way through all the podcast but pacing myself so I don’t run out. Anyway, love you guys and the podcast!!! Bye!!❤️
Binge listening and I already got through 2017 in a week. Such a funny and entertaining podcast. You both are amazing. Favorite quotes, Adam “you nassssty” Ricky “my big girl laugh”
This show is so funny. Don’t listen to this show when you are eating Orr drinking cuz it will make yo laugh.
I’m addicted to y’all! Y’all got me into the podcast scene and I replay y’all everyday at work! Much love you two!
This podcast cracks me up. I put this on in the evening after a couple glasses of wine and just laugh. One of my favorites! Even though I am not a fan of d pics... even from my husband. 😂😉
I've been listening for many years and gone through several co-hosts. It's been great to hear the dynamic between Ricky and Adam grow in this latest itteration of Foul Monkeys. Keep up the great work guys, always a pleasure.
The best show you can ever listen to. Whether you are at work, working out, in the car, or just hanging out at home this is the show to entertain. The hosts and guests will have you intrigued and laughing from start to finish. If you want some good T and fun, download this podcast now.
I'm outside the target demographic but Ricky and Adam never fail to delight and entertain!
Ricky and Adam are amazing people and will have you crying from laughing so hard. Love the show and always look forward to the next episode. I really can’t say enough about these guys. Give it a listen and you won’t regret it!
and for that, I mean this podcast will make you spit milk all over your car's windshield in laughter. These guys rock and deserve a listen too from anyone.
The chemistry between Ricky and Adam is great.
I started listening to Foul Monkeys a few months ago. And ever since I've been hooked. Ricky and Adam are a good pair to listen have a conversation. Always look forward to a new episode to hear more crazy stories. Keep on keepin on. - EH
Laughter starts at the begining (bang bang) and goes throughout the podcast. great show- You should give it a listen!
Really love listening to these guys during my morning drive. They're funny and pretty laid back - sort of like hanging out and listening to your friends tell you stories you missed. Definitely worth a listen.
You made me hate gay men more than Mike Pence's Conversion Therapist, but I'll continue to listen.
These two are hilarious, I've been bingeing on this for a week now and have never laughed so hard, people at work think I'm crazy.
I have recently moved to a remote location outside of the continental US. I stumbled upon this podcast and downloaded an episode. After laughing so hard I immediately downloaded a bunch more episodes. Sometimes I laugh out load, sometimes I yell responses as if they could hear me but I am always left wanting more at the end of every episode. Ricky and Roger make me feel as if I have two new friends in Chicago. Keep up the good work.
These guys are too much fer werds! When they laugh i laugh with them! Oh and miss sister latina things name changes daily! Oooooookay! Uh huh!
Doors open on the LEFT at Fullerton. From "seedy" lattes, Mariah Carey and RuPaul to Hobby Lobby being the Chick-Fil-A of craft stores, this is by far my favorite show I use to alienate and scare the breeders within earshot. Completely relevent topics like artists' new albums to the tried and true harkings on a certain White House intern with a blue dress. No topic is off the (crafting) table. Only work appropriate if you're a gay pimp or go-go boy.
This podcast is truly one of my favriots, they will have you bursting in laughter randomly at work! Don't be surprised when your coworkers stare and ask if you are ok!
I recently got into podcasts and found this gay one. It is hilarious. I spend 4 hours commuting on the train a day and listening to these men just makes me smile and often times laugh out loud. People look at me oddly, but on the MTA I am not the craziest person, ever. They stay mostly current with topics, unless Mariah Carey lost weight or Popeyes came out with a new dipping sauce, then they will most likely focus on that. Give them a listen. Follow them on Facebook too for the full experience, you know... From both ends. Very fulfilling.
I have bing listened to this show the last few moments and I have listened to every episode that is available. I must say that listening to the way Richy has grown and changed over the years is very touching. He has been through a lot and still countinued to podcast through it all. Some of it was good, some of it,,, not so much lol, but all the way through it was real. There have been many co-hosts over the years, but IMO Roger brings a new life to the show. He has a genuine caddy sense of humor that I relate to and brings that out in Ricky as well. The only problem is now I have nothing to listen to on a daily basis and I fear for my sanity. Oh well, there is always alcohol. Anyway great show guys, keep it up.
These boys make me laugh out loud on a regular basis. If you’re not listening to Foul Monkeys all I can say is your loss baby… your loss!
I listen every week and laugh out loud! Dont ever stop, I will listen when you all are 65!
Absolute favorite podcast. Love you guys! Never stop recording!
This is the best knitting and cooking show ever. Get Into it people.
I absolutely adore this podcast. The co-hosts have great chemistry and they cover a wide range of topics. Their whit, humor, and charm have me hooked!!!
And sit down with these adorable blokes as they chat about life, bag hoarding, and Mariah Carey. You won't be able to stop laughing at their antics. One of the best. Always entertaining.
Been listening to this show for quite some time. Ricky and Roger are great at feeding off one another to keep things moving along. The has a nice flow to it and they are just both great guys on the show and off. That Roger though…hey papi!
This is great laughing hard. It's great living in the area and hearing you guys talk about areas. Love how you jump from topic to topic. Very fun to listen to.
I've only listened to the episodes with Ricky & Roger but they're friggin amazing! These guys have such great chemistry and can talk about absolutely anything and still be as funny and interesting as a Drag Queen on roller blades. This is a must listen. My gay ears are delighted
Awesome Duo ! Great podcast these monkeys will make you laugh. Loving the boys humor and the increased shows. This Podcast is definitely one that you will be adding to your favorites. Keep up the good work boys and I look forward to wasting more time at work listening to you guys
This show is so awesome. It's keeps the lol's coming. Plus it's informative. Love both the hosts. Especially that roger. Ricky is great too. :-) keep up the great work. Annon...
This LGBT pop-culture/personal journal podcast is an amusing an irreverent way to spend some listening time. Topics of discussion include: news especially that related to the LGBT community, personal experiences and observations, and pop cultural happenings. It is always interesting and amusing, but is definitely NSFW (so use your earbuds!).
This is an awesome podcast! Listening to these guys talk is like hanging out with friends. Not to mention that they are a great bunch of guys to chat with as well, if you're so inclined. Keep up the great work!
There once was a podcast of funny-men, Who for a review was a wailin', Their podcast was random, They built a huge fandom, And the best one of then was named . . . Ricky ;-) Thanks for a great podcast. I really enjoy listening to you guys.
IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! Been listening for close to a year and love the show. The latest live show was hilarious and love the crowd participation so might have to 'get into it'. Anyway, keep doing what you are doing :-)
I've been thoroughly entertained by these fine gentlemen and there craft for sometime now. Their colloquy of current event of LGBTQIA cultre is quite estimable. Though, a caveat- the sudden and sometimes random sound samples used on this 'gram can be jarring, particularly because of the volume levels. Also, they have an issue with constantly hitting their microphonics: one time is an accident, two is a trend, and three is a problem. Those complications can cause quite the vexation, but however, can be forgivable.
I simply adore this show. You gentlemen, and I use the word gentlemen loosely, have an amazing dynamic. You all bring something different to show and aren't afraid to voice your opinion, regardless if others do not agree. I thorougly enjoy you guy's show, please keep up the good work. with love -DeAANNNdray :o)
Hey everybody, this is Greg in Columbus and I want everyone to know that everybody should be listening to the Foul Monkey podcast. I've been listening for about 9 months now and the never disappoint. I appreciate everyone on the show. I like Ricky's dirty mind and sense of humor. I like Waylon's laugh, voice, and comedic timing. And I like Brad's wide range of comedic tastes and Nebraska charm. I actually knew Brad when we both lived in California and after losing contact for years it was great to find out he was on this podcast and is doing so well. Him and Waylon make a great couple and that adds to the charm of the podcast.
This podcast is always funny and entertaining. Great to listen to when I need a good laugh. Subscribe today!