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MP Gosselaar comes off as very genuine and I like the idea of him revisiting his childhood role. However, Driscoll is unlikeable and generally insufferable. He spends every episode nitpicking how the show doesn't live up to today's evolving social norms. He also makes too many snide remarks and presents his personal politics as if they were an objective standard. I've given up on listening. There are far more enjoyable podcasts that cover this beloved show.
I watched STBB faithfully as a kid and was thrilled to hear this podcast was starting. Have listened to every episode since the beginning and I’m really growing tired of Dashiell’s continued interjections about his political opinions. That’s not why I’m tuning into the podcast. There are PLENTY of other podcasts I could listen to get those. I’m here for the nostalgic fun and the interviews with cast, crew, friends (I’m looking at you Breckin). But Dashiell, it’s just too much man. I think I’m done and I’m disappointed.
Dashiel needs to be nowhere near this podcast. It’s a GREAT concept but a podcast about a show as innocent as saved by the bell shouldn’t be hosted by a guy who thinks children praying on TV is “jarring” and thinks “maybe we shouldn’t celebrate 4th of July”. (Literal quotes from Dashiel) Mark Paul is great but Dash is just cringe most the time. Someone should wave a skunk in front of him.
“The 4th of July probably shouldn’t be celebrated.” That was said on the show today by the host. Keep your opinions like that to yourself.
The proper podcast for recapping saved by the bell already existed. I get the charm of hearing it from someone that was there, but if they either have no memories or are not willing to discuss it, sort of defeats the purpose. And no one needs more Peacock commercials
Very entertaining podcast for fans of Saved by the Bell.


Awful podcast.. co-host who wasn’t there for the original shows just apologizes the whole time.. I bet it’s easy to criticize the show , it was a dumb Saturday am kids show, but it had charm..a lot more than the reboot, which this guy apparently writes for ... the reboot is unwatchable ...MPG can’t remember anything about the show apparently , so why do it? This podcast is painful to listen to .
Such an awesome show. Thank you for doing this!!
I love this podcast! Huge SBTB fan. Glad this podcast exist. Dashiell is fun and MPG is amazing! I enjoy rewatching each SBTB episode with each podcast episode. Hope it goes beyond high school episodes.
Love this podcast including the unexpected yet (dare I say) fun dynamic between Dashiell and MP. They seem like two dudes that would never hang normally but Dashiell’s humble wit and SBTB trivia expertise balances MP semi cute goofy arrogance. I love that they hyper analyze every bit of each episode since it makes it like a scavenger hunt while doing the “homework” by rewatching each episode. MP being so critical of his early work makes sense to me- though as a kid I had no idea how poor the acting was or far fetched the plots were at times. It’s more interesting now that MP is starting to remember little things about filming, etc. Dashiell should be more confident! He’s awesome. Keep up the good work and feel free to ramble on!! I love the longer episodes. Oh and you should have April Richardson on as a guest!!
These two talking about Saved by the Bell gets better with each episode. The behind the scenes info from guests and MPG are intriguing. The anecdotes and stories are fun, the chemistry between the duo is goofy, but works. I’m super entertained by this and I do sincerely hope Dashiell and MPG get through the entirety of the series including the College Years and movie specials. Great job, great fun, great times.
SBTB is probably my all time favorite show- I named my child Zac literally because of Zack Morris. So when I found a podcast- yes please. I love the fact that DD is constantly trying to find a new word for fun. It’s a FUN word. Use it 😂 I see reviews about MP saying the F word too much. I love it. It’s my favorite English word and I think it shows that MP is not Zack Morris. He’s grown up and is a 47 year old man. Guess what. He cusses. Makes it better for me. There’s a few things that could be better. DD does talk over MP sometimes. Some guest stars drone on too much. They get off topic a bit. But ya know what. That means it’s not scripted like so many others. And that’s good to me. I just wish they’d do 2 episodes a week instead of 1.
This is just a commercial for Peecock and Dashiell is a Dousche-hole.
Please please make these shirts happen 🥵
So glad I came across this podcast! I nonstop- binge listened to every episode and now look forward to the new one that comes out each week. Love hearing some behind the scenes stories and the guys talk about things we all think about when we re-watch. Real fans can follow along and see the episode in their minds as they talk about it. Love what you guys are doing and HERE FOR IT ❤️
I grew up watching SBTB and am the same age as MPG, so I’m enjoying this nostalgia trip. I love the detailed analysis of each episode and MPG’s behind-the-scenes stories, both about his work and personal life. I also like the banter between him and Dashiell. Some reviewers have noted that MPG is “mean” to his co-host, but the sarcastic bickering is just part of their “shtick.” As for examining how the show would be viewed in the present day, I appreciate that they’re discussing the political stuff. It’s interesting to see how times have changed and it’s important to view pop culture through the past and current lens — particularly since SBTB has endured. They’re also talked about how safety and product placement protocols have evolved. Since MPG has been in the industry for about 40 years, he’s gone through all of these changes first hand. Who better to comment on them? That said, I look forward to the show each week. Keep up the great work, guys!
I think any SBTB fan would love this show. But, I have two issues with the execution. First, they need to stop apologizing to the “woke” crowd for story lines that took place in the 1990’s. Second, Dashiell talks over Mark Paul way too much, which eventually leads to annoying cross talk.


By Bryan$&
They spend more time ripping apart social issues related to the show, then vs now, than actually talking about the show and what went into it. So much is focused on things done then that ‘shouldn’t’ be now. We’ve gotten so soft as a society. Entrainment value is pretty low. I can’t remember if it started this way or evolved to it.
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Most episodes are great (though some guests tend to ramble on endlessly) but MPG and DD do a pretty good job keeping the show loving along. Lots of little nuggets of trivia like Mario Lopez always held his arms at 90 degree angles so you could see his muscles…
the host needs to stay in control of the show a little better. not let people ramble on and on, so on and so forth...but, other than that, this is great stuff.
As a big SBTB fan, this podcast is such a treat! It’s delightful and fun to revisit things and learn trivia about the show. But it’s also so important and interesting to learn what has not aged well and what was offensive about this show. It’s a must listen. Dashiell & MP have great chemistry and it flows so well. The special guests are great too. One of my fav podcasts!
This is honestly my favorite podcast right now. I love reliving these episodes through the eyes of Dashiel and Mark-Paul. Please continue through all seasons!!
Def recommend for any 90s kid that grew up in LA and loved SBTB. I hope you guys cover the college years too!


I always thought he was charming. He needs anger management.
Just found this podcast recently and it’s one of my faves! I have not watched SBTB in years but I’ve watched it so many times that I can remember everything about all of the episodes! My daughter even watched a few years ago and was obsessed with Zack and dressed in polo shirts like Zack for several months. It was the greatest time of my life as a mom. 😂😂
As a super fan, this podcast is everything I’ve ever needed! Love all of the backstories and memories. Reliving my favorite show with the star of the show is awesome. Love Mark Paul so so much! ❤️
I really enjoy listening to this podcast and what the folks who worked on the show have to say about their experiences. I am glad to see that the hosts decided to address the episode about Native American culture and include someone from that culture in the conversation. I see that many folks did not like that. However, I have a feeling that people complaining about this did not grow up watching shows and movies with disparaging images of their people, so it doesn’t mean anything to them. Not everyone is able to admit to mistakes they made or were apart of. I think it’s great that MPG is able to do that. I enjoyed hearing from Tatanka Means and learning from him.
I loved Saved By The Bell growing up and was excited for this podcast to relive the episodes and get behind the scenes info and perspectives. MP apparently remembers nothing though, so it’s really dumb. I did enjoy listening to other cast members. Maybe one of them will redo this podcast!
Learning more about the show is great but the back and forth between the co-hosts is great. Like two brothers bickering and mocking one another lovingly. Get through the first few episodes where they are feeling each other out and then the dialogue gets much better
I LOVE the premise of this podcast. Obviously I’m a fan of SBTB so it is ‘fun’ to have Dashiell and MP rewatch them through today’s lens and give us tidbits, but MP is becoming nearly insufferable. He is so full of himself and sarcasm falls short on him. He also comes across as the only adult who has a job and a family. How out of touch with reality can you get?! I just listened to The Baby Sitters and you’d think that MP HATES SBTB. It even seems as though Dashiell is struggling with working with MP. Fingers crossed that it improves.
This show would be better with a host who knows how to keep the show moving. The flow seems sluggish, Mark Paul spends most of his time deconstructing every little thing he did on camera or talking about his other shows, and Dashiell doesn’t have the charm he did on Zack Morris is Trash. I really wanted to like this show but it’s never the first one I listen to every week. Oh, and the number of ads per show is ridiculous. Changed my review to one star after MP talked over the Native American guest during the Running Zack episode. When a Native person is telling two white guys something and one of those white guys cuts him off to talk about what he found when he Googled it, it’s a bad bad look. When a Native American person cringes at Zack tossing around a headdress, a sacred item, MP’s response was “well in all fairness, I was more concerned about not messing up my hair!” Gross gross gross.
Stop apologizing so much . We learn and evolve and do better. If you’re ashamed so much about a Saturday morning show from the 90’s... don’t do this podcast. It’s an apologetic podcast that literally talk about genocide. Takes themselves too serious and bums me out.
I’ve listened to every episode, and it’s just gotten worse. The co-host is awful (so monotone, laughs at his own “jokes” and then it’s awkward silence, and bashes the show constantly). I love Zack Morris but Mark-Paul acting like he doesn’t remember a single thing isn’t believable at all anymore and how much he hates the show doesn’t make it enjoyable to listen to at all. Ever heard the saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”? He is popular because of SBTB. The latest episode of Running Zack has taken me at least 5 days to get through; its that terrible.
Great premise for a show especially since MP doesn’t remember most of the episodes. I get the comments saying “stop being PC” but if they didn’t call out Zach’s behavior we’d see an equal amount of reviews calling to cancel... damned if you damned if you don’t. Episodes are a little long/ramble on a bit but hey that’s why you have a fast forward button!
Dammit Dashiell!
Each new episode is just more political correctness, judging a show from the early 90s by today’s standards and it’s getting annoying.
As a teen, I loved SBTB. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this podcast recently, but I’m glad I did! I ended up rewatching the shows and it was fun to rewatch after hearing the commentary from MPG and Dashiell. I look forward to listening each week! This also did make me realize how often I use the “F word” and now I’m trying to get creative with my vocabulary. 🤣 Seriously, though, I’ve been enjoying this, and am glad that I found it.
I grew up watching the show and I still do time to time when I get the urge. So when I saw that Adam (the guy who commentary Zack Morris is trash vids) made this podcast with the actual Zack Morris, I had to listen. It’s funny and the insight you get from behind the scenes makes you appreciate the show even more. I find myself trying to sync up with show. Go give it a listen to.
Breckin Meyer talks WAAAAY tooo much!!!! Let others talk!! I can’t even finish listening. Also it’s off putting to hear Mark Paul constantly say the F word. I used to like SBTB but I won’t be listening anymore.
Loved the show growing up! Great to hear MP giving some true insight, but there is a clear generation gap between MP and Dashiell which is a bit hard to ignore. I don’t buy that Dashiell is a real fan because of how much time he bashes the writing of the original show. Times were different. We get it. A lot of stuff that happened back then would not pass today. We GET it. But why not take an angle that highlights the lessons learned? Either way. I’m still listening and rewatching a long.
In middle school Saved by the Bell was my favorite show. MP stop being so hard on yourself man! I mean you’re Zack Morris for crying out loud!! You did a great job and should wear it proudly! Dashiell you’re doing a great job to! Keep it up!
Love and appreciate this podcast so much!!! I’ve caught up over the last month and it’s FUN to revisit the show and all that went on during the time it was filmed. Also enjoy the FUN facts that they share about background artists. You are BOTH great and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (you are too hard on yourselves). We need this with all that’s going on these days. Keep up the FUN guys!!!
Love the insight from Mark Paul but Dashiell is way too dramatic.
I love this podcast!! Would be even better as a video series. It’s sad to hear Mark-Paul being so hard on himself though and hearing his insecurities. Yes Mario is really talented and has nice muscles but growing up Zack Morris was my all time favorite. He’s still my #1 dream guy, though my opinion of him has changed slightly after watching Zack Morris is Trash 😆. MPG was so perfect for the role and he really made Zack into the cultural icon that he is. Dashiell if you’re reading this - please let him know how great his performances were in the eyes of fans!!! 🥰🥰Don’t be so critical of yourself Mark-Paul! And Dashiell you are a great host (and so fun 😂)!
I don’t say no to anything Saved By the Bell! This podcast is great! And I love when they talk about the episodes, behind the scenes and interview cast members! Great podcast! Keep them coming!
As a kid we used to pretend to be these characters in elementary and middle school. This podcast is slow and the host talks way too much. Not sure what the intent was but this is really boring. Still love the show though.