Reviews For radiOPM - Official PlayStation Magazine's Weekly Podcast

If you enjoy Official Playstation Magazine, you are sure to enjoy this. Maybe not as fun as others, but still a great show
Any fans of the magazine will enjoy this podcast, i did, but those who aren't fans of the 'zine may not care for this podcast. But, it's all completely intelligent, relevant, playstation information. JOEpm is the man!!!
Of all of the Ziff-Davis podcasts available right now, this one is easily the, well, least enjoyable, let's just put it that way. While the participants seem pretty knowledgeable about the subject matters discussed, their personalities are pretty lacking, and their attempts at humor are about as flat as Paper Mario (different console, sure, but you get the point). It's understandable that they're going to have a somewhat more fanboy/fangirl-ish skew to their discussions, as they represent one console manufacturer, but it's still noticeable and therefore slightly annoying. Just a very uninspiring listen overall, one that meanders and repeatedly stalls. Kind of like the magazine. Only people who cosplay as Sephiroth or Dante need download.