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I've watched these podcasts for years and learned something from every one of them. He does more than demonstrate how to make a drink; he explains WHY the drink requires the particular set of ingredients that create its signature. His wicked sense of humor keeps the podcast on an informal, chatty. [Note: he never needed the eye candy. His lovely co-hosts were already good barkeeps; appearing on AOTD would look good on a resume.]
I was so happy to see my itunes downloading new Art of the Drink. I really enjoy the videos and he breaks stuff down for you so you don't feel left out. Great for anymore. Recently he took a break from the recipes and made a science show with experiments. They don't lack on anything you come to like about AOTD. Keep them coming. Never miss one.
Love the podcast. Hope there is a lot more!
This is an amazing pod cast I went back an downloaded all the past epsisodes, and cant wait for more.
Anthony you make me look like a bartending guru! Thanks for all of the tips, tricks, and creative mixes. All of my friends love it when i make drinks for them at parties and other special or non-important occasions. Thank you very much & continue to help all of us to be better bartenders!
I've watched a lot of other podcasts on bartending, and this is by far the best one. Anthony is very professional and helps you to understand not only how a drink is made but also where it comes from and why it is made that way. He is both easy to understand for both beginners and detailed enough for experts, a hard thing to do sometimes. Whether you are an aspiring bartender, an old expert looking to pick up some new tricks or just want to host a good cocktail party, I recommend you watch some of the videos from this extensive library.
Great show! Came across it by accident and was impressed by the topics and content. Anthony has done a great job. I hope there are more podcasts to come!
This series has proven to be very informative and worthwhile! My friends are continually amazed at "my" creations. Please don't let out my secret because they think I have come up with them! LOL Keep up the great work, Mr. Caporale!


By Ken Dow
Anthony, is the best, the Podcast features features the Perfect balance, interesting Drinks, interesting people, and interesting people. As an added bonus it offers high quality instruction.


By Bone90
Great show, great videos and podcasts.
Informative and entertaining. Great for learning elements of mixology.
This is really an amazing really makes the idea of mixing drinks fun and easy...No More Store Bought Mixes...These podcasts make me everyone's favorite bartender at our parties...Anthony, and of course the girls, rock...Anthony is great, BUT I have missed the girls on the last few
awesome show
Anthony is pleasant and informative.
Amazing podcasts Anthony!
This podcast is wonderful! I originally looked into the podcast purely out of curiousity. It has since sparked an interest in the history of alcohol and the skills needed to become a good mixologist. Anthony is a very friendly host and shows you a lot of tricks that now seem like common sense and definitely come in handy. His blog also posts the videos and will occasionally post great advice about bartending.
1) Anthony is a thorough and entertaining instructor. I've learned a lot about cocktails from him, and have expanded my cocktail horizons past mojitos from these podcasts. 2) I appreciate having the "Drinkart Girls" make the cocktails after Anthony's demonstration; not only does it give us a second viewing of the technique as done by an amateur (like us), but it also shows they're not there just for the T&A factor. Very useful podcast.
Hey guys great podcast. Its short, to the point and the girls are cute and fun. The drinks look great I only wish I could taste them through my computer. Keep up the great work. I'm learning alot. And Stephanie is very cute ;)
I downloaded all the episodes a few weeks back and just finished watching all of them. This podcast clearly shows how to make a large variety of cocktails. Anthony is great at explaining the various methods and steps used to make the drinks and the girls also make it fun to watch.
I'm about to move and needed ideas for entertaining guests in my own place. This podcast teaches (what seems to be) every aspect of bartending and I'm sure that between this and the Art of the Drink video I should be able to tend any party I throw or even one of my friend's. Thanks Anthony!!
Nice, quick podcast. I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast. If you have a bar in your house it's nice to have something that shows you how to make a different drink every week. Of course they also will show you how to make seasonal drinks, which will come in handy for your next party. Cheers!
Just LOVE IT!!! (simplicity says it all)
this podcast is great but do one about the yager bomb
this is one of the best cocktail making podcasts that i have ever watched. Anthony is a good teacher and the drink art girls are pretty too; I recomend this podcast to anyone that wants to know how to make cocktails easy.
Informative and useful!
Excellent show! Entertaining and informative!
I need help but love this video Podcast. High production values !! (and babes to boot !)
great podcast... always getting great ideas from Anthony... couldnt ask for more!
the show has good content. however, the camera work needs help. switching back and forth between two cameras for no reason is distracting and BADDDDD.
anthony is interesting to listen to and communicates very well. makes it look easy.
If there is one podcast that I look forward to each week, its Art of the Drink. Camera shots give very clear views of exactly what to do to make each drink, and Anthony really knows a lot about drinks, so you learn a lot about ingredients, techniques, and some handy tips along the way. I am slowly building a home bar and it has been awesome to have an in-home bartender to show me all the steps. Seriously, a 5 star podcast all the way. Salud! :)
This is an excellent podcast. I am a brand new bartender and this is a perfect way to learn some new drinks. Just wish the drinkgirls would wear a bikini top or at the very least loose the bra. Oh well. Can't have everything...
What can I say? These podcasts are fun to watch, well produced and always easy to follow along with. Most of the ingredients used are easy to find or already in my home bar. I would encourage anyone who likes a great, easy to make drink to watch Art of Drink TV!
Great drinks! Especially since a lot of them have bourbon or whiskey:) Anthony has an easy-going delivery that is concise but also entertaining. Drinks are easy to make and he usually throws in a side skill such as muddling or how to make whip cream etc. Oh and to prove he doesn't have a single track mind...he has some good looking guests :) I think if I lived near Bean Traders I would start drinking coffee...Madonna...what a smile!
If you’re interested in making great drinks this podcast is the way to go. It has lots of good information about drink mixing techniques as well as great tasting drink recipes.
Anthony goes through all the steps in how to make a drink. His podcasts are very informative and fun to watch. He also gives you information about the drink like it's origin. Very good, highly recommend!!!
The best bartending podcast out there is back, and just as good as before, if not better!!! Highly recommended for those out there who want to become a bartender, or those who just want to explore an interest in making drinks. Touches on some classic drinks, while making completely original drinks to wow those at your next party. Also offers bartending and drink-making tips that, while small, can make the difference between a good and great drink. A must have podcast!
I love this podcast, why isn't Anthony making them anymore?!?!? Not only do you learn how to make drinks, but you get the history of the drink as well. I highly recommend this podcast.
This is weak. There's not much offered outside of a little tease.
I knew nothing about bartending until I bought Art of the Drink Vol. I DVD and wow is it great! Anthony is very informative and I can not say enough about the video podcast teachings. The ingredients are fresh and shaken till the tin frosts! Summertime is here and I can not wait to try my new skills out on guests. Thanks!!!
Each episode gives good background, clear instructions... and it repeats the lesson. Friendly, and inviting... Instructional Technologists, take note!
And it's free! Great for establishing the right habits, great recipes, great background information. Anthony is everything a top bartender should be, and he'll make you better. If you love the podcast, check out his DVD.
Great advice, great instruction, and great drinks! And, just fun to watch
Anthony is brilliant. His origional recipes are clever and his knowledge of the classics is unmatched. He brings these to the audience in a concise and compelling medium. The girls don't hurt the podcast either.
Anthony makes learning about bartending fun and easy. He is reassuring, easy to follow, and takes the time to show you how it's done correctly.
I am not a drinker but i really enjoy this show. The series on burbon making was very interesting. The show itself is very funny at times and has a lot of personality. If your a drinker it's perfect and even if your not it's still a good time to watch.