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Reviews For From His Heart Audio Podcast

Love his teachings. He does not sugercoat anything and God has spoken to me through many of this man's sermons. It is refreshing, wonderful to find a true servant, preacher of the Word of God which stands forever in these dark days where spirit of antichrist and apostasy is everywhere. Stay blessed Pastor Schreve!
My family and I had the opportunity to attend Pastor Jeff's church when we lived in Texarkana. He is the real deal. He loves the Lord so much and it shows in everything he does. Thanks, Pastor Jeff, for your television and iPod ministry. We continue to be touched by your messages every week.
Thank you Pastor Jeff for truly loving the Lord Jesus with all your heart and showing us through your powerful preaching. Your ministry had really been working in my heart and on my 33rd birthday this year you started your Jonah series.. "Are you running from God?" I had been and now have completely surrendered to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you again for your ministry. May God truly bless you.
I would have to say that these sermons transforms lives. When one feels battling in the pits of life, these clips absolutely deliver a message right to you. Helps you clearly understand what the Lord Jesus Christ is all about and how you can walk in his path. It transformed me in my most difficult walks of life. Ever since I heard one of his messages for the first tme, about 2 years ago, I have continued to seek the Lord and am very thankful. God bless Jeff Schreve, his family and Praise the Lord for he is Holy!
Jeff Schreve is simply an amazing speaker. I have been blessed by his ministry and insight into the word of God that few are able to share in such a peaceful and loving way. May God bless him in his out reach.
I am familiar with Jeff and his blessings through his television and now ipod ministries. Each time I hear him speak I feel such a great blessing in my life. You will find his sermons Biblically based and well presented. Please enjoy them as much as I have and will continue to do so. KEEP IT GOING JEFF.
Pastor Jeff is an incredible communicator. His messages speak truth and love into my life. I have grown spiritually and my love for Christ has greatly increased due the wonderful ministry of From His Heart. Thank you Pastor Schreve for your insightful, thought provoking, and encouraging messages.